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Best 6 Galil AR Skins in CS:GO



The Galil AR is an automatic rifle with good ammo capacity and particular effectiveness at long distances. Galil AR is an improved version of Famas available to terrorists.

In this article, we present the best Galil CS:GO skins.


Skin Cerberus is an expensive skin for this machine. With this skin, the surface of the entire automatic rifle has yellow paint applied as a background. A drawing of Cerberus, the mythical three-headed dog guarding the underworld of the dead, is painted on the background on the back of the receiver. The rest of the pieces have images of radiation signs in dark colors.

The price begins from $7 and is in the Cache collection.


The Chatterbox skin also relates to the expensive skins of this automatic rifle. On the surface of this rifle’s skin, various images have been applied in the form of bullets, an orange and brown painted tiger skin and a human skull, which looks like its jaw is trembling when fired. This skin comes in three qualities:

  • Field-Tested;
  • Well-Worn;
  • Battle-Scarred.

The price begins at $4. It’s dropped by opening a chrome weapon case.

Stone Cold

Skin Stone Cold has an average price among the skins of this automatic rifle. Gray paint is on the surface of this machine as a background. Fragments were applied to the surface of the background using blue metallic paint. The manufacturer’s logo is on the magazine and butt stock.

As “Worn”, we can observe serious abrasions only on the butt plate. The skin has very slight wear to the blue paint. Otherwise, there is only a slight darkening and small abrasions and scratches that are barely visible.

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Price — from $0.77. It’s dropped when opening a Shadow case.


The skin has a small price, but at the same time it has good reviews from the players. As “Worn”, the surface of the barrel is almost completely free of paint. The receiver has medium paint damage, but otherwise, there is very little and subtle damage.

Price — from $0.72. The collection is Bank.

Rocket Pop

The Rocket Pop skin has one of the lowest prices among the skins of this automatic rifle. Dark blue paint is on the surface of the entire rifle as a background. On the surface of the background, various white, red and blue stripes are randomly applied. As “Well-Worn” there are average abrasions and scratches. These paint damages are not critical. However, the skin itself is bright and in this capacity it loses all brightness. Because of this, the price does not rise.

Price — from $0.17. It’s dropped by opening a Falchion case.

Black Sand

The Black Sand skin has one of the lowest prices of this automatic rifle. Black paint is applied to the surface of the machine as a background. As “Worn”, the skin looks good, while having very minor surface scratches.

The price starts at $0.11.

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