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Top 10 Best Monopod in 2019



If you are looking for a list of the best monopod then your search ends here. We have worked out intensively and made a list of top monopod which you can buy from Amazon. This list is based on various kinds of surveys, research and analyzing 1000s of reviews online.

We suggest you check out below the list of monopod before buying anything randomly. We have given a descriptive review of each monopod below. Buying some random & cheap monopod can be harmful.

1 ) AmazonBasics 67-Inch Monopod

By AmazonBasics

The monopod on our list is that the AmazonBasics 67-Inch Monopod. That it is also the least expensive monopod and also we couldn’t decide whether to own it as our Best Value or Best option. We wound up selecting it as our Best Choice product because we couldn’t believe just how good this item is for the purchase cost. It’s 67-inches tall, so that will be roughly 5.6 feet, therefore it ought to really be tall enough for most photographers. And it supports video cameras/ mirrorless cameras, along with scopes that weigh up to 6.6lbs.Of course, as you’d expect for its price, it is not the highest quality monopod available on the market. But, it’s pretty hardy. It’s manufactured from lightweight aluminum and weighs under a pound. On the bottom of the monopod, it has got a non-skid rubber foot and retractable endings to make it effortless to stabilize your shot. And, it comes with a carrying bag. This monopod is absolutely ideal if you’re just getting started in pictures, or when you want to try it out. Butif you’re a professional you’re going to want to devote some extra money and get something a bit better .

2 ) SIRUI P-326 6 Section Carbon Fiber Monopod

By Argraph

Even the Sirui P-326 is definitely a serious bit of kit. It basically does all the same things since the Amazon Basics monopod, it only does them even better. The major selling point of this camera monopod is that it’s made from carbon fiber, so it’s ultra-lightweight. It weighs only 0.9lbs but is among the sturdiest monopods on this list.It’s constituted of six segments, which stretch into an impressive working height of 62.4 inches. To extend it that then you simply loosen the silicon twist lock and tighten it again when you’ve discovered the perfect elevation. This spin lock can make it super easy to stretch it out fast and also averts the monopod from accidentally slipping. In order to grip on the monopod, it has made a wrist strap and a comfortable, insulated foam grip with all the brand name set on the side. Apart from that, it’s a supreme quality metal spike to allow you to secure it in the floor and it comes with a compass carabiner therefore that you may attach it to a belt. Allinall , this is among the finest mid-range monopods. The one issue is the fact that it doesn’t have any foot, but if you really wanted this amount of stability, you might get a barbell.

3 ) Benro Aluminum 4 Series Flip-Lock Monopod w/ 3-Foot Articulating Base (A48FD)

By Benro

The Benro Aluminium 4series Monopod is just one of our favorite monopods for traveling videographers. That it is suitable for pretty much any photographer, however we think it’s a few important features which make it ideal for YouTubers, professional videographers, and also anyone else that makes their own videos. It’s really a bit heavier than the first two services and products we’ve featured, at 2.4lbs. But that extra fat and aluminum structure mean that it may support up to 44.1lbs. So, if you are on the lookout to get a monopod having feet to get an HDDSLR camera, then this may be the only for you.The feet in question are now mounted on a 3-leg locking base. This really is a fantastic system which gives it almost as much stability as being a tripod. Thus, you may find all the stability for shooting video, and never having to carry around a massive piece of kit. Aside from that, it reaches 64.6 inches, features a reversible ribbon bracket and a comfortable foam grip, and it comes with a limited 3-year warranty which you can stretch to 5-years. This makes a perfect gift for photographery fans.

4 ) Sirui P-204SR P Series Monopod

By Sirui

If you enjoy the previous video monopod, you’ll definitely like the Sirui P-204SR P Series Monopod. Like the Benro monopod, it’s designed with videographers in mind. Actually, Sirui has taken it to the next stage with the specific product. It has a very similar base system which includes three fold-down feet, to change it to a mini tripod. You may either let them stand on their own or place your burden to them to provide more stability. But the most useful feature about this monopod is the fact that it could pan 360º and lean upto 20º, without the monopod moving out of position. This offers you exactly the same amount of control within the shot as a full-sized tripod would.The only place at which this monopod drops down may be the burden. It weighs over 3lbs, that causes it to be the most heaviest monopod nonetheless, and it has a maximum load capacity of 17lbs. This causes it to be both heavier and weaker than the previous monopod. Thus, your decision to purchase the product should be based purely on its ability to pan and tilt. If that is some thing which you know should come in handy in your video shoots, it’s probably well worth the excess cash. Just ensure your camera isn’t too heavy. Make sure you also check our guide to the very best selfie sticks.

5 ) Polaroid 72″ Photo / Video Pro Ultra Heavy Duty Monopod For Digital Cameras & Camcorders

By Polaroid

Polaroid is among the most famous and most trusted names in photography. Instant cameras aren’t just made by them either, the Polaroid monopod is among the better monopods around. First thing that you might notice about it is that it’s a lot simpler than a number of the monopods we’ve featured. It doesn’t have any features get the job done of a tripod and to allow it to be more difficult. Alternatively, the company has focused on which makes it the most ideal monopod camera rack it can be.The next factor you’ll notice about it is the height. In 72-inches long, it’s the next largest monopod on this list (and the other one is much more expensive). This causes it to be the ideal solution for your tall musicians available on the market. This means you don’t have to stoop down to select the shot, that will definitely save your spine on a very long moment. Do not be tricked into thinking it’s over simplified. It’s still acquired a universal ribbon, no-sweat foam grasp, stay-set fasten, and also a retractable spike. They will have still ticked all the boxes as far as we’re concerned.

6 ) AmazonBasics Carbon Fiber Monopod

By AmazonBasics

Next up is another monopod out of AmazonBasics. It’s considerably more expensive than the AmazonBasics product we featured as our Choice, but that’s because it’s made from stuff that is tougher. First, the tubing is constructed of carbon fiber, so it weighs only 0.95pounds but can hold as much as 22 pounds. Plus, it measures from 17.5 to 61 inches and it contains 5 separate extendable sections with rubber spin locks. Every thing on this monopod feels high, specially once you think it’s an Amazon own-brand product.It’s have a reversible screw on the mounting plate that’ll fit any SLR, compact, or activity camera round. The whole lot comes at a top quality carrying instance also it’s got a useful strap to make it effortless to secure on your wrist. Plus, the hand grip is made of super comfortable foam plus you can screw a toaster spike to the base for added stability. In short, this Carbo  Fiber monopod does the job of an infinitely more high priced monopod without costing the earth. Sure, it’s not going to last as long because the alternatives, but it is great quality for that price. And, it is endorsed by an AmazonBasics warranty, therefore if you don’t want it you can get your cash back. Be sure to also check out our list of the smartphone tripods for more great items such as this. 

7 ) DIGIANT MP-3606 Professional Video Monopod 70″ Aluminum Telescopic DSLR Camera Monopod with Fluid Head and Tripod Base, Include Carrying Bag, Black


Even the DIGIANT MP-3606 can be really just a monopod for DSLR cameras, SLR cameras, and camcorders weighing up to 11lbs. It isn’t exactly the ideal quality monopod we’ve selected, but we thought it deserved a place on our list as it’s so many capabilities. It’s a working height of up to 70-inches, also it’s all the normal features such as a cushioned grip and a wrist strap. Like most of monopods designed for videographers, it’s a base with three feet which have teeth on to help them bite into soft ground. However, it’s most likely not strong enough to put up a decent sized camcorder without you supporting the arrangement, therefore the base is truly there merely for added support.Like the Sirui P-204SR, it’s an amazing 3way pan head which provides you loads of movement to create your videos into life. It can pan 360º and tilt an impressive 15º in virtually any way. In addition to this, it’s got a quick-twist lock platform, therefore it’s easy to put up in a hurry. Also it has a wellmade carrying bad. Our convenient guide to the ideal selfie sticks features more amazing products like this. 

8 ) Manfrotto Element Aluminum 5-Section Monopod, Red (MMELEA5RD)

By Manfrotto

The Manfrotto Element Aluminium 5-section Monopod is among the simplest monopods with this list. In fact, we presume it would make the perfect traveling monopod because it blends simplicity, strength, and portability. It simply weighs around 1lb and it merely extends to 59-inches. So, it’s pretty clear it’s not exactly the most important and most versatile monopod, but it will readily fit into your travel bag.Plus, it has all of the features you want out of a monopod, without it being over loaded with things which might easily break. By way of instance, it’s made a ergonomic foam hand grip and wrist strap, but it doesn’t always have an intricate base. On the contrary, it’s simply got an interchangeable foot which may either be rubberized or spike based on the kind of flooring. What it lacks in features, it makes up for in quality. It’s produced from strong aluminum and also every separate area is like it’s really going to survive. Love the product? Take a look at our report on the traveling cameras to our selections. 

9 ) Camera Monopod,K&F Concept 4-Section 67″/171CM Compact Portable Travel DSLR Monopod Unipod Stand Walking Trekking Stick Aluminum Alloy Lightweight SLR Cameras Canon Nikon Sony Camcorder Video

By K&F Concept

The K&F Concept Lightweight Monopod could be the second cheapest monopod with this list, also we’ve selected it as our Best Value product. Additionally it is the lightest monopod we’ve selected. Like the last monopod, it’s a great choice for traveling. If you are a YouTuber which produces travel videos, this could be a excellent addition to a toolkit. It’s not quite as top quality as the Manfrotto, however it’s about half of the price.The weight is definitely one of the main attractions with this monopod. It’s just 0.77pounds and folds down to 21.26-inches. Plus, it can hold cameras up to 6.6pounds. It has also got a lot of those features that the more expensive products have. By way of instance, it has a rubber foot and also a metal spike, the handle is made from non-slip foam, and also the mounting thread is so more universal. Of course, that is not the best quality monopod around, however for the price, it’s well worth an attempt. Be sure to join this with a cool GoPro alternative from our list. 

10 ) Manfrotto Xpro Aluminum Video Monopod with 500 Series Video Head, Black (MVMXPRO500US)

By Manfrotto

The Manfrotto X Pro Aluminium Video Monopod is definitely the best monopod with this list. It’s equipped with professional photographers and videographers in mind, which is exactly the reason why every thing on it’s such high. With an astonishing working elevation of 79.9 inches, it is the tallest monopod and may be tall enough for its biggest photographers out there. It has a Fluidtech base providing you with perfectly smooth movement in all directions, making just like a tripod for accessing long panning shots. Plus, the 3-feet base system can in fact take the weight of your camera, so that you may make it to stand alone on its own own.Another feature we really enjoy is your Easy Link 3/8 in. connector, which allows you to add an outside monitor. This gives serious videographers a greater view of the shooter they’re getting. It’s undoubtedly the most portable or most affordable monopod around, but in case you’re on the lookout for quality, this is the monopod for youpersonally.

So which of the best monopod from the above list you plan to buy? Do let us know in comments below. Also if you have any query regarding any of the product above then please let us know. We will try to answer you quickly.

Hope you ended buying monopod from our list. And it was useful to you. Thanks for reading the complete review.

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