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Top 7 Best Gifts For Non Techies in 2019



1 ) Kindle Paperwhite -Best E-Reader

By Amazon

A Kindle makes a wonderful gift for book fans because it looks and reads the same as the real (newspaper ) thing. But your recipient’s travel bag will many thanks this system allows you to store hundreds of novels onto a streamlined tablet computer that's no bigger than a paperback. In fact, the creation of Kindle paper-white offers 8GB of standard storage and also an updated 32GB option if you’re seeking to carry magazines or books which take up a great deal of storage space.

Another feature upgrade could be the IPX8 watertight score, which makes it to become submerged in up to two meters of water for so long as 60 seconds. This really is an perk for travellers that won't need to be concerned about spills or rain damaging this on the move. And that doesn't love a good read on the beach?

The rest of the typical Kindle features are all here, too, like a 300ppi resolution for ultra-clear e-ink representation, options for cellular or Wi-Fi connectivity, and also an ultra-slim form variable measuring in at only 0.32 inches thick.  In reading more reviews \ n Interested? Take a look at our range of the most useful e-readers. 

2 ) TCL Roku Smart LED TV -Best Smart TV


People who are skeptics are afraid that sparking a device's functionality and features will be time-consuming and confusing. In fact technology often makes the training experience easier and less bothersome. Take the Roku Smart Television for Example. Rather than needing to manage a whole lot of remotes and starting up media via wires, you’re able to handle setup and seeing needs via an individual HD package.

readily available in sizes ranging from 43 to 65 inches, so the contemporary style that is sleek looks great installed onto an entertainment center or onto a wall. The interface gives access to over 4,000 streaming stations, satellite tv, music along with other devices without having to flip through many different menus. Hunting is easier when you utilize the connected Roku mobile app, although the simple remote pares the number of buttons to the essentials down. This TV is sure to convert any skeptics!

Interested in reading more reviews? Have a peek at our selection of the most effective TVs. 

3 ) Amazon Echo Plus (2nd Generation) -Best Home Assistant

By Amazon

The Amazon Echo Plus 2 nd Production isn’t hard to prepare and use making it the ideal gift for a non-techie. Answers questions, this ultra-popular electronic assistant plays music, finds movie times, and much more, without lifting a finger. There are no user also it will not add your group and still another remote everything is performed together with your voice.  Want to make a phone call or send a message to somebody? Ask Alexa. There are seven microphones within the system that pick your commands up through which you are, even while music is blasting. And you are going to wish to engage in with music as the speakers. While the profound bass much outpaces that which you might think the hardware can perform vocals are clear and crisp.

The Echo Plus creates a particularly good gift for anyone with a device or apparatus inside their house. It serves as a control hub for those different gadgets (smart locks, lights, thermostats, and much more), therefore users can but ask Alexa to turn up the heat, dim the lights, or lock the door from where they’re. In case a non-techie friend doesn’t have some compatible apparatus, Amazon offers the Echo Plus at a bundle with a free Philips Hue Smart Bulb, therefore they are able to check some intelligent residence functionality at no extra cost for you (and yes, the bulb is specially easy to set up). They might hop onto the smart home bandwagon, once they find out it really is.

The Echo Plus 2 nd Production is available in three colors of grey. The soft net covering looks more”homey” and less”high tech” than previous iterations, with a sleek silhouette that blends seamlessly with any kind of décor. 

4 ) Sonos PLAY -Best Speaker

By Sonos

Help some one transform their home an easy-to-use wireless speaker using sound, with the Sonos PLAY:1 into a music-lover’s vision. This speaker is roughly as easy as it gets with Bluetooth, outputs and even no strings to bother with. It connects to the wifi network of your house and will be manipulated by the phone, streaming services like Spotify along with Apple Music. The speaker is powerful enough to fill an entire room with sound, as a result of just two amplifiers and drivers which will be thoroughly tuned to fit any surrounding’s acoustics. Should they love the Sonos PLAY:1, then they can pair it to create a truly epic home entertainment experience.

Still can't pick on which you want? Our round-up of the top speakers​ will allow you to discover what you re looking for.

5 ) Sennheiser PXC 550 -Best Headphones

By Sennheiser

You never have to like technology to delight in such wireless headphones. The PXC 550 really are a huge upgrade over those earbuds or cans, offering wireless technologies using blue tooth and noise cancelation that is flexible to guarantee tranquility or on the road.

The premium headset is compact and designed for traveling, ergonomically designed to become comfortable and stylish.They have a fold-flat collapsible frame, rotating earcups and also a padded headband to achieve a luxurious and portable frame. Quality is balanced, adaptive and incredibly clear to different forms of media, while you are currently hearing classical music or watching the action picture. The battery lasts as much as 30 hours on a single charge and adjusts to smart apparatus readily via blue tooth 4.2. In reading more reviews \ n Interested? Take a look at our range of the best headphones. 

6 ) Canon EOS M10 Mirrorless Camera Kit -Best Camera

By Canon

The Canon EOS M 10 is a wonderful gift for anyone who has expressed interest in taking quality photos that are high, but can be intimidated by the complex mechanics of higher-end services and products. This mirrorless camera comprises the exact CMOS sensor and DIGIC 6 image processor that can be utilized in DSLR cameras that are bulky, but at a much thinner and more portable size. While Hybrid CMOS auto focus II delivers speedy and precise image adjustment to help frame the perfect shot, eighteen mega pixels capture variety of footage in lighting conditions.

An easy-to-use and intuitive three-inch tilt LCD screen helps to purify the procedure, writing and revealing shots on the screen. Wifi and NFC make moving photos by enabling effortless adjustment of brightness, blur, contrast, warmth along with different characteristics a breeze, even while Creative Assist will reach the rescue throughout the process.

7 ) Dyson V8 Animal Cord Free Vacuum -Best for Animal Owners


Non-techie or not, any animal owner (or perhaps about anyone) will welcome this space age vacuum into their home. Winner of this J.D. Power”Highest in Customer Satisfaction with Stick Vacuums” award, this cordless vacuum is so easy to use it makes vacuuming fun. Area of this satisfaction may be that the ease of use. The V8 lasts for 40 minutes on a single charge, is lightweight and maneuvers with ease. One other part is derived from how well it works. The powerful suction and two-tier radial cyclones work to boost airflow and capture dirt and hair. An electric motor inside drives nylon bristles to get rid of dirt and hair. The vacuum also improves quality of air that captures emits and allergens cleaner air, perfect for anybody that has allergies that are and a furry friend. The bin is easy to remove and vacant, making it easier to want to wash your house.

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