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Best typing tutor software of 2020



Best typing tutor software of 2020

Are you looking for the best typing tutor software for 2020? If yes, go through the article below and find out the names, descriptions, and various advantages and disadvantages of the software. In some profession typing skills are necessary and you should have a hands-on practice for typing. There are many typing software on the web, some are free while some are premium. I am going to share the list of the Best typing tutor Software. Scroll down!

A typing tutor/software is essentially required to learn typing.  Typing tutors guide you for your mistakes, spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, etc. It helps you to correct the mistakes in real-time. Moreover, by correcting a mistake, you learn from it. If typing/writing is your core profession then you must go through this article and later decide which tutor you want to pick.

Here is the list let’s go!!!

Best typing tutor software

1) Typesy

Typesy is one of the best typing tutor software. It combines games, exercises, video tutorials, and progress tracking to help develop and further boost your speed and accuracy. The program will access your writing level and then set a goal accordingly. Lesson plans and information are shared and can manually be created as well.

Suitable for: Students and professionals. Best for Homeschools as well as Individuals.

Advantages: It focuses on Adaptive learning so you improve at your own pace. With Over 15 engaging multi-level games, boost your skills incredibly. The video tutorials are good and you can create your own lessons as well. It gives 5 ser accounts per license.

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Disadvantages: Expensive and No app for Android

Price: $29.90

2) Key Blaze

If you are looking for something budget-friendly then go for Key Blaze. Key Blaze is an amazing typing tutor software that has all the mind-blowing features in budgeted price.

With over 150 activities, you can improve your skills. The special lesson plans for practicing transcribing and 10-key numeric keyboard typing. Regular assignments to keep you track and set future goals.

Advantages: It provides access to Unlimited users on one license. Videos are Based on expert lessons and knowledge. The biggest advantage of KeyBlaze is that it Can be used offline. Practices transcription.
Disadvantages: The Free version is limited. Installs on one workstation only. Lacks behind advance typing requirements.


  • KeyBlaze typing Tutor plus – Home: $14.99
  • commercial License: $16.97
  • personal: $9.99

3) Kaz Typing Tutor

KAZ is an amazing tool that accelerates your learning. It sets a goal of 90 minutes to do work. It allows students to learn to type in only 90 minutes. It uses the Brain balance method to improve learning capabilities. This proven method applies 11 words in 5 easy to learn phrases by using touch, sight and sound senses. So, this trains you how you can use both hands simultaneously.

Suitable for: Individual, Business, Educations, and Dyslexia.

5 Phases:

  • Quick Start: introducing course and site navigation
  • The Basics: the 5 phrases teaching the A-Z keys
  • Practicing: practicing A-Z keys
  • Enhancing: training punctuation keys
  • Speed Building: developing speed and accuracy


  • It has a Speed Builder module to enhance typing speed.
  • Its Self-Test feature allows the student to stimulate their skills and shows improvement with reliable reporting.
  • Special Dyslexia Edition help reduces visual stress and offers filter screens, suitable background colors, special typefaces, font colors, and sizes as well as speaking keyboard keys.
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Disadvantages: Relatively Expensive


  • Adult Online $29
  • Family Online $87
  • Desktop $47

4) Ultra Key online

Ultra key Online is a Typing Tutor Software that customizes topics to suit their cultural or religious preferences, as well as their occupations. it is a user friendly and straight to the point typing software.

Suitable for: Students and Business


  • Enhance your leaning using voice commands, video tutorials, and graphic animations.
  • It provides visible and audible recognition.
  • It praises children and adults alike to motivate then and boosts their self-esteem.
  • check Improvement after 8 hours. Reports are based on international typing standards.
  • Using the software only 20 minutes a day improves your typing skills.

Disadvantages: Comparatively High price

Price: $29.90

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It helps you to correct the mistakes in real-time. Moreover, by correcting a mistake, you learn from it. By the way, you could revise your grammar and spelling mistakes as well as your text for uniqueness using a free plagiarism checker for students. If typing/writing is your core profession then you must go through this article and later decide which tutor you want to pick.

Final verdict

Well, dear readers and Writers, How do you like the article? It’s not only about typing, it’s about to learn while you type. So, these are the best typing tutor software of 2020. I hope you would find it beneficial and useful. Share your feedback.

Mention in comments if you pick ay typing tutor and do share your experience with us.

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Thanks for reading!

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