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Top 7 Best Samsung Soundbars in 2019



1 ) Samsung HW-N650 -Best Overall

By Samsung

Considering there are so many Samsung soundbars available on the current market, most of that offering unique options, it might be tricky in regard to what the very best is to create a claim. In our opinion, the HW-N650 Panoramic Soundbar strikes a fantastic balance between price and feature collection. The fundamental functionality that makes this particular sound bar so great is that it includes panoramic sound (Samsung’s solid beam technology), which means that it fires out the onboard speakers through unique openings directly in addition to This means the speaker tries to place the knowledge that those accompanying moments are currently happening on the monitor.

You’ll find eight speakers built in, with a few of that flame to the sides to create acoustic vibrations that are deliberate. Approximately 360W of power runs, so this technique brings a punch. The subwoofer will cover one frequencies for you, although it simply covers 42Hz through 20kHz.

There is a game mode that’s optimized to reinforce soundtracks from your console experience, and there’s even Bluetooth connectivity to cut the middleman and stream music directly. Moreover, this really is amongst those Samsung soundbars that will offer 4K passthrough, which means that you may utilize it in conjunction. It’s not the most fancy offering from Samsung, however it’s undoubtedly our pick for your own all round user.

2 ) Samsung HW-K360 -Best Budget

By Samsung

We are really impressed by this sound bar version from 2016 for a lot of factors. To begin with, just over $200 (though it’s possible to find it refurbished for even less), you get yourself a full-featured soundbar minus the need to stand up your credit card bill. In 200W, the system power isn’t as large as the step-up models, but we are amazed to see as much power. The frequency response covers the expected range (around 43Hz–20kHz), and there’s an comprised 6.5-inch, 130W subwoofer which will pay for the remaining part of the range.

There’s Samsung dated surround-sound Expansion feature, which tries to virtually glamorized the noise spread. It appears that this isn’t quite as powerful as the Audio Beam tech on the nicer Samsung models, however it’s really great to see it as an alternative. There connectivity so you can stream audio in your phone or other devices without the need to cue up it on your own normal entertainment centre.

the system is also capable of setting a wireless connection to your compatible Samsung-branded television, and you can use the added OneRemote (or the Android apps) to include further controller to the machine. The I/O and connectivity here does leave something to be desired, but overall it’s really a solid device to get a wonderful price.

3 ) Samsung HW-N450 -Best Value

By Samsung

The HW-N450 has some crucial feature upgrades from other models which may be very important depending on your own priorities within an sound-bar. There is 320W of electricity together using four speakers and their dedicated amps, and a frequency range of 42Hz to 20kHz, and with the wireless subfloor, the coverage has been carried to the underside. In fact, with this particular unit, Samsung has included their bass-reflex enclosure, and this adds good body into the 6.5-inch motorist on the system. N Like 360 unit, you’ll get Bluetooth for streaming audio from your own smartphone there Expansion virtual surround sound tech here, too. That which you do make you won’t get on the models is capabilities. There are the necessity audio and optical inputs, plus HDMI 1.4 ins and outs for solid video pass-through (though without 4K capacities ), and there’s even USB play back here. This extra functionality would make it a more successful, more versatile component.

4 ) Samsung HW-MS6500 Curved Soundbar -Best Design

By Samsung

Exactly like they did with monitors, Samsung has had a soundbar’s design, with also a very low profile and multi-speaker audio, and bent it into a curve. Naturally, exactly like with tracks, this design is supposed to appear interesting, however additionally, it supplies a wider spread of firing directly. The MS6500 has two speakers with amps that are devoted to give a more substantial set of power to you. Each of these speakers has been optimized to offer sound that flames at each individual sitting within the field.

They expanded her down to the frequency range to 39Hz to 20kHz, so while the speaker set offers spectrum coverage compared to the lower models, there isn’t an comprised sub-woofer here, so just take that for whatever it’s worth. Sound + technology has been added by samsung into the speaker, so they have taken the time for you and energy to try and ensure distortion is canceled providing you with loud full HD sound without artifacts.  There’s an included OneRemote that’ll, if you make use of a Samsung TV, control of your own setup. This sound-bar is compatible with Samsung system which pairs them in a package that is nice. They contained some thing called Smart Sound that automatically reads and optimizes your EQ to fit. There is much packed into a speaker which includes a cool design along with all of it.

5 ) Samsung HW-N950 -Best Sound Quality

By Samsung

This 512W speakers is only regarding the cream of this crop for that which Samsung offers. They’ve thrown everything but the kitchen sink in terms of features (although it is very important to note you cancontrol the kitchen fridge with an enclosed Alexa functionality). At its heart, it’s really a 17-speaker system that provides frequency coverage as low as 34Hz as large as 17kHz. There is upscaling H D capabilities and the technology giant has tapped Harmon Kardon to help tune the speakers, providing you with a system that is truly rich.

With up-firing speakers that bounce sound off your ceiling and walls to simulate a few encircle, you’ll almost forget that they’ve also contained a sub and rear speakers . And because it has Dolby Atmos and DTS:X this will fold well into your picture setup. There is the Alexa functionality, giving you Bluetooth functionality for phone loading builtin voice controller, and 4K pass-through; it is among the best choices out there. But for this price tag, it’s only for people attempting to have the ideal.

6 ) Samsung HW-MS750 -Best for Small Setups

By Samsung

Samsung delivers a number of the soundbars using an subwoofer that is added , mostly to round the deficiency of non invasive sound you normally find in those units. However , if you are buying a soundbar for a space — such as a small room or a bedroom setup — our pick goes here. To start with, the MS6500 curved option, while trimming, is somewhat over kill for a small space. That setup that is curved expands the audio field alot, but you don’t need this in a small location.

The MS750 provides you the room-filling sound you get out of Samsung's Sound+ tech, meaning it’s a terrific choice if you want to fortify a movie setup. There are 1-1 speakers as two of these shooting which means you are going to find a solid virtual surround vibe without the need for a bunch of speakers. To ensure you can find the detailed bass response with the ugliness of lesser options they’ve comprised their Distortion Cancelling technology. Samsung has comprised Amazon Alexa capacities for voice controller, wireless connectivity into compatible Samsung TVs even sound, and blue tooth for streaming sound in your mobile. If you are trying to find a all-purpose soundbar, this may be it.

7 ) Samsung HW-M4500 -Runner-Up Best Value

By Samsung

Because iterations have been left by Samsung and a number of them aren’t that much different compared to others, there a lot of significance to be had dipping in to a models. The M4500 isn’t the best curved Samsung sound bar available, however it can occupy a space within the purchase cost range. For a really excellent price you get 260W of power, and because of the structure that is curved, it’s great if you’d like a wider solid distance. You can make that sound distance much wider by utilizing Samsung’s surround-sound Expansion that tries to virtualize the surround experience (for those who don’t choose to grab the wireless-ready surround systems that will work with this specific ).

There is wireless connectivity for Samsung TVs that are compatible and, which, comes the ability the Samsung OneRemote or your program to seamlessly navigate as lots of your entertainment devices. You can stream audio from the mobile with Bluetooth connectivity, and there’s even audio playback functionality that is USB. You’ll find solid HDMI pass-through and inputs, in addition to the expected audio. You receive all this for the purchase cost of the more premium models, and you don’t have to sacrifice much.

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