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8 Best Gacha Club OC Ideas 2022



Gacha Club OC

Online Gaming has become the latest trend with the Internet and Technology advancement. Almost all genres of Games are available online today. If you like to show your creativity and skills, then Gacha Club is the perfect option for you. Players are interested to know the best Gacha Club OC Ideas.

Gacha Club is a wonderful and popular game that allows players to show their creativity. The game is all about creating and Customizing your own Characters. It is an advanced version of Gacha Life that offers you more fun and exciting game modes.

Are you on the lookout for the best Gacha Club OC Ideas? Then you have arrived at the most appropriate place. This guide will share the best 8 Gacha Club Oc Ideas for better gaming. So without further ado, let’s get started:

If you want to play Gacha Club on your iPhone, don’t forget to check our guide on downloading Gacha Club Edition on your iPhone.

Gacha Club- a Quick Overview

Before moving directly to the Gacha Club OC Ideas, it is best to discuss the gameplay. Gacha Club is the second game in the series after Gacha Life which Lunime introduces. The second game contains many exciting elements that make it different from the previous game. You can create and customize your own Characters using different scenarios. It features lots of game modes that will enhance your creativity.

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Gacha Club also features many mini-games to enjoy playing with other players. The main center of attraction is the RPG Element in the form of battle mode. In this mode, the characters you create will participate in a battle against various enemy teams.

The game arrives with four battle modes- Training mode, Tower mode, Story mode, and Campaign mode. Under the training mode, you will learn fighting styles and gameplay. Tower mode is the place where you participate in endless battles.

In the Story mode, you will go through Adventures and level up your characters. The last Campaign mode is the place where you will encounter new characters.

Best Gacha Club OC Ideas

1)Vintage Style Dress up

Old Melody Movies’ looks and dress-up are evergreen. It is best to style up your character with popular styles from the past. You can even pick any character from the old Comic book. Style your chibi with many accessories such as gloves, hats, bows, and more for the complete look. We are sharing some great options for the idea:

Vintage Club OC Ideas

2) Going to School

Since Gacha Club is every kid’s favorite game, so it is the best option to dress up your OC the way, they are going to school. School-going look is quite easy to create. You just need to pick up a formal shirt, along with a printed skirt or trousers. Don’t forget to add shoes as well as ties to complete the look.

Gacha Club OC Ideas


  3) Gothic Style

A cute Gothic style is everyone’s favorite. It is the most loving style in almost dress-up games. Why not try to dress up your Chibi in a Gothic look? Here we are mentioning a few images for inspiration. Make a few changes in the outfit, and you are good to go.

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Gacha Club OC Ideas

4) Going to work

To create the office-going look, dress up your Chibi in formal wear that completely goes with his/her Occupation. Choose trendy accessories such as a watch, formal shoes, laptop bags, and other gadgets to complete the look.

Gacha Club OC Ideas

5) Tomboy Look

Another of the most interesting look that you must try on your Chibi is Tomboy or hipster look. It is damn easy to create this look. All you need is to dress up your Chibi in baggy clothes that include cool graphic t-shirts Paired with loose and torn denim. Make sure you choose bright colors for the tees. Don’t forget to add shades and hats to complete the look. The shoes you choose should completely define the look.

For girls, you can add a crop top with an open Shirt and skinny denim with sports shoes. That’s it!

Gacha Club OC Ideas

6) Prince/Princess Look

Dressing up your Chibi in Royal outfits will be everyone’s dream. Why not give it a try? You must pick up the outfits that will give a price or princess look. For boys, you can choose Coat and Blazers. Girls must be dressed up in Long gowns and skirts, along with minimal jewelry. Use the accessories such as gloves, bowtie, and hat, and your chibi is ready.

Gacha Club OC Ideas

7) A Gacha Wedding

Why not try to dress up your chibi in a wedding dress? It’s one of the best ideas. You can show all your creativity here.  Just imagine how you want to look on your special D-day and go ahead. It’s completely your choice whether to choose soothing colors or bright one. Choose the accessories for the bride and experiment with the hairdo as well.

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Gacha Club OC Ideas

8) Favorite Superhero in Chibi Style

Every person has their own favorite superhero whom they like the most. Whether it be Batman, Spiderman, or any Actor or Actress. It will be a great idea to create the Superhero you like the most. Style your chibi the way your favorite superhero used to dress up. Adding many accessories such as a Cap, Mask, glasses, hat, shoes, and more will be great to create a quite different look.

Gacha Club OC Ideas

Gacha Club

Final Words

Well, these are some best Gacha Club OC Ideas. This game is about working on your imagination and showing creativity by creating the best Characters. This game offers more features and fun things than its predecessor. I hope you will find this post helpful.

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