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Best old Xbox 360 games: Best Xbox 360 games of all time



The Xbox 360 days were amazing, many of us have great memories of playing our old consoles for hours at a time. Back then, everything seemed so new, and we didn’t get bored of our video games as easily. For many people, video games nowadays just don’t hit the same way they used to.

You could blame this on us growing up or you could blame it on the fact that the Xbox 360 had a whole load of amazing games to keep us busy. Many people still have their Xbox 360 hidden away collecting dust, but if you are looking for a nice wave of nostalgia then it might not be a bad idea to look it out and play again. If you are looking to experience the Xbox 360 again, then it’s best that you are reminded of all of the great video games that it had to offer.

Today we are going to be listing some of the best old Xbox 360 games out there, stay tuned if you aren’t sure what to play! If playing video games is something that you enjoy, then we are sure that you are always searching for new ways to improve your gaming setup. Mounting a TV to the wall is a fantastic upgrade that’s sure to be well worth it, click here for TV wall mounting services.

Skate 3

Everyone loved Skate 3, its realism mixed with its ridiculousness was something that just never got boring. Booting up skate and free-roaming with your friends, trying to land the craziest tricks, was just so much fun. There is a massive open world to explore which means that you won’t get bored of the scenery.

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When you play Skate 3 it feels as though the world is your playground, although there are many challenges and game modes it’s often much more fun to free skate. Although Skate 3 was filled to the brim with glitches, this is something that players unexpectedly fell in love with. With most games, you would expect glitches to totally ruin the player’s experience, but this game did the exact opposite.

Skate 3 is truly an old gen experience that doesn’t seem like it could ever be replicated. It’s important to note that there’s actually a new skate game being released for new-gen consoles, and fans are praying that it can live up to its expectations. Only time can tell if the new skate game will be able to live up to one of the best old Xbox 360 games we have ever seen.

Call of Duty Black Ops

The Call of Duty franchise was at an all-time high when black ops released, and rightly so. You may have heard of a lot of new black ops games such as Black Ops 4 and Black Ops cold war, but this is where it all started. Many would argue that the first instalment of the black ops series was the greatest, and this is a valid opinion for a number of reasons.

The game is based in the era of the cold war in the 1960s. Iconic characters such as woods and mason were first introduced in this game, and are now beloved parts of the call of duty franchise for many fans. You may have heard of nuke town too if you are a fan of call of duty, and Call of Duty Black Ops was the game where nuke town first appeared.

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This game also has an impressive zombies mode which many fans became really attached to, this mode was first introduced in the world at war but was much improved on and felt very finished in comparison. It was really cool to see a bit of horror introduced to Call of Duty while sticking to its roots as a fast-paced action-packed first-person shooter. It deserves a place up there with the best old Xbox 360 games.

Far Cry 3

Many people consider Far Cry 3 to be one of the very best old Xbox 360 games there is, it really blew anything we had seen before out of the water. There have been a range of far cry games released after this one but none of them come close to matching how perfect this game was. Everything was done amazingly.

The story starts off with a young man named Jason, who has gone on holiday with his friends. Jason and all of his friends seem to be having an amazing time, but everything starts to go wrong when they go skydiving. After going skydiving, Jason is kidnapped by pirates. Upon his intense escape he goes on a mission to rescue his friends, during his journey Jason starts to question whether or not he is interested in saving his friends anymore or continuing his life as a cunning warrior.


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