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Watch Youtube Together – Best Apps to Watch Youtube Videos Together



Watch Youtube Together

Hey readers, are you looking for doing something interesting in this festive season when the festival break will start? But don’t want to spend much on that? Then this post has one of the best solutions for you. Just go through it and you will know about it.

As we know that in today’s digital era, Youtube has taken over many entertainment platforms, and since then, it is ruling there and winning our hearts with free content with superior quality.

So to ease you, we have compiled a list of the best apps to Watch Youtube Videos Together. Continue reading to know about them.

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 Best Apps to Watch Youtube Videos Together

Here you can find anything from movies, funny clips, how-to tutorials, and much more that is definitely worth sharing with friends and family members. But there is one limitation over there that YouTube doesn’t offer an option for watching all these videos together with other people, But still, there are many great sites and apps where you can.

#1 Squad

The squad is definitely one of the best apps to watch Youtube together with your friends online. As it supports both video calling and chat features while you are streaming a video. The best part is that it works on both desktops as well as on your smartphones. So this makes it one of the best and unique YouTube sync watching apps.

Another good thing about this app is that here you don’t have to do a lot of formalities before starting using it. Without signing up, you can use the squad. Here what the user has to do is simply create a new room with a unique name and then send that link to your buddies. Then your buddies will open that link in their browser or directly in the app on iOS or Android.

Moreover, here also you can look for youtube in the app without exiting the screen.  Then whatever you want to do like add new videos, remove earlier ones, or anything, can easily do that.  As here video call is another exciting feature that works very efficiently without lagging.  Meanwhile video calls, you can also chat in the text at the same time.

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What features this app in our good books is that it also works with TikTok videos and also bundles up some of the great movies in its catalog so that you can stream them without paying a penny.  When this app first arrived, it came as a screen-sharing app for video calls and this option is also available till now but this app has come far away from it with many exciting features.

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#2 Popcorn for YouTube and Netflix

Popcorn is also an exciting platform that allows you to Watch youtube together. It is basically an extension of Google Chrome that works perfectly for both Youtube and Netflix. Moreover, it can be installed on any system.

The best part is that when you install this extension and add it to chrome., immediately you can start watching youtube videos together with your friends and family on the official youtube site. Moreover, you can also see a popcorn toolbar just below your Youtube watch video that will include many features where you can start a party, schedule a party, draw, play games, and send texts.

Moreover, here you also get an option of Popcorn menu where you can figure out what else is happening over there and can observe public parties. Here the menu can also be changed into a floating toolbar. So definitely it is one of the best possible ways to watch Youtube videos together but one thing to keep in mind is that all the other people who are going to join the party have to sign up first there.

Pros  :

  • Here you can watch Youtube  videos together on your default YouTube website
  • Moreover, it is definitely one of the simplest apps to use and here the menus that are listed are not intrusive much.

#3 Co-Train Space 

Anything that we work in a group gives us incredible joy, isn’t it? It doesn’t matter what we are doing – It can be party, project, or streaming. Working out with friends online is always a fun activity to do. Co-train is also an excellent platform that allows you to Watch Youtube Together. Here what you can do is to work out at your home with an online coach on Youtube.  You can also invite your friends as well to join the same. Moreover, it also comes equipped with a feature of video call and chatting while doing or watching any video so that you can interact in an efficient and better way.  Here what happens is that the main video starts playing on the left side of the screen and your video chat starts in a mall bar on the right side.

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Now you must be thinking that what else you can do if you are a host, let’s discuss it now :

  1. You can select any workout from Co-Train Space’s major categories.
  2. Then next what you all have to do is to – create a room.
  3. After that, you have to send the link to your friends and family so that you can co-train them as well in sync.

#4 YouTube Fiesta

Another app where you can watch Youtube Together with your friends and family is Youtube Fiesta.

This site comes with many colorful interactive web pages and animation all over. Here you can do both ways – either you can host a Youtube watch party or can attend/join anyone.  What you all have to do here is to put your username and a Youtube link so that you can start watching videos together.

Here also the user doesn’t have to sign up. so before starting hosting a party, you can use an option to keep all the player controls in the rightful area of hosts only.

But many users reported the usage of this app a little fussy,  as here you can only chat with other users while watching the video.

Pros of Fiesta?

  • Here no popups or  ads disturb us and no sign-up is  required
  • Moreover, it also works with both PCs and smartphones
  • Here you also get an easy-to-use interface.

#5 MyCircle

MyCircle is another great platform to watch Youtube together. However many users don’t prefer it much as its interface is not like anyone can understand. It’s not that it is the worst but it is quite tricky. Here it also showcases ads which is also an add-on to the reason why people don’t prefer it much. But this is not all.

It has many exciting and exclusive features that make it stand out among other similar apps. This app comes with an exclusive VOIP feature that allows you and your friends to directly communicate with the platform without having to leave it.

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Here the user doesn’t have to sign up. But in case you want to do it, then you can as it is very quick and hardly take a minute to complete it.  Moreover, the best part about this app is – It provides users with an additional storage space of 5GB so that users can upload their videos or content. This feature is definitely unique and rarely seen in any other app.

Not only this, but also you can keep a record of all the history of all the invitations received or sent in the correct order.

Moreover, you also get an option to move the chat window or menu box to another window so that you and your friends can use the room easily.  This app doesn’t work only for Youtube but also serves Vimeo and SoundCloud.

#6 YouTube Party

This is an exciting platform to watch Youtube together. Here the only thing you will need is a web browser. This is also a chrome extension that helps you to synchronize your youtube videos with playback of your friends and family members. You can also create a watch party here and enjoy watching any youtube videos together.  Moreover, here also you can chat or interact with others about any special moments while streaming the video together.

Use the steps given below to use this extension. 

1) Initially you have to download this extension and add this to your Chrome Web Store.

2)After adding the extension, now you can create the watch party, For this, you have to go to a YouTube video, and then here an extension icon will be highlighted.

3) After that you have to click on the icon to create the party.

4) Then copy the Party link and shoot it away to your friends and enjoy.

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