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7 Best Non Blocked Torrent Sites That Work in 2020 (100% Working Torrent Websites)



7 Best Non Blocked Torrent Sites That Work in 2020 (100% Working Torrent Websites)

Looking for the Best Non Blocked Torrent Sites that work in 2020?

Torrent sites are extremely popular for many people to share or download large files. Torrent is a method of distributing files over the internet.

People can download movies, songs, and many more But, these sites are not legal at all as these sites contain copyright content.

Torrent Sites appear and get disappeared overnight. So, you need to search for a new Torrent Site every time. This is really frustrating to search for a reliable non blocked Torrent Site.

But, you not need to worry. You have landed on the right page. This article covers 7 best non blocked Torrent Sites to fulfill all your entertainment cravings.

Torrenting might be Dangerous: Be Careful

There will always a risk while using Torrent Sites for accessing or downloading from ads and viruses. The privacy-conscious torrent should use VPNs (Virtual Private Network) as this hides your internet activity from ISP.

The ISP can release the history of all your downloaded files, so using a VPN service while browsing torrent websites is a must.


We completely discourage the download of Copyright content. Accessing or downloading Copyright content is a criminal act. We are providing a list only to find legal content on Torrent Sites.

7 Best Non Blocked Torrent Sites

Here is the list of best Non-Blocked Torrent Sites that are of high quality and are 100% working.

  1. The Pirate Bay
  2. 1337x
  3. Torrentz2
  4. EZTV
  5. RARBG
  6. Limetorrents
  7. Zooqle
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#1: The Pirate Bay

torrent site

This is the oldest and most reputed torrent site. It ranks among all the best torrent sites due to its fast downloading speed.

  • Founded in the year 2003.
  • Able to download files with the help of BitTorrent client.
  • Files are classified into different categories- Audio, Games, Porn, Video, and many more.
  • Offers browse features to find your favorite content easily.
  • Most reliable and easily accessible.
  • Average download speed: 6.2 MB/s.
  •  Available in 35 different languages.

Is Pirate Bay safe to use?

#2: 1337x

best torrent website

It is the second most popular torrent site of the year 2020.

  • Launch in the year 2007(13 years ago).
  • It provides a directory of torrent files and magnet links.
  • Allow the users to view and download Hindi and other language films for free.
  • Average download speed:  4.2 MB/s
  • Easy to use interface.

#3: Torrentz2

Non Blocked Torrent Sites

Torrentz2 is a non blocked torrent search engine at some places. It does the job of finding the torrents present on other torrent sites.

  • Best for Music Torrents.
  • Average download speed: 2.0 MB/s
  • Mirror sites also available
  • Lots of information available.

Torrentz2 2020 – Watch Latest Hindi Dubbed Movies Online Free on Torrentz2

#4: EZTV

It is one of the best non blocked torrent sites for TV shows. It has lots of active users. has managed to keep itself under the top 1000 websites on Alexa.

Non Blocked Torrent Sites

  • Average download speed: 3.2 MB/s
  • You can find anything related to Tv here.
  • Users can keep an eye on upcoming torrent uploads through sections called Countdown List
  • Already uploaded content can be seen in the Calendar Section
  • Very simple and easy to use interface.
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Non Blocked Torrent Sites

RARBG is famous for its high-quality non blocked Torrent sites. It is blocked in many countries, including Bulgaria, Denmark, Portugal, and the UK. A VPN for torrenting can help you bypass these blocks.

  • Founded in the year 2008.
  • Average download speed:  6.1 MB/s
  • A torrenting person can go through Rarbg’s Top 10 torrents lists to get an idea of what other people are downloading from the torrent site.
  • Blog and latest news.

#6: Limetorrents

Non Blocked Torrent Sites

It can be used as a backup plan if your favorite site is down. As it has some shortcomings. You can’t find the old torrents here.

  • Average download speed: 3.7 MB/s
  • Torrents split into many categories
  • Clean Interface.

#7: Zooqle

Non Blocked Torrent Sites

Zooqle is the best non blocked Torrent sites. It has over 37,000 movies and 600 TV shows available. 

  • Average download speed: 2.6 MB/s.
  • A newcomer couldn’t disappoint due to the clean interface.
  • Combination of Entertainment and Software torrents.
  • It is a stunning website.
  •  Zooqle isn’t filled with advertisements that make for a refreshing experience.

Final words: Non-Blocked Torrent Sites

This is all about the 7 best Non-Blocked Torrent Sites of 2020. Hope you find this article very informative. Share it with your friends. Give feedback in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading!

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