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Top 15 Best Bike Travel Case in 2019



If you are looking for a list of the best bike travel case then your search ends here. We have worked out intensively and made a list of top bike travel case which you can buy from Amazon. This list is based on various kinds of surveys, research and analyzing 1000s of reviews online.

We suggest you check out below the list of bike travel case before buying anything randomly. We have given a descriptive review of each bike travel case below. Buying some random & cheap bike travel case can be harmful.

1 ) Evoc Bike Travel Bag Multi-Color, One Size

By Evoc

The Evoc Bike Travel Bag starts this list together with qualities that are amazing and mouth watering to offer. Enjoy the benefits of keeping your bike at a tote that wont weigh too muchbetter. Compared to hard cases that will contribute to the pounds, this tote provides a milder option. Reinforced using aluminum skid and a base rails that break on the ground and fair better under heavier load. The evoc tote includes a balanced variant which makes it more easy to pull in addition to the aluminum handle created for a simpler, more comfortable grip. The rotor’s safety is ensured with protection in the wheels compartment having padding to cushion parts. Maybe not since the bike has been place to fit in with the handlebar, much tool work needs to be performed, wheels and wheels removed. Incorporated is a buckle system which keeps most of the parts firmly in place. With so much less to dismount it’s a convenient option for almost all cyclists.

2 ) SCICON Aero Comfort Plus 2.0 TSA Air Travel Bike Bag

By Sci Con

It is irrelevant if you’re even a fan of the sport or a professional golfer, cycling has become an passion. There is absolutely no requirement to cancel driving plans throughout major road, air or train trips. With the sci-con Aero Comfort Plus 2.0 TSA Travel Case, handily struck the trail with your fave road companion. A bike may not be one of the gear to travel with, particularly if it’s big, which is the reason why this travel case comes with an ingenious design that makes it easier to travel with a bike. Made out of nylon fabric and also insides that are well-padded, the tote cushions the bike against inevitable hits. The inside is designed to mimic the form and contour of a real bike which makes it the right match for a wide range of bicycles. Plus probably and all that needs to be detached deflated are the wheels, so the framework can be adjusted on the stabilizing system. Possessing a blast traveling using this designed bike bag which saves money, time and energy.

3 ) Topnaca Soft Mountain Road Bikes Travel Case Transport Bag Bicycle Carrying Case with Fork Protector for Outdoor Airplane

By Topnaca

Are you currently traveling across the nation, or making a major movement? It might be hard moving without a gear for some pursuits. Even the Topnaca MTB Soft Mountain Road Bike Travel Case causes that much easier, it’s mobile and ensures a carry that are lighter. Be rest and also become lighter on your own own shoulders. With cushioned ergonomic shoulder straps, then it’s easy on the body and promises more convenient mobility. The nylon material additionally makes the tote lighter contributing less. This really is a superb advantage if it’s being transported via train or road. A 420D watertight polished cover guarantees the durability and competent resistance to dust and water of that this travel bag. Hikers and mountain bikers that want to cycle among will love this feature because it allows them to safely store gadgets as well as other personal consequences. In addition, it will come with a suitable tote that keeps the wheels once the bike is disassembled. The tote doesn’t accommodate bikes but will fit a variety of full size bicycles.

4 ) B&W International Brompton Bike Case – Foldon Case (96006/N)

By B&W International

Take your passion for biking where you go, do not miss out on significant hobbies as a result of distance. The &W International Bike Case can be to hauling a bike an reliable remedy. With operational system and a phenomenal design, it’s sure to show eyes. When traveling long or international hours hard cases are a bonus. It’s reinforced with a hard core aluminum casing can take perils airport bags and the mean stinks . Your bike is likely to reach its destination at one undented along with portion.  The instance is portable ascertaining that it is convenient to transport around and absorbs less space. Its size is also an edge as it relatively less than cases. The lasting interior approach ensures all of the bike parts stay throughout the travel. This enables you to own a chilled, stress – free flight out of.

5 ) Kisshome Folding Bike Bag Thick Bicycle Carry Bag,Bike Transport Case for Transport,Air Travel,Shipping (26 inch to 29 inch)

By Kisshome

Take your bicycle without pressing anxieties of parts that may likely get 16, professionally tucked off. Traveling using the Kisshome Folding Carry Bike Bag is just one of the smartest ways. It has the size that ensures a hassle-free and convenient travel experience and also the span. Sturdy enough to accommodate routine 26-inch bicycles and can even shove to 27.5 inch bicycles without tears or closed issues. It’s certainly a time saver; users have to simply take the wheels and handlebars out. The entire length of the bike can fit in to this large cushioned bicycle bag rendering it the ideal choice. The wheels can be taken out and deflated by choice while the whole framework sits enclosed and firmly zipped at the bike. It is tough enough to withstand harsh surfaces and pointy items. Sufficient shoulder straps are added to allow the bag conveniently hang round the shoulders. This tote can be utilized when flying around the town, traveling via road, trains or subways.

6 ) Thule RoundTrip Pro XT – Bike Travel Bag with built-in Repair Stand

By Thule

The notion of the unknown just is not, while traveling to a new city can be quite exciting. Getting to know the city and Moving to a place that is new demands time and dedication. Finding a location to cycle will take a few minutes, choose together the bike and keep your fires living. Traveling together using the Thule RoundTrip Guru XT Bike Case guarantees allround protection for your bike that is highly valued. The outside is made out of a shiny and delicate nylon rip stop material sure to last. The material spans round breadth and the length of the tote like the aluminum click-rail providing you with shape and security. Setting them aside from other brands is how your bike assembly stand given the purchaseprice. It stands the bike so users can appropriately dissemble the mandatory parts and assemble them in time. Wheels and the handles incorporated at the design ensure an even transfer of this bike travel event. Pull the handle and wheel it down effortlessly carrying the weight of your back and shoulders. This traveling box is suitable for a wide range of road, mountain and cyclo cross bicycles using a maximum wheel base of 46 inches.

7 ) B&W International Bike Case – Bike Guard Curv (96015)

By B&W International

Do not miss out the opportunity to transport the action wherever you proceed along with the B&W International Bike Case. It offers security against the inescapable hits it can take while still being loaded and unloaded. It takes if it were wrapped in packaging such as cardboard, in the impact that would damage a bike. It is going to also withstand abrasion and demanding surfaces rendering it a lasting product. Travel safe with less concerns and have your bike go home with you personally in one single part that is undented. It’s made out of sturdy substances combined to produce this phenomenal and traveling case sure to improve eyes. With this kind of a classy and polished look it finishes your fashionable and smart look and outfit. Four wheels at each corner followed closely it; two really are rotatable for 2 wheel for both form and stability and simple maneuverability. These wheel help before the tote is properly loaded transfer the bike. The bag includes multiple handles which make lifting unarguably easier; lower lift and pull it.

8 ) Callaway Odyssey BMX Bike Bag Black

By Odyssey

1 way of maintaining your biking fires alive you’re clearly making it comes the set destination in one piece. The Callaway Odyssey BMX Bike Black Bag is a sustainable and durable solution for traveling long or short distances. A lush and classy look is given off by the trendy, black and stealthy look of it. Bicycle parts are adequately contained by this bag, without making you seem as if you are carrying a heavy burden. It is designed specifically BMX bikes and will still have left room for personal products. The bike is hauled down with sturdy straps supporting accessories and the frame place. In addition, it will come with tie down units that further help to hold the parts down in the event of rides or handling. They’re riveted handles that make a travel companion. While the rugged wheels allow users to pull on it together hassle-free it’s readily lifted and lowered. Use it for travels or purchase this being a gift, you wont regret it.

9 ) B&W International Bike Sack – Bike Sack (96250/N)

By B&W International

This is the soft copy of this workable B&W travel instance, made with material to get rid of the occurrences of tearing or ripping. It will not have a hard shell case but will satisfactorily take your bicycle. This solution that is mobile will not narrow down hauling option due to the cycles dimension. It’s large enough to allow for a range of bikes but enough to get through gates. It will still make a air travel bag, Even though it’s more suitable to transfer this bag via train and car. Incorporated in the bag are two pockets which retain these wrists aid easy motions the wheels of this bag and rolling of the bag. Together with the current bike weight by rolling it along it really is simpler to convey the bag and its contents, this saves a great deal of energy and time. The design includes a detachable shoulder strap which lets you keep the burden, for a lot more ease and comfort when traveling. The &W International Bike sack will take your cycling dreams on holiday trips and also the likes.

10 ) RockBros Folding Bike Carry Bag 16 inch to 20 inch Cycling Carrying Travel Case for Car Black


Sometimes buttoning a shirt which is yours can be weird and offsettingif it’s not the type or brand. Don’t accept less; fetch your usual bike along on this road trip that is exciting. Cycling is the driveway achieved from the sport and also about relaxation, it may seem okay to just let yet another bike but it’s not the same. There is nothing like riding out your own on the streets, appreciating every moment with nothing to lose.The RockBros Folding Bike Carry Bag ensures users may transfer their own cycles by street in the amenities of a sturdy and reliable travel case. Your purchase includes a 33.2 x13 x 26.5 inch carry big in addition to a backpack. Padded with foam to guarantee the bikes framework is well cushioned throughout the journey, make certain to possess a whole bike once it’s weatherproof. This tote is foldable, therefore the additional cushioning retains the parts unaffected if it is folded in to a more compact form. The tote may be folded in to an incident or carried across your shoulders or like a tote bunch. This eases the style of hauling it around in mind, the weight is taken by the shoulders and we can agree it’s more suitable. With movement, the hands are free to carry out other tasks throughout before, throughout and following the travel.

11 ) Easton Cycling Double Wheel Bag

By Easton

The Easton Cycling Double Wheel Bag is a affordable and wise means to communicate your wheels safely. Once the wheels are detached they are able to be stored to protect it all. Acceptably reinforced with cushioning, it protects the wheel form any external force or stinks. In addition, it cushions any hard strikes or collapse preventing any damage to some wheels that are . Of deflating the wheels the choice is your choice. The wheels will sit safe and pretty either manner, with padding securing it all round. Side lies remain undamaged. It was designed for long-term usage and many road and aviation. Once the wheels packed and are fitted. Until the destination is reached, A sturdy zippered system simplifies your product and secures.

12 ) CamGo 20 Inch Folding Bike Bag – Waterproof Bicycle Travel Case Outdoors Bike Transport Bag for Cars Train Air Travel (Army Green, 20 inch)

By CamGo

Whether you’re commuting at car or a bus to go trekking with your friends the CamGo Rhinowalk 20-inch Bike Travel Bag has you covered. It’s big enough to support a wide assortment of bicycles with an adequate security technique that is internal. Reinforced with fabrics, this tote is set to weather and withstand harsh environments. The plan includes an all-round webbing that ensures while carrying large weight that the tote transported and is properly used for extended periods reduction. In addition, it integrates a good handle system; just one shoulder strap to get an more easy carry, plus one that will be attached to the handle bar when the motorcycle is unpacked. There is always that the thought of where to store the tote when the bike is prepared and re assembled to glide. The tote can be conveniently and adequately transported along at a storage tote attached to the handle at which you’ll be able to observe it. It doubles as a picnic tote if it is full unfolded to improve its versatility. Stop and have a bite or two before hitting the road.

13 ) StillCool Folding Bike Bag 14 inch to 20 inch Bicycle Travel Carrier Bag Pouch,Bike Transport Case for Transport,Air Travel,Shipping (14-inch to 20-inch)

By StillCool

Navigating the record of transit hasn’t been easier. With this all-weather bike bag that is folding, people can rest assured that their bicycles are safe and noise. Provided that the bike ranges between sizes 14 to 20 inches, the StillCool Folding Bike Bag could be the fit that is the most suitable. This sturdy bike travel tote is made from hardwearing water proof nylon, which makes it the supreme all-weather alternative for riders everywhere.Though it has no logo attached, its general design is extremely functional. It is extremely flexible and as such without putting much stress onto 19, may certainly accommodate your bike. Additionally, this motorcycle bag is light weight with a positive texture and a brightness that makes it quite an option that is aesthetically pleasing. For convenience and effectiveness, this tote is acid resistant and resistant which makes it one of the most sturdy options available on the marketplace. There is not any doubt that users will probably enjoy some much-needed satisfaction.

14 ) B&W International Brompton Bike Bag – Foldon Bag (96007/N)

By B&W International

Anyone in the market for a simple and sharp , yet functional bike bag is in fortune. With its shell, the &W International Bike Bag may be your remedy to all your issue. It might have a shell, however there is. Then its handy aluminum frame should have you convinced if being manufactured from nylon material that is tear-proof is not a very clear sign with the. Because it provides the true frame of the bicycle ample service the frame is a fantastic improvement. As a result of the, the shell absorbs the majority of the shock incurred during the holiday season. In addition, the pressure that the fabric places on the tube, as well as the saddle, helps ensure the bike is nice and snug while it is inside the bike travel bag. This bag is totally harmonious with Brompton bicycles, however, not exclusively, other models can fit as well in.

15 ) Weanas Bike Airplane Flights Transport Bag 29″ w 2 Inner Pockets and Fork Protector, Bike Bicycle Travel Bag Cases, Waterproof Bike Carrier Bag for Road Bike MTB (Upgraded Black)

By Weanas

This design is not seeing as there was more than enough room in this bag. Together with Weanas Bicycle Travel Cases, users are sure to get what they paid for and also a little extra at top. The excess distance in this bike bag has got everybody else on the sidelines. Not only does this have a simple and functional layout, but in addition, it supplies users the allowance. It is fitted on each side which could accommodate the bicycle wheels with side pockets. This bag stands out that’s fitted onto it. The zipper is as strong as they are and can be in it for the long haul.There may also be a couple of strap loops present on the bag, these create tolerance for extra bindings, which will, consequently, guard the motorcycle against virtually any damage.

So which of the best bike travel case from the above list you plan to buy? Do let us know in comments below. Also if you have any query regarding any of the product above then please let us know. We will try to answer you quickly.

Hope you ended buying bike travel case from our list. And it was useful to you. Thanks for reading the complete review.

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