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6 Best VPNs for Snapchat in 2021: Unlock Snapchat with VPN



Best VPNs for Snapchat

Hey Readers, if you are on the lookout for the best VPNs for Snapchat, then fortune has brought you to the right place. As here you will get a complete rundown of all details about VPNs that suit best for Snapchat.  Here you will get to know about why Snapchat usually gets blocked, and how can you use your VPN to get rid of those irritating geoblocks.

Snapchat is unfortunately blocked on many networks, especially in school and office settings. We reveal the best VPNs to unblock Snapchat, so you can catch up with your friends wherever you are.

Most of the places where Snapchat is usually blocked are schools, colleges, and office settings. So, it becomes very frustrating when you are unable to access your favorite social media app at these places as they have possessed some restrictions on the network.

Choosing the Best VPN for Snapchat

Well, there are multiple VPNs suppliers but picking one seems difficult. For picking anyone, firstly you need to know your requirements in a crystal clear way so that you should know what exactly you want from your VPN. As all VPNs services vary. All have some unique features that make them different from others. It may also be possible that some VPNs are excellent for one type of problem but may not be as good for the rest of other things. So whenever you start looking for a VPN, your purpose must be completely recognized by you.

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Important Features that you must take care of

Well, as we told you, there are many amazing features, but some are so important that you just can’t compromise without them. So whenever you want to get a VPN for Snapchat, then you must take care of the following features :

  • Zero-logging policies

Well, generally the VPNs that keep a record of all your activities and maintain logs usually make you more vulnerable in legal matters. As most of the time, the law may change and will force your Internet service provider to extract everything from your traffic to your DNS requests. So you must pick a VPN that offers Zero logging policies so that anonymity can be maintained better.

  • No bandwidth usage restrictions

Moreover, when you stream, it takes a lot of your data as it is a data-intensive process. So you need to keep in your mind that your VPN must not put any restriction on your bandwidth. So always pick a VPN that puts no restrictions on data bandwidth.

  • No restrictions on traffic

Moreover, many VPN suppliers exist that usually restrict some sort of traffic, they are usually P2P and torrents. So here even after paying for a VPN, you can’t fully enjoy all sorts of streaming. So always pick a VPN that allows all types of traffic.

  • Software compatibility

Moreover, you also must check the compatibility of the picked VPN with your device. Because, sometimes, many VPNs are not compatible with all types of devices. So before paying for any VPN, you must know whether the device will be compatible with your device or not.

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Which VPN is best for Snapchat?

Snapchat is a popular picture exchanging and messaging app. Its popularity is so huge that millions of people use to access the app on daily basis all across the globe. Moreover, It has one downside as well. Many students, teachers, employees are so addicted to this social media app that even at their workplaces, they can’t leave it for a while. That’s why in many parts of the world China, Iran, and parts of the Middle East restricted access to Snapchat at many places. Because they think that because of such an app, the youth can’t concentrate on their work as its continuous popping notifications distract them.

So if you want to access Snapchat in those restricted areas, then the only sound way is to use a decent VPN that can bypass such geo-blocks.

A VPN is a virtual private network that shields or masks your original location by connecting you to a server that is located at a place where the service you want to use is allowed or permitted. So the network administrators will never trace you out and can’t check your internet activities. Moreover, even if you have turned on your school, college, or office wifi, then also a VPN connection will unblock Snapchat while masking your IP address.

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6 Best VPNs for Snapchat


It bundles up the two most important features like Speed and reliability. Moreover the supported and compatible servers are more in NordVPN as compared to other VPNs. Moreover, it keeps your privacy and security well maintained.

It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


If you are looking for a budget-friendly VPN that can unblock all the possible sites, then, Surfshark is for you. It also works great with Snapchat and unlocks all sorts of blocked content. It is also secure.

The main features are :

Strict no-logs policy · Kill Switch · Private DNS & leak protection · Camouflage Mode · MultiHop · NoBorders mode · Hide your IP · Encryption.


If you are a beginner to VPNs, that means if you have just started using VPN and don’t know much about it, then you can go with CyberGhost as it doesn’t demand many settings and its interface is user-friendly. Its services are also reliable and maintain security and privacy.


IPVanish is also a well-known name in the VPN industry. It works well with Snapchat and can bypass all sorts of geo-blocks. Moreover, it comes at an affordable price and is completely reliable.

Private Internet Access

This is one of the most trusted networks with lots of amazing features that you may not be able to spot at other VPNs. When we talk about cheap, affordable, and a stable VPN, then this comes first in our minds. Its streaming speeds are also great.

How to access Snapchat using a VPN

To access Snapchat while using VPN, you need to follow the steps given below :

  • Initially choose a VPN that you think will suit you best.
  • Then you can also wander about in the plans mentioned over there and pick anyone.
  • After this, you should start downloading the companion app for your phone (Android or iOS)
  • Now go to VPN, and log in with your credentials.
  • here you will get a list of various servers, pick any server from the list.
  • And click on connect button.
  • As the VPN connection will be established, go to the Snapchat app.

And start snapping 🙂

Final Words

Folks, here we listed one of the best 6 VPNs for Snapchat. You can go with any one of your choices. So what are you waiting for, Pick anyone from the list and start using one of your favorite social media app Snapchat? But don’t forget to mention here which one you liked the most.

Stay tuned for more such updates !!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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