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Best Tips for Students on How to Become Awesome Essay Writers



Essay Writing

Since writing assignments are prevalent in academia, it is no surprise that everyone aspires to pick up excellent skills to generate top-notch essays. Good writing abilities are valuable in real life. They allow students to apply for different positions and provide thought-provoking content quickly.

However, nothing can be mastered at the drop of a hat, and writing is no exception. Knowing that students have a lot on their plate, it is no wonder they prefer to buy essay online safe and do other urgent tasks. Is there a solution, though? After all, you can’t always hire writers to handle your tasks. Fortunately, you have come to the right place. This article provides outstanding tips that will help you become a skillful essay writer.

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Obey Academic Rules

In college, we find many rules and limitations unnecessary. Why do you have to write 500 words on a topic you adore when you can produce pages on it? The thing is, following the rules help you become more organized. It also helps you plan the paper and evaluate your capabilities before writing the essay. Academic writing has numerous restrictions, and many vary by educational institutions. That is why it is imperative to learn the assignment’s requirements every time you get the task.

Overall, every essay follows a specific structure the writer must follow. Make sure to indent an introduction, body, and conclusion. They all have sub-elements, which you can’t omit. For example, an introduction has an opening sentence, background information, and a thesis statement. The central part consists of a topic sentence, evidence with explanation, and a brief conclusion. Finally, a conclusion restates a thesis, enlists vital information, and ends the essay by stimulating a discussion or further research.

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Grab Attention With Opening Sentences

As was said, an opening sentence belongs to the introduction. It begins the entire paper, which is why this hook must spark the reader’s attention. It has to impress the audience by telling it a misconception, fact, story, anecdote, or shocking statement. To double the effect, analyze your target audience and choose the most appropriate opening method. If you are not sure whether your reader is of the same age, stick to neutral techniques and choose a fact, for instance. The effect might not be the best, meaning it won’t fully grab the attention, but it is still better than telling a joke and having no impact whatsoever.

Forget About an Informal Language

We love shortening our speeches by adding contractions and slang. It helps us convey more information to our interlocutors by talking less. However, essay writing doesn’t appreciate such forms, and it is understandable. The mentioned devices make the text awkward and klutzy. Using informal language will do you no good, so make sure to eliminate it from your writing. Replace wanna with want to, gonna with going to. Besides, ensure writing complete negations and get rid of contractions (instead of isn’t write is not, doesn’t does not, etc.). Academic writing respects full forms because they make any text look natural and coherent.

Enhance Your Grammar

Another critical element of successful academic writing is the affluence of grammar. Without any doubt, studying grammar in most cases is tedious, especially when you are a high school student. However, an abundance of grammatical structures will make your paper unique and outstanding. Try to furnish your essay with inversions, cleft sentences, and sentences with fronting. People rarely use them, but when they do, their speech becomes more sophisticated and impeccable.

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Know Where to Research

Essay writing and researching often go hand in hand. Almost every written assignment needs to have authoritative sources (except for personal statements and narrative essays). Knowing how and where to research will help you compose sound essays quickly.

First, learn your topic and analyze what you are asked to do. Once you find keywords and identify their meaning, proceed to brainstorm ideas. Upon developing concepts, start researching the area by narrowing down your searches. Visit Google Scholar, AcademiaEdu, and ResearchGate. Look at specific literature placed out there. When you do that, move to more specialized journals and articles.

Use Grammarly

Crystal-clear writing is the ultimate goal for lots of people. People used to peruse grammar books and dictionaries to polish up their writing. And needless to say that it could take much time. Fortunately, you no longer have to follow their lead. Grammarly encompasses everything you can take from those books but way quicker. The app analyzes English texts and highlights grammar, lexis, and punctuation errors. It is free to use (with some limitations), which will help you perfect your work without reading dozens of pages on grammar.

Don’t Repeat Yourself

Repetitions can ruin the audience’s enthusiasm. Repeatedly pasting the same word is a wrong strategy that can cost you a loss of readers and a high grade. Instead of regurgitating words, use synonyms. The English language contains myriads of words, so why not jazz up your writing? Use OneLook Reverse to find the most relevant synonyms for your words. Of course, remember that terms and definitions are fixed and can’t be changed.

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Watch Readability

What might seem easy to read to you can be impossible to follow for others. Therefore, make sure to double-check your essay’s readability by using Hemingway Editor. The app was created based on Ernest’s writing, whose pieces were bold and clear. The tool will highlight hard-to-read words, phrases, and sentences and will provide alternatives for them. This way, you will improve the text and surge its readability.


Writing is an essential skill that goes way beyond academia. It helps students tackle assignments quickly, compose various applications, and apply their writing talents in real life.

The ability to write an excellent essay is a steep learning curve, which requires the right approach and consistent work. The mentioned tips will help you learn the ropes of outstanding writing and become a splendid writer shortly.


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