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Best File Linked codes 2020- All new codes



Best file linked codes

Hey friends, Are you tired of searching the best file linked codes around the web? Grab a list of the best file linked codes here. Ok so, let’s start!

Have you heard the name Droid Admin? The file linked is nothing but the new name of Droid Admin. In today’s article, we are going to discuss various file linked codes for Firestick and Android devices. With the FileLinked app, you can make or get access to a lot of user-created lists with many Android apks that you can effortlessly install on your devices. For security reasons, there is a code associated with each list.

The file linked is an app available on Google play store to install various apk and other items on your device, android it was before but now on firestick as well. This works in a manner like you have created a list of Best Kodi addons with a code. Now every other user who wants to access this list has to enter the code and the list will be displayed on their screen then. Isn’t it interesting?

Before sharing the best File linked codes, I would like to tell you how to install FileLinked on Firestick.

How to Install FileLinked on FireStick?

Step 1: Allow Data from Unknown Sources

  1. Open your Firestick. You are at the home screen
  2. Go to settings
  3. now go to device or MyFireTV
  4. Head to developer options
  5. Turn on apps from unknown sources.
  6. Now your firestick is ready for third-party installations.
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Step 2: Install the downloader

  1. Run downloader app
  2. The home screen will open with the Home tab preselected on the left. Go to the right and click the URL field
  3. Now enter and click Go
  4. Wait for File link APK to download.
  5. Once the apk is downloaded the downloader app will start and run.
  6. Click Install button
  7. Wait till installation complete. And once done you can see an icon on the screen. Now click on done
  8. Click Delete to delete the FileLinked APK file as it is not needed now.
  9. Click the delete button again.

After Installation now the main thing here comes is how to use a fire stick app.

How to use FileLinked on FireStick?

  1. Open Filelinked app
  2. Go to settings
  3. Toggle off the option “Show Hints and Useful information”.
  4. Now click on apply.
  5. Now come back.
  6. Press the Home button for some seconds.
  7. Then click on “apps and channels”
  8. FindFileLinked app and open it.
  9. Now click on “your code” and enter the code.
  10. Click on next and then continue.
  11. Click the download button then.
  12. Check the tutorial file for getting a clear idea.
  13. Click the install button and you are done!

How to Install FileLinked on Android?

To install the app on android many apk’s are available on the web. You have to follow the steps below to carry out the installation process.

  1. Search for Filelinked apk on the internet.
  2. Open any link of your choice ad download the file on your device.
  3. Now before installation, check your security settings.
  4. Go to Settings -> Security -> allow data from unknown sources (Toggle it on!)
  5. Now install the apk and you are done!
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Best File Linked codes 2020- All new codes

Following is the list of best File linked codes. Some codes are with a PIN as well for double security. So you have to enter both on the screen.

Code 1: 22222222, PIN: 4754

  • With this code, you can have access to some excellent apps. If you love streaming, go fo this one!
  • The apps open up with the code are CyberFlix, Terrarium TV, Cinema APK, Morph TV, MX Player, Mouse Toggle, Cloud TV, Titanium TV, Kodi APK, IPVanish, Aptoid TV, Redbox TV, Live Net TV, BeeTV, Magic TV, Morpheus TV, TVZion, Nord VPN and many more!

Code 2: 85810914

  • With this code, you can have access to all different versions of Kodi.
  • Additional to this, this app has a VLC player and an Aptoid TV app. Aptoid TV ap is used to download apps that are not available on normal play store.

Code 3: 11039868, PIN: 1010

  • Get access to many APKs with this code and that too completely ads free. It has some great apks that you might have been searching for months but not finding a good place to download.
  • Some of the apks names include Bobby HD (movies and shows app) and CCleaner (delete some of the cache memory that you don’t use.)

Code 4: 17779393, PIN: 2222

  • Download Terrarium TV and Spotify app with this code ad PIN. So, this is a full package of movies, shows, and audio songs as well.

Code 5: 74238464

  • If you are only a hard-core movie watcher, note this code. This code has some great apps that are exclusively designed for watching movies lines for free.
  • Some examples include here are Movies HD and HD Cinema. Daily updated new movies are available here.
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Code 6: 12345678

  • With this code, get access to Youtube TV and enjoy it on your firestick and android device.
  • Moreover, Kodi builds are also available with this code.

Code 7: 38069272

  • This code as something different. This code has many apks that improve the functionality of your device.
  • Old movie titles are also available.

Code 8: 14224735,PIN: 9876

  • This code and PIN is exclusively for Movie Red App and similar apps.

Code 9: 96031172, PIN: 1234

  • Terrarium TV clones

Code 10: 13131313, PIN: 4545

  • This code has many apks that allows you to watch ads free content. Examples include the Jet box.

Final verdict

Hey readers, Thanks for reading so far! So how do you like the article?

I hope now you got a complete understanding of the best File linked codes. Share with your friends and family and enjoy!

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