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Top 8 Best Electric Winches Reviewed in 2019



If you are looking for a list of the best electric winches reviewed then your search ends here. We have worked out intensively and made a list of top electric winches reviewed which you can buy from Amazon. This list is based on various kinds of surveys, research and analyzing 1000s of reviews online.

We suggest you check out below the list of electric winches reviewed before buying anything randomly. We have given a descriptive review of each electric winches reviewed below. Buying some random & cheap electric winches reviewed can be harmful.

1 ) Superwinch 1130220 LT3000ATV 12 VDC winch 3,000lbs/1360kg with roller fairlead, mount plate, handlebar rocker switch, and handheld remote

By Superwinch

Considering our winch is intended to be installed in an ATV, it really is one of one of these cheaper, and the smaller and more winches on the list. It weighs in at around 20 pounds, also brings a drawing capability of around 3,000 pounds.Since it’s intended to be mounted into an ATV, it comes equipped with both a wired hand held remote control, in addition to a control which may be mounted right on the handlebars.It provides of a great deal of drawing power for a relatively modest size, and it is especially designed with a minimal amp motor to not put too much strain on small batteries found on an ATV.This isn’t going to pull off a Jeep out of axel deep mud. But it is designed to readily handle pretty much any winching task you could look to achieve within an ATV.

2 ) Smittybilt 97495 XRC Winch – 9500 lb. Load Capacity

By Smittybilt

Smittybilt are a very well regarded winch manufacturer with over 50 years experience, also this model represents a re design of the popular XRC collection. Whilst the previous winch we looked in has been designed for ATV mounting, this model is very specially designed for vehicles.We really have an extremely meaty 6.6 Horsepower engine, working via a three Stage Planetary Gear System that can help send those horses right where you want them. All sensitive and working sections of the winch are included behind 100% waterproof protection which means that you may thankfully ford rivers and drive through water logged holes without fretting about your winch getting wet.A corded remote control means you can control the winch standing at a secure distance or even behind the wheel whilst still driving, and also the supplied hook is very good quality, you will not need to obtain a replacement.All that power, all that outstanding design and quality which the Smittybilt name guarantees comes with a price tag of only around 300 bucks, making this an extremely attractive model in the event that you are looking for a well made winch with excellent pulling power.

3 ) WARN 86260 VR12000 12,000 lb Winch


Luckily I have my Warn 86260 Electric Winch equipped, although I am sorry to know that your air craft carrier gets stuck in the mud. We’ll have you out in a moment.Okthat you might well not get called on to rescue the wasp Gerald Ford (can not believe he got a aircraft carrier named after him) however, you’re going to be armed for just about other things as this winch has phenomenal pulling power.Naturally the potent motor would be the star of this series here, however it’s well worth pointing out which power is driven through a 3 stage planetary gear train, which really helps deliver smooth ability. The braking system is also well designed, which helps keep you in control at all times.Operation is via portable remote control which comes with a 12 foot lead for ease of usage and the winch is sold with 93 meters of top excellent steel cable which should be ample for any situation you wind up in.It is not cheap (and is actually the most expensive thing on the list) however it comes in at well under 1000 dollars which, given the pull ability, is just really a pretty good deal.

4 ) Superwinch 1595200 Tiger Shark 9.5, 12 VDC winch, 9,500 lb/4,309 kg capacity with roller fairlead

By Superwinch

This is just another quality, go-anywhere and very strong winch much at precisely the exact same faculty while the Smittybilt we spoke that a little earlier. This winch is also able to generate the 9,500 Pounds of pulling power, this time around however for a 5.2 Horsepower engine, flocked into the excellent gears mounted within this version which squeeze every last drop of power from that motor.Control is via an ergonomic hand held control using a 12-foot lead, and also the motor along with all sensitive parts are all safely tucked away from 100% watertight casing. This can be a really well designed piece of kit.The stainless steel pliers are just another nice feature, they provide close 360-degrees of rolling surface ensuring the feed out and retraction activity of the cable is nice and also smooth.Slightly more expensive compared to the similar Smittybilt but packing a lot of useful features in a really well designed package, this is a rather attractive option.

5 ) Champion 4500-lb. ATV/UTV Wireless Winch Kit

By Champion Power Equipment

This is just another winch intended for ATV/UTV mounting so whilst it isn’t quite as powerful as the last few models we looked in, for the size it can pack a serious bit of power — 1.6 horsepower to be more precise. That means a pulling ability of 4,500 Pounds, which again given its relatively modest size, is pretty good.The eye catching feature on this version is unquestionably that the cord free remote control, presumed it also will come with a manual control (created for handle bar mounting if required) to get a back up.Oh, and you also receive all that and change in 200 bucks. Therefore all in all, if you should be looking for a winch that packs a decent power level, and that won’t dent your bank balance too far, this is a winner.

6 ) Yescom Electric Recovery Winch 2000 lbs Load Capacity 0.9HP Remote Switch Gloves for ATV UTV Jeep Trailer Truck 12V

By Yescom

This winch is extremely basic, but it is also extremely economical — in the event the free gloves didn’t do it for you personally, and it includes a free pair of gloves!Ok, it has a decent selection of useful capabilities. Control is using a remote control of very simple — but user friendly — design, plus it sits at the end of an 9-foot lead.The engine isn’t especially laborious at only 0.9 horsepower, but it’s ready to generate about 2000 lbs of pulling power, that remains a useful amount. It also has a complimentary spooling clutch and that means you can spool out the cable without even having any power — even though that is’ around as close to luxury extras because we can get with this specific model!Bottom line, even if you do not want any of these bells and whistles of a more premium model, in the event that you simply want a winch that pulls when you push the button, and plenty of shift out of a 100 dollar bill afterward look at this particular model.

7 ) Master Lock Electric Winch, Portable 12-Volt DC Electric Winch, 2953AT

By Master Lock

At are about simplicity and portability of use. They really do forfeit a certain amount of drawing power (though this model can generate a very helpful 2,000 Pounds of this ) to be small and easy to maneuver — this model even comes with a integrated transport handle.It may be permanently or permanently mounted into either a ball-mount hitch or into any flat surface using the included mounting plate. It easily draws power from the 12 volt DC power supply and comes built with a great long power cable for simple hook up to batteries.The winch is remote-controlled (with a wired control and also about 10 foot of cable) and it also comes with a back up hand crank attachment. It is a design that is pretty simple, but it is one that which you will consider in the event that you’d like an easy to use utility winch.

8 ) WARN 885000 Corded PullzAll 120V AC


Warn make their appearance on our list, also this product couldn’t be more different from the original. Whilst the enormous Warn winch was probably one of the most powerful in our list (with 12,500 Pounds of Pulling Power) this second model generates just 1,000 pounds.Whilst which does make it the weakest on the list, it is also by far the most mobile and user friendly. That you don’t even have to mount it, just join the hooked end to your reliable & strong surface via a ring or sling and away you go.That creates this winch perfect to take from the trunk of a flat bed or truck or maybe to keep round the home for just about almost any heavy lifting tasks. Finding an ATV to a truck bed or even a jet ski on a trailer for example will be much simpler with this handy little machine.Operation is easy with one constructed in trigger (with variable speed performance ), and also a Integrated LED load indicator ensures you never try to lift greater than the winch can handle, a very useful safety feature.                                                                                                                             

So which of the best electric winches reviewed from the above list you plan to buy? Do let us know in comments below. Also if you have any query regarding any of the product above then please let us know. We will try to answer you quickly.

Hope you ended buying electric winches reviewed from our list. And it was useful to you. Thanks for reading the complete review.

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