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Battlegrounds game gets Tesla cars and new gun in latest BGMI 1.5 update



BGMI Update


  • Battlegrounds Mobile India 1.5 update is now rolling out.
  • The big announcement of the update is the Tesla partnership, which lets you drive a Tesla Model Y car in the game.
  • Krafton has also added Mission Ignition mode in Erangel, a new weapon, and more.

Battleground Mobile 1.5  global version update has rolled out for Android with tons of exciting features, game modes, security updates, and much more. There is huge excitement in the gamers to give a hand to the latest update of the most popular battle royale title. Here is everything you need to know about the 1.5 global updates.

After celebrating its launch party on July 8 and 9, Krafton has updated Battlegrounds Mobile India with an interesting new addition – the Tesla Model Y car and Gigafactory. This is a part of Krafton’s partnership with Elon Musk’s Tesla, giving you a first-person view of the electric car maker’s latest model.

The new update will bring a limited-time Ignition Mode. This new gameplay mode set in the Erangel map will include six new high-tech locations that will replace popular regions of the map. The mode will also showcase the names of smaller cities like Pochinki and Rozhok will also be displayed as 3D names while parachuting onto the map.

Battlegrounds Mobile 1.5 version: Notable features

The Battleground Mobile 1.5 update has several new features for the gamers, including a new Arena Map.

  1. New limited Runic Power Gameplay
  2. The latest update brings a new weapon called FAMAS.
  3. PUBG Mobile 1.4 update will also kick off the latest chapter of the game, Metro Royale: Honor.
  4. Basic performance improvements
  5. Security enhancements
  6. Skydiving and landing action improvements
  7. Spawn Island Cinematic
  8. Titans
  9. Apex Supply Camp
  10. PvE mob settlements
  11. Electromagnetic Scanner.

The M249 LMG (Light Machine Gun) will no longer be part of supply drops, instead of being freely available on the ground like other weapons. The new LMG called MG3 will instead be found in supply drops. The MG3 will have just one scope attachment but will offer two rate-of-fire modes and players can choose between 660rpm (rounds per minute) and 990rpm with 7.62mm ammo.

The game will also see the addition of a new two-person vehicle called the G-38 Gravity Free motorcycle, which will be available only in the Mission Ignition mode. The vehicle will hover over the ground and hence, will be usable over both land and water.

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