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Top 5 Best Lacrosse Helmet in 2019



If you are looking for a list of the best lacrosse helmet then your search ends here. We have worked out intensively and made a list of top lacrosse helmet which you can buy from Amazon. This list is based on various kinds of surveys, research and analyzing 1000s of reviews online.

We suggest you check out below the list of lacrosse helmet before buying anything randomly. We have given a descriptive review of each lacrosse helmet below. Buying some random & cheap lacrosse helmet can be harmful.

1 ) Cascade “CPX-R” Lacrosse helmet – All White, Chrome Facemask


Our Option product in this review is Your Cascade CPX R Helmet.

It was actually a pretty easy choice as our high lacrosse helmet because it’s so widely respected from this match. The’R’ line of helmets would be Cascade’s most protective, highest-quality, and most expensive helmets. Additionally, this is one of the most widely used helmets around, especially at college lacrosse and MLL.The first, and most important, thing to chat about is how well it protects your mind. For those who own a lacrosse puck flying on your mind at 100mph, you want to learn that you’re safe. And, with the Cascade CPX R Helmet, you’re. It’s full of advanced technologies to protect you. First of those would be your Seven Technology Liner system. In their words, it’s a’ground-breaking impact attenuation system’, which basically means that it handles the vitality out of a direct impact to a helmet. So, when you get struck in the head, it frees the vitality laterally, from the mind. That usually means that the helmet is instantly ready for the future effects. In addition, it is lined with Poron XRD foam instantly regains its shape — such as a memoryfoam mattress — after a impact. On front of the helmet, it’s got a brand-new improved mask that’s improved peripheral vision, which means it’s possible to view what’s going on out of this corner of one’s eye. All of this results in produce it among the most protective and comfortable helmets you can get your hands on.

2 ) CASCADE CS Junior Lacrosse Helmet

By Cascade

We’ve included this helmet in the event you are buying for your children. There is a place in which you do not want them to borrow an older helmet and they desire their own head protection. And, let us face it, they are not planning to be interested in their own protective gear. So, it’s your responsibility to determine what they want. The Cascade CS Junior Lacrosse Helmet is the perfect junior helmet in our opinion. It’s made by precisely exactly the same company which makes our very best Option product and some of this innovate technology and incredible layout has shrunk down into this specific helmet. Before we enter the features and advantages, it’s worth mentioning this lid is only suitable for kids aged 12 and under. If they’re beyond that era, they will have to start taking a look at youth- and adult-sized helmets.Of training course, in youth lacrosse, you do not need exactly the same levels of protection as you’d towards the top levels. It’s fairly doubtful they are going to get struck in the head with a puck traveling at 100mph. Nevertheless, it’s still wonderful to know they’d be protected should they did. This helmet will provide this level of protection. It’s a hard ABS shell which could take a severe quantity of impact. Nevertheless, additionally, it is extremely lightweight. This is crucial in junior helmets because they could acquire long-lasting throat problems by carrying out a helmet which is too thick.

3 ) Cascade CPV-R Lacrosse Helmet (White Shell/Black Mask) – Medium/Large

By Lacrosse Unlimited

The Cascade CPV-R Lacrosse Helmet is the third party largest helmet – also it’s the third most made by Cascade. There is no coincidence, they are one of the biggest and best brands from the lacrosse industry and their helmets are worn with lacrosse players at every degree, from children to professionals. The CPV-R is well known of their mid size helmets. It’s not quite as good since the Cascade CPX R Helmet, but it’s roughly $60 more economical. But do not be tricked into thinking this is simply not a really highquality helmet.This helmet is designed to fit players of all ages and sizes (above 1 3 ), plus it uses lots of the very same technologies as the more expensive models. The very first thing worth mentioning is your degree of protection. It’s got an EPP liner, that may take numerous kinds of high-level impacts and will slowly return to its original shape. This is one of the important differences between this and the pro-level lids — precisely the time it will take to recoup to your future hit. But it is going to still protect your head, that’s the main things. On the exterior the helmet is a comparable ABS shell that’s designed to minimize wind resistance and keep your head cool.

4 ) STX Lacrosse Stallion 500 Helmet, White, Small


We knew that we had to comprise a minumum of one helmet from a business apart from Cascade, also here it is: the STX Lacrosse Stallion 500 Helmet. We’ve selected it as our Premium Product, because of the amount of security it provides. Oahu is the protective helmet within this particular list. It may not be as good looking or as fashionable as the Cascade CPX R Helmet, but if you really worry on your face’s safety, this will be the lid to get you.It’s got a pretty ordinary ABS shell, but with just one key difference that makes it a good deal tougher. The plastic is full of tiny impact modifiers that direct the impact away from your face and around the helmet. That is truly pretty similar to Cascade’s Seven Technology Liner system, however it’s generally thought to be more effective. Plus, it has Schutt’s patented TPU Cushioning system, which adds another level of security and cushions the impact further.

5 ) Cascade CS Lacrosse Helmet – Navy

By Lacrosse Unlimited

Last on our list is the Cascade CS Lacrosse Helmet.

This is a hard product to track back on the internet, as it’s actually been discontinued by Cascade, and replaced with models such as the CPVR. That usually means that the tech is slightly outdated, but because of the, you can buy them pretty cheap. Back in the day, this was a sort-after helmet, therefore it definitely capable of protecting your head. Tech is protective equipment is continuously improving, but there is actually a fundamental level of security that has always been with us. This helmet may still deal with any impact you will come across in a lacrosse match and is hence still a very valid option.The casing is a pretty standard ABS casing. It doesn’t always have the new effect direction technologies that you locate on new helmets, nonetheless it still meets or surpasses all the standards for MLL, collegiate, and high school lacrosse. Ostensibly, your face will likely be fine. Concerning the comfort and fit, it’s a full-pivot tail and fit-switch, similar to the one found from Cascade CS Youth Helmet. This means that you can very quickly find the feet, faster than it is possible to tie your shoes, even as they state from the item description.

So which of the best lacrosse helmet from the above list you plan to buy? Do let us know in comments below. Also if you have any query regarding any of the product above then please let us know. We will try to answer you quickly.

Hope you ended buying lacrosse helmet from our list. And it was useful to you. Thanks for reading the complete review.

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