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Best Play-to-Earn Games With Legitimate Payouts



The world of digital entertainment has been evolving at lightning speed becoming more and more intertwined with the real world. And, Play-to-Earn games are proof of it.

After their initial debut in the gaming landscape in 2013, P2E games have been steadily growing in popularity, and, today, the industry is worth a whopping $135 billion. But with so many available choices, finding reliable games that deliver legitimate payouts and offer engaging gameplay has become all the more difficult.

In this guide, you’ll find some of the best P2E games to try today.

What Are Play-To-Earn Games?

Play-to-Earn games – also known as P2E games – are mobile, online, or casino games that allow users to receive crypto rewards and NFTs while playing. These games often leverage a blockchain infrastructure to facilitate crypto transactions and, in most cases, they make use of native crypto coins to support in-game trading.

As you spend time playing a P2E game, you will have the chance to collect Non-Fungible Tokens and digital cash, which change in value over time, thus allowing you to enjoy a significant capital gain potential.

5 Best Play To Earn Games To Try Today

Choosing the right P2E game can make all the difference in your experience as a player and the rewards you’ll be able to generate. If you are struggling to navigate the ever-changing scenario of P2E online gaming, the five recommendations below can help you get started.

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Play P2E Casino Games

A great way to earn while you enjoy your favorite casino games is to choose a standout crypto casino such as Oshi. These real-money gambling sites allow you to play traditional games such as poker, blackjack, and baccarat and try your luck at slot machines while earning crypto rewards.

Aside from the inherent capital gain potential of accumulating Ether or Bitcoin coins, crypto gambling sites are also a great option to safeguard your savings and play anonymously. When choosing a crypto casino, make sure to opt for an accredited site with plenty of positive reviews from other players.

Axie Infinity

Developed by the Vietnamese studio Sky Mavis, Axie Infinity is one of the most popular P2E games out there.

With an engaging gameplay, endless customization options, and functionalities that allow players to trade Ethereum-minted NFTs (called Axies in the game), Axie Infinity is among the best games in terms of player experience and quality of crypto rewards.

Although it only made its debut on the blockchain in 2018, Axie Infinity is now taking the world by storm, and its native cryptocurrency (AXS) is now enjoying a market cap of over $662 million.

The Sandbox

If you are looking to tap into the unfolding potential of the Metaverse, The Sandbox might be the game for you. Developed by the studio Pixowl and released in 2012, this user-generated crypto and blockchain game has significantly evolved in the past decade.

Today, players can use the native $SAND cryptocurrency to buy, trade, and sell LANDS and other assets within The Sandbox.

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Gods Unchained

If you have always loved trading Pokemon or Magic cards, Gods Unchained is a great option to take your passion to the next level! In this blockchain-based P2E game, players exchange and trade NFTs, using the blockchain to safely track and record ownership.

This game is free-to-play and quickly growing in popularity thanks to its powerful native coin, $GODS. Today, over 1.3 million card packs have been sold, and there are over 7 million cards in circulation.


The widespread adoption of blockchain and NFTs is drastically changing the real estate industry – but not just in the real world! Decentraland offers players the opportunity to buy and sell real estate properties in the Metaverse using NFTs.

As a player, you’ll be able to use your crypto assets to trade plots, purchase native tokens to bet on a price increase, or even launch online businesses in the Metaverse and earn from paying customers.

Securing Your Crypto Assets

When playing one of the games above, you will be earning real crypto coins, which makes it critical to understand how to secure your crypto assets – especially when using them on digital platforms. If in doubt, make sure to use a secure digital wallet, choose a reputable game, and investigate the security features a certain site offers before creating an account.


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