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Top 8 Best Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Cases in 2019



1 ) OtterBox Defender Series -Best Protective Case

By OtterBox

Otterbox should be among the top brands, if you wish to secure your costly samsung-galaxy Note 9 as best as you can. The business has a long-standing reputation for the solid cases that places protection over every thing . They may not be much to check at, but they add a few severe levels of defense.

The OtterBox Defender Series combines layers to fasten your phone. Although the Note 9 has its own protection against water, even the OtterBox Defender offers a sturdy inner shell and a shock-absorbing outer shell. This helps protect and rear of this Galaxy Note 9.

There’s also if you wish to see websites a belt clip holster, that covers the front part of the phone once you are not utilizing it, and will also double as a kickstand. The OtterBox Defender Series case will not come inexpensive, but neither does a fresh Note 9 after a drop damages it.

Take a glance at several of the Otterbox cases you are able to buy.

2 ) Zizo Bolt -Runner-up, Best Protective Case

By Zizo

Zizo has an affordable alternative for protecting your Galaxy Note 9 from serious harm with its Zizo Bolt collection of protective circumstances. Using six colors (including black/red and also blue/black) to choose from, it combines materials to defend all sides of the Galaxy Note 9.

The Zizo Bolt Series instance comes with a soft polyurethane material which can help absorb the shock from drops with a challenging polycarbonate shell. Zizo asserts the case can protect the Note 9 since it meets the Military Grade 810.1-G certification for drops up to 12 feet. Though, for the majority folks , we're not as prone to lose our phone.

What's , Zizo includes a 0.33-millimeter thick tempered glass screen shield — while still keeping the price tag on the package remarkably low. The instance has a belt clip which could clasp to the front or rear of this circumstance and a built-in kick stand.

3 ) Amovo Wallet Case -Best Folio Case

By Amovo

There exists a great deal to be said for wallet cases and also their ability to be both exceptionally handy and add 360-degrees of protection for the mobile phone. Amovo has an excellent option in a number of colors (brown, aqua, red, and much more) of faux leather.

The situation is constructed from TPU and polycarbonate for protection also features a faux leather backing. That section attaches to the folio part of the instance with magnets that are strong while also allowing wireless.

The folio portion includes multiple slots that are card-holding, with one covered in plastic for the ID card. There’s also a slot. A magnetic grip helps maintain it closed when the folio fold. And, with the folio closed, then you’re protecting the front and rear of your Galaxy Note 9. Due to cut-outs in both portions of the Amovo case, you can use the fingerprint and camera scanner of the Note 9 whenever it’s still from the case.

4 ) Maxboost Wallet Case -Runner-Up, Best Folio Case

By Maxboost

Whenever some folio cases may add majority to some smartphonemaking it harder to slide right into and out of pockets, Maxboost’s wallet case keeps it slim. The instance offers 360-degree protection for the Galaxy Note 9 while a magnetic grip ensures it remains shut because the inner instance and folio cover combine to leave no side un-defended.

The inner case is made from a TPU that is delicate and certainly will help absorb shock. In addition, it has cut outs for your Galaxy Note 9’s charging interface, speakers, along with 3.5-millimeter headphone jack. Both the inner and outer parts of the circumstance have cut outs for fingerprint scanner, the camera, and telephone speaker. With sewing to help with durability the folio portion is made. Additionally, there are a slot for cash and three card slots. \ n The thin design may not offer as much security as a few of the scenarios, but also keeping it additionally keeps down the cost. In reading more reviews \ n Interested? Have a look at our range of the finest Samsung mobiles.

5 ) Spigen Slim Armor CS -Best Card-Hiding Case

By Spigen

Spigen comes with an superb instance that offers a compromise between security design, and also the utility of being able to maintain credit cards along with your own ID. The Spigen Slim Armor CS is just a protective instance for the Galaxy Notice 9 that features a card holder.

This instance takes the dual-layered approach that a number of different cases do — it combines a delicate interior stuff to deal with cushioning with a tough outer shell (which can be chosen in three colors to fit your own Galaxy Notice 9) to get rigidity. On the bottom, additionally, it has cutouts for the charging port, spen, 3.5-millimeter headset jack, along with speaker grille.

The trick of this Slim Armor CS could be your card holder. The back of the device slides off, letting you store maybe a bit and two cards indoors. Consequently, if you’d like a case that’s ready for a fun night out that may let you leave your wallet the Spigen Slim Armor CS is ready to go.

6 ) Spigen Ultra Hybrid S -Best Minimalist Case

By Spigen

Protective and folio cases hide the Galaxy Note 9's killer structure, that has a glass front and back with a curved-edge screen. Consequently, if you are willing to sacrifice protection just a little bit, you can show off your Note 9 with the Spigen Ultra Hybrid S occasion.

The Ultra Hybrid S case is really actually a relatively instance that wraps around the sides together with polycarbonate that is hard to pay the spine. It arrives in a crystal black variation, however, both versions are see-through, which means that your Note 9 is likely to soon be on full display. It asserts that its aircushion Technology is Mil-grade certified, protecting the phone, n whilst Spigen does not clarify the details. One thing’s for sure — that the Note 9 is better shielded by the instance compared to no situation. One big benefit of this Ultra Hybrid S case over vinyl cases is that the addition of a kickstand.

7 ) S-View Flip Cover -Best Case From Samsung

By Samsung

The Galaxy Note 9 is effective at — wireless charging, Samsung Dex docking, the S Pen you may want to go with a case from 46, if you wish to make sure that you’re getting an instance that will allow all of. Fortunately, you have a option. N such as folio cases, the s view Flip Cover case protects the phone on all sides. It’s a section which holds the Galaxy Note and protects the top, bottom, sides, and rear of this phone. The folio cover may then protect this phone’s .

the s view Flip Cover case’s distinctive characteristic is that the front cover is semi-transparent. So, information who is calling you , can display through the instance — no need to open this up, or even displayed on the very front of one’s Note 9, like the time, date. You may even swipe on the case to answer or dismiss calls. You might even utilize the folio instance for a kickstand for networking viewing.

8 ) ZeroLemon Slim -Best Battery Case


The Galaxy Notice 9 could have a large, 4,000mAh battery designed into it, however with powerful, game-ready hardware along with its various features, you might wind up using more battery power until your day is done. It’s perhaps not the most convenient Despite the fact that you’ve got the choice of carrying a battery pack around with you.

Instead, you can grab the ZeroLemon Slim charging instance. With a 5,000mAh battery the event can charge and extend your mobile 's battery lifetime. ZeroLemon asserts it delivers an 90 per cent power for more than 40 hours of talk time or 20 more hours of video. Additionally, it allows you to plug in your Notice 9 in without removing the claim. It’s offering both security and a great deal of extra juice n Though that is a more bulky instance. This might well not be the case you’d use but this could be a instance to get , if you’ve got frequent days your battery doesn’t quite make it.

a non-Samsung Galaxy user? Have a look at our guide on iPhone and the very best Android cases cases.

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