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10 Best Grenade Spots on Dust 2 in 2023



Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a popular First Person Shooter game that arrived a decade ago. There are plenty of Maps and Areas that players love to explore. The game consists of eight Maps where you can take gunfights. Besides guns, the grenades found on Dust 2 map in the game are enablers of those mechanics. To make your gaming better, players need to know the best Grenade Spots on Dust 2.

Dust 2 is the most refined and revamped version of its predecessor, which is very popular among First Shooter Enthusiasts around the globe. After a few days of arrival, Dust 2 quickly became the most popular map among FPS enthusiasts worldwide. Players can even bet on matches in CS: GO.

In order to lead in this game, players must be aware of the best Grenade Spots on Dust 2 in CS: GO, which will help the players to win the game. To make your task more accessible, we have compiled a list of all the best Grenade Spots on Dust 2 in CS: GO.

Best Grenade Spots on Dust 2 in 2023

CS:GO game contains many popular maps, but the popularity of Dust 2 is on the next level. To win matches, players need to know the locations where they can throw grenades to eliminate their enemies. If you succeeded in throwing the Grenades timely on a definite location, you would surely win the match. So today, in this post, we will reveal the 10 best Grenade Spots on Dust 2 in 2023.

It is CS: GO Dust 2 Map that contains all Callout locations.

Best Grenade Spots on Dust 2

1. Cat Smoke (X-box)

The most important smoke location on the map lets you cross the catwalk. Here is how you can Smoke off Xbox:

  • Line up on the crease at the intersection of the wall and railing perpendicular to the mid tunnel
  • Now, lift your mouse to the upper left corner of the window frame, then move to the right.
  • You reach the perfect location. Just jump and threw the grenade. It will land on X-box every time.
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2. T-Spawn to Mid Doors

First of all, you need to stand in T-Spawn Area, from where you can see Suicide Area clearly. Carefully look at how that leads to Top Mid, Mid, and then Mid doors. First, look at the sky, run, and then throw a grenade. The grenade will drop outside the mid-door. CT-Spawn is just right to the Mid door. The opposing team will think that you are near them, creating a panic environment.

3. T-Spawn Long Doors

It is a perfect place to throw a grenade before going through the long door in Dust 2. Right from the long doors T-Spawn Area, players need to run a small distance and then throw the grenade from some space. Remember that don’t shoot standing up, run a little bit and then aim for points.

At this point, you need to practice your trajectory. It is required to throw it inside or over the door. Otherwise, the grenade will fall between the blue and the side pit if you throw it from below.

4. Car at Long A

Throwing a grenade in the Car Area is the best location. You can aim directly at the car area to the left of the Whistle Spawn area. To achieve this, you must go through the long door and use the barrel on the right. Climb up and throw it over the ceiling. This will give you more height and force the grenade to land near the area of the car. All the enemies that are camping in this area will have an impact on it, and you will get a better opportunity to move in the game base A.

5. Upper B Tunnels

It is one of the best ideas to spot Grenades from the Upper Tunnel area. Definitely, your enemies are guarding Base B. You can easily control the grenade projectile from the wall. In this way, players can easily fall grenades without exposing. The best thing is that you can communicate with your teammates to plan more throw.

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6. The Cross

The Cross is an excellent Grenade Spot in Dust 2. However, the only problem is that Cross is a very wide area where you can’t create a perfect smokescreen by using a single grenade. To achieve this, you need your teammate’s help to throw another grenade and fill the gap.

To do this, first of all, stand next to the barrel and aim for the grenade. It is recommended to use the technique of making a running throw, and the grenade will go past the roof of the corner house and block the crosshairs. Then ask one of your teammates to throw another grenade to fill up the gap.

7. From the Skylight

When you are running out of the door, chances are that your enemies will spot you. So the ultimate Grenade Spot is when you are walking from the Spotlight. Previously players preferred to throw a flash from the skylight. But that does not work much.

Now it is recommended to make a good running jump throw the middle one. The grenade will go straight down to hit everyone present in-game area, and you get enough time to walk from the Skylight.

8. Mid to Short A

Passing from Mid to Short A region is the most interesting part of the game. However, this is the dangerous part area where most players get killed due to their negligence. Players need to stand right back to the wall and throw the grenade in a manner that lands right in the middle. Frequently walk towards the door so that the risk of getting killed by snipers eliminates

9. B Site

You need to be very cautious while entering any new site. If you are attempting to enter B Site, get ready to throw a flash at the walls present on both sides. The flash will bounce between the walls and create a safe passage for you to enter the B site safely.

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10. CT Spawn

CT Spawn is a great place to throw the grenade as it results in heavy damage to the opponent team.    However, before targeting the CT Spawn, you need to take over the B Site under your control. Once you can achieve this, throw the molly on the spot.

This will prevent the enemy team from moving freely in the Whistle Spawn Area. They either have to cross the site which is on fire. They need to wait for the fire to go away to prevent damage. Meanwhile, you will get easy access to the spot and eliminate the enemies in no time.

11. Short Stairs

Short Stairs is the best Grenade Spots in Dust 2. You can prevent enemy counter-terrorist players from passing through this area through this location. It would be best if you threw a molly from the exact spot. However, you must note that these enemies may still go through this location even if it is on fire. So it would help if you were ready for a battle. Otherwise, tables will turn, and they might kill you.

Final Words

These are the 10 Best Grenade Spots on Dust 2 in 2023. These 10 incredible Grenade Spots will definitely elevate your game faster than ever. To win the Counter-Strike game, it is essential to learn the maps. Having tactical knowledge will increase your rank as a player. As soon as new Spots arrive, we will update it here. I hope you will find this post helpful and informative. Keep sharing it with your family and friends.

Thanks for reading!! Stay Connected for more latest updates.

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