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Top 10 Best Kids Sleeping Bags in 2019



If you are looking for a list of the best kids sleeping bags then your search ends here. We have worked out intensively and made a list of top kids sleeping bags which you can buy from Amazon. This list is based on various kinds of surveys, research and analyzing 1000s of reviews online.

We suggest you check out below the list of kids sleeping bags before buying anything randomly. We have given a descriptive review of each kids sleeping bags below. Buying some random & cheap kids sleeping bags can be harmful.

1 ) Coleman Sleeping Bag | 20°F Sleeping Bag | Brazos Cold-Weather Camping Sleeping Bag

By Coleman

The Coleman Brazos can be really a classic rectangular children sleeping bag that’s well developed, warm and comfortable to around freezing. It includes snag-free zippers, quilted structure to reduce insulating material from build-up and endangering warmth retention and also the provider’s Roll Control system which supplies a speedy effective roll each time. It’s really a pretty long tote that will easily accommodate most teenagers as well as smaller adults and it is machine washable just such as nearly all of Coleman’s children sleeping bags.The Coleman Brazos cool-weather Kids Sleeping Bag is ideal when you’re heading out with your family for several spring or fall camping fun. If you have got college-aged children they’ll likely make loads of utilization of it well as the 75″ span will accommodate all the tallest young people. The tote feels as powerful as it looks along also a normal pad under it, it’s too comfortable a three season bag while you’re most likely to get. The simple fact it’s offered by such a really low price is a bargain clincher as far as we’re concerned and you’ll probably come back to the exact same conclusion.  Be sure to also take a look at our list of the best wearable sleeping bags for more great stuff such as this.

2 ) Coleman 2000025288 Sleeping Bag Youth 50 Rect Teal

By Coleman

The kiddies 50 level children sleeping bag is just really a fine bag that may make your young one feel cozy and comfy when you put a wonderful pad underneath it. Coleman quality is evident during and can serve your child well under ordinary weather conditions. Even the outside of the bag glows at night so your children never feel isolated from the amazing out doors. With that shine in the dark capability and also an over all length of 60″ it’s a bag for kids less than 10 or even 11. As the name implies the Coleman Kids 50 Children Sleep bag is rated to 50 degrees. The ThermoTech insulation on the bag is effective from the cool weather and also the ThermoLock draft tubing captures body heat effectively. The zipper includes a snag-free design that’s essential in regards to kids who often tend to tug on zippers impatiently. The bag has a nifty carrying case and also rolls fast and effortless. Machine washable to boot. All in all a excellent little bag.

3 ) Coleman Kid Camo Youth Sleeping Bag

By Coleman

It will get chilly camping at the mountains even at the middle of summer so that it’s important to provide the kiddies with nice hot sleeping bags and also the Coleman Plum is always a terrific choice. The Plum is a professional sleeping bag rated to 45 degrees and features snag-free 2 way zippers, ThermoTech insulation, an interior pocket to store miscellaneous objects and Roll Control to make it easy to pack it away. Additionally it is 66 inches so bigger kiddies will have plenty of room.The Plum Fun 4 5 Degree Kids Sleeping Bag is designed for bigger kiddies. That more mature accent is reinforced by the more subdued design cues typical of adult totes. Having said that it’s still slightly more compact than a grownup purse and includes an inner pocket at which the kiddies could store their mobile in addition to much more padding beneath the head. Other characteristics include the ability to zip 2 of these children sleeping bags together and also the simple fact when it is the right time for you to break up camp that the Plum Fun will roll up nice and clean due to Coleman’s Roll Control system. A superb bag for young teens.  Our convenient guide to the sleeping bags that are double that are finest features more products similar to this.

4 ) Wildkin Original Sleeping Bag, Features Matching Travel Pillow and Coordinating Storage Bag, Perfect for Sleeping On-The-Go, Olive Kids Design – Trains, Planes, & Trucks

By Wildkin

As the Olive Kids Trains, Planes and Trucks Kids Sleeping Bag is 66″ long overall it’s really developed for the children with vibrant graphics and an emphasis on ease of use within strict operation. The fabric is naturally flame resistant and no additional compounds or treatments are used on the tote which might cause irritation or allergies. It’s a safe, fun, comfortable children sleeping bag meant for warm weather use and within this circumstance, it really does a terrific job.The makers of the Olive Kids Trains, Planes and Trucks Kids Sleeping Bag are rightly proud of the fact that it’s unlikely to cause any sort of irritation or allergic reaction in your little one’s own skin. The tote is also highly fire-resistant which is another also, especially if you will find camping stoves or other open fires around. The interior is cozy and soft and the outside is coated in an optimistic transport motif younger kids will love. It’s a excellent children sleeping bag for kids under 10 years old, perhaps perfect for 5 or 6-year-olds.

5 ) Coleman Illumi-Bug Youth Sleeping Bag

By Coleman

The Coleman Illumi-Bug 4-5 Degree Kids Sleeping Bag is a kids sleeping bag for the lady. It’s comfortable, attractive, includes a cute bee theme picture that is replicated up and down the surface and includes a decent sized inner pocket for her cellular phone and every additional items she needs to store. It’s typically well-built to Coleman standards and boasts some of these features that the business integrates into their far more costly adult bags.This kiddies sleeping bag has been 66″ inches long so it’ll readily accommodate people up to approximately 14 or 15. The more refined design causes it to be among these perfect girls sleeping bags for the dude and the ThermoTech insulation will make sure that she remains toasty warm even when unseasonable weather puts inside. It’s a fantastic looking luggage, nice and light, and has a generously sized interior pocket for mobile phones, jewelry, gloves or whatever else needs to be kept for the night. Considering how well developed and effective that kiddies sleeping bag is that it’s offered at a remarkably good deal, that will be only the icing on this cake.  Be sure to join this with a trendy camping blanket from our checklist.

6 ) Coleman Kids 30 Degree Sleeping Bag, Blue Bandit

By Coleman

The Coleman kiddies 30 Degree Kids Sleeping Bags is just just another kids sleeping bag. To keep the kiddies warm it features the provider’s ColeTherm hollow fill polyester insulating material and the hood surrounding the mind can be adjusted fine and near prevent drafts from leaking in. Put an inflatable mat underneath this junior sleeping bag to help discriminate between your child and the cold ground and you’ve got an effective 3 season bag at an excellent affordable price.The Coleman kiddies 30 Degree Kids Sleeping Bag is great for cooler nights and the unbiased design makes it well worthy of your son or woman. The mummy profile use here’s wellknown to present optimal heat retention and the elastic mind opening strengthens that function. Snag-free zippers make it easy to get in and out of this bag which is crucial from the dark and the light weight of this bag means that it will not become an anchor in the event the family is hiking in a sense to the campsite. Overall yet another good 3 season bag from Coleman.

7 ) Melissa & Doug Augie Alligator Sleeping Bag With Matching Storage Bag

By Melissa & Doug

For the little buckaroos you can not go wrong with the Melissa & Doug Augie Alligator kids sleeping bag. The merry design belies the efficacy of the bag that will continue to keep your youngsters snug like a bug in a rug during the significant family camping vacation. It’s generously proportioned so the kids have a great deal of room to maneuver and also you might even need to deploy it in the sack if your child is an average of loath to move to bed. Warm, cute and affordable it produces a terrific birthday gift too.Melissa and Doug have been designing products for kids for at least 25 years and at that time they will have refined their layouts, enlarged their product lineup and develop with ever more innovative tactics to activate the joys of kids while also ensuring their comfort and safety. The Alligator Kids Sleeping Bag is a perfect case. The top quality substances used during and the attention to detail provide a safe, comfortable environment both you and your little one could use as a launching pad to get family fun.  Our easy guide to the very best camping pillows features more amazing products such as this.

8 ) TETON Sports Celsius Junior Kids Sleeping Bag; Perfect for Camping, Traveling, and Sleepovers; Start Their Camping Experience Off Right; Sleeping Bag; Blue/Plaid Liner, Left Zip

By TETON Sports

Teton Sports has several years of knowledge and expertise creating high-quality sleeping bags for adults and so they brought every little of to keep on the making of these Celsius children sleeping bag. The bag is light weight, large enough to support children up to 5′ tall, includes a lot of quilted insulation that will not bunch up and make cold spots and has a full-length baffle that prevents slips through the zipper.There’s little doubt when the Celsius children sleeping bag were a bit larger you’d be borrowing from the children to accept your own camping or hunting trips. It’s that well-made and effective. It’s rated to 20 Fahrenheit but if the mercury is dropping that low you are likely to need to be certain you have an effective mat under the bag to prevent heat loss. Beyond this, this can be a superb children sleeping bag that will help keep your youthful adventurer warm and comfortable so you can rest easy yourself. Comes with a stuff sack and life warranty.

9 ) Kelty Big Dipper 30 Degree Kids Sleeping Bag – Blue

By Kelty

We’re back in the realm of totes designed for kiddies, with all the Kelty Big Dipper 30 Degree kiddies sleeping-bag. Though that quality was compromised, that doesn’t mean to get a 2nd. On the contrary, the Big Dipper is unusually well built and heat also contains the sort of weight to warmth ratio you really don’t often see in kids sleeping bags. Because the Big Dipper also includes an expandable foot section the tote will accommodate anybody from 4 to perhaps 10 and even 12 decades of age.The Kelty Big Dipper children sleeping bag boasts the mummy tote profile normally associated with mature totes and this can be preferred design when it involves things of heat retention. When coupled with the organization’s Cloud Loft Insulation your child will not have any problem staying cozy and comfy even when the current elements in the campsite normally takes an unseasonable turn. This Cloud Loft Insulation really isn’t the absolute most compressible ever generated but as we say it does exactly what it’s intended to do — provide robust insulation for this particular children sleeping bag — which is the main point.

10 ) Kelty Woobie 30 Degree Kids Sleeping Bag – Hot Pink

By Kelty

The very last kids sleeping bag on our list is the second entry from Kelty: the time around that the Woobie 30-degree Kids Sleeping Bag. The Woobie, like the provider’s Large Dipper kids sleeping-bag reviewed above, is lofty, comfy, roomy and durable. It’s made for children around about 10 years of age and can be actually quite light at two pounds 4 ounces. Children will be attracted to the vibrant design and you are going to be pleased with the affordable price.If you are heading into the camp site with the household you’d be wise to take along the Kelty Woobie kids sleeping bag for the 4 10 year old. It’s a cozy handbag that is warm enough to shield your son or daughter when unseasonable weather blows in. The design is engaging and vivid and the taffeta shell may take years of campsite wear and tear. This kids sleeping bag is available in rose or blue color plans and stuffs off easily when you’re done with that. Your children will love it.

So which of the best kids sleeping bags from the above list you plan to buy? Do let us know in comments below. Also if you have any query regarding any of the product above then please let us know. We will try to answer you quickly.

Hope you ended buying kids sleeping bags from our list. And it was useful to you. Thanks for reading the complete review.

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