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Battle Tags in Free Fire: Easiest Ways to Get Battle Tags in FF



Battle Tags in Free Fire

Free Fire introduced a new fascinating feature – Battle Tags. Free Fire seems pretty much the same as any other battle royale game like PUBG Mobile or Call of Duty: Mobile, but every time, Free Fire developers come with an outlandish feature that differentiates it from the other games.

Many of you might not be aware of “How to get Battle tags in Free Fire“. Don’t worry, we are here to explain to you the easiest ways to get battle Tags in Free Fire.

Battle Tags in Free Fire

Battle Tags in Free Fire is the best way to brandish your strength in Free Fire. But how many battle tags you will get is based purely upon your performance in the game.  You need to play the sprightly in order to get your Battle tags. For this, you have to kill your enemies. All the tags will be displayed on your profile.

There are two types of Battle tags:

  1. Battle Style Tag
  2. Social Style tag

Social Tags are very helpful. It showcases your personality. If you are a babbler or a quiet person, you will get one in a social tag.

But, Battle Style tags are totally different. You will get Battle tags completely based on your skills.

There are eight Battle Style Tags in Free Fire, each with three redundancy:

  1. Bronze – for this, you require to satisfy the battle tag condition once
  2. Silver – Need to Satisfy the battle tag condition 30 times
  3. Gold – Require to Satisfy the battle tag condition 80 times

8 Easy Battle Style Tags in Free Fire

#1 – Dominator

Dominator is the easiest tag to grab. It comes with the following condition:

Condition: “Eliminate opponents and be the final survivor”

It means you need to kill all your enemies and becomes the finalist.

#2 – Peacemaker

Let’s read out the Peacemaker Battle Style Tag’s condition:

Condition:”Be the final survivor with as little combat as possible.”

Players are required to not engage in any combat and remain conquered in a game in order to unlock this tag.

#3 – Sharpshooter

The Sharpshooter Battle Style Tag’s condition reads:

Condition:”Eliminate opponents from a distance.”

Players need to kill as many enemies as possible from a long gap. This can be done using a DMR or Sniper Rifle like the M82-B or the AWM to unlock this tag.

These 3 tags are easy to unlock. But note that these mentioned tags are not based on any hierarchy.

Let’s have a look at the other tags with their conditions.

Battle Tags in Free Fire

#4 – Uncrowned

Condition: Eliminated opponents but did not survive till the end

Need not require to survive by the end of the game to unlock this tag. Amazing!

#5 – Best Pal

Condition: Support teammates by helping them up.

For this tag, you have to support all your teammates. So it’s not an easy task.

#6 – Wrestler

Condition: Eliminate opponents from close up.

As the name suggests, you need to fight with your enemies closer.

#7 – Ninja

Condition: Cool and collected, occupy the better terrains.

Collect as many terrains as you can to unlock this tag.

#8 – Guerrilla

Condition: Move around and look for chances to strike.

Need to find chances to strike.

You have to complete the mission of the tags that you want to add to your profile. Select the tags that suit you the best.

How to furnish Battle Tags in Free Fire

Follow these steps to equip battle tags in Free Fire:

1: First, need to open Garena Free Fire and Go to the profile section which is placed on the top-left corner.

 2: Now, click on the edit icon.

3: Or Simply tap on the ‘Styles’ tab and choose the desired tag they want to display.

Wrapping Up

So What are your favorite battle tags in the free fire? We have covered all the battle tags along with a mission. Selecting a battle tag is completely up to you.  Do let us know in the comments section below which battle tags you have unlocked !!

Thanks for reading!

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