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Best Alternatives for Cord cutters in Canada in 2022



Currently, cable TV has lost its charm globally. Thanks to the Internet age, the world’s access to entertainment has shifted towards online streaming. According to the latest surveys, viewers spend 68% of view time on streaming platforms and only 28% on traditional TV. Another report says that Canada has lost around 65.6% pay tv subscribers since 2014 and it forecasted that in 2022, only 48.9% of households in Canada will have Pay tv. In this drastic surge of streaming media, you can’t be alienated from this change so if you’re looking to be a cord-cutter for some new-age streaming service, this article is for you. 

The change needs to be embraced in the world of entertainment and one big step involves having a streaming service subscription. In this article, we will highlight for you the best alternatives to sign up for. At the top of my head, I can say Hulu live is one of best options for cord cutters in Canada, having more than 3 million subscribers right now, the reasons for which will be shared. 

Before we get to cord-cutting, you should make sure that your entertainment needs are fulfilled. To make this choice easy, we will assess each service based on cost, video quality, variety, and many more features. Let’s list some of the best alternatives for cord-cutters for the people of Canada.

If you search “streaming service” and Netflix does not show up, your internet is broken. That is because this is a no-brainer pick in the streaming world. Canadian Netflix (cause its region is restricted) offers great shows at an affordable cost. 

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The pros of Netflix are that it’s compatible with all devices, be it smartphones, smart TVs, gaming consoles, etc. It has exclusively produced content (Netflix Original Series), and a library of over 16,000+ movies and TV shows. It has simultaneous streaming on 1-4 devices and their cost starts from 9$ per month (11.32 CAD).

One con of Netflix is that it does not offer live TV. It is only a Video-On-Demand (VOS) service. 

  • Hulu Live

We said in the intro that Hulu Live is one of the best options offering 60+ channels, lots of on demand shows, movies and 50 Hours DVR. Here are the reasons for such a big claim.

Hulu Live’s most basic package starts at 5.99$/month (which makes it more affordable than Netflix). Hulu offers a great variety of channels for Live TV streaming at an additional price of 64.99$/month (much better price than cable TV). Hulu also offers a 7-day free trial for new users to enjoy all its content free of cost during this time. Also, it is a two-in-one package, Live TV streaming, and VOS services. 

The only con of Hulu Live is that it has geo-restrictions. This means that users outside the USA cannot access it. The best workaround for this situation is to use a VPN to access Hulu Live in Canada or elsewhere. 

  • Disney Plus

Disney Plus is a great streaming platform, especially for families. That’s because of the great content by Pixar and Disney that is available to stream.

Disney Plus’s major pros include a budget-friendly service since its pricing starts at 6.99$/month (8.79 CAD). Its library consists of mostly animated features of Disney and Pixar. It also offers resolutions from 720p to 4K. 

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One major con (like Netflix) is that it does not offer live TV. But it does premiere new content monthly.

  • HBO Max

HBO Max is a relatively new release in the streaming industry that already has giants like Netflix, Hulu, Disney Plus, etc. It still has great features that make it the best amongst rich people (You’ll understand what I mean in a bit).

HBO Max has many award-winning programs and shows as part of its content library. Their exclusive productions like Game of Thrones have also dazzled the audience. Its starting price is 9.99$/month (12.58 CAD). It also offers simultaneous streaming up to 3 screens. 

The cons of HBO Max are that it doesn’t support Live TV. It also gets pricey in comparison to other VOD services. 

  • Prime Video

The e-commerce giant Amazon roared in the streaming service with their own Prime Video that has made headlines with new features and benefits. 

Some of the great cons of Prime Video include a great content library, simultaneous streaming on 3 devices, and all platform compatibility. One feature that sets it apart from the crowd is the Watch Party feature. Through this, you can stream movies or TV shows with your family and friends who are on different devices. This was a great choice during the pandemic, and it gave streaming a new name.

 A few cons of Prime Video are that it is not widely available in every region. Just like Hulu Live, this can be dealt with using a VPN. Also, some of the features require you to pay extra that is already offered by other services in the same pricing range. 

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Out of these 5 alternatives for cable cutters in Canada, the choice at the end is yours. Mainstream choices tell us that Netflix is best for VOD services and Hulu Live for Live TV and VOD services. But your choice depends on the kind of content that gives you value. So, make sure you give each a test trial before you cut the cord.

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