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Top 6 Best Xbox Controllers in 2019



1 ) Xbox Elite Wireless -Best Overall

By Microsoft

Within the gaming community, the Xbox Elite Wireless is considered an essential purchase. It comes with a hefty pricetag but delivers top notch performance to match it. Even the Elite’s controls exhibit accuracy and accuracy when applied to games that are shooting. The hair that is trigger locks are notable, offeringfaster firing speeds than the normal controller.

it’s just as important to get. The thumb-sticks glide with just enough resistance to give a visual response. As with any controller that is Microsoft-licensed, the Elite Wireless comes with many different components, allowing you to swap through paddles and analogsticks and soon you find a mixture that fits. The controllers will also be made with metal, not plastic, that speaks to a greater level of durability. For professionals, and even semi-pro gamers, the Elite is a worthy investment decision.

2 ) Xbox Wireless Controller -Best Value

By Microsoft

The fantastic thing is that you already possess one of the finest controllers of Xbox. The standard apparatus comprised with every Xbox console is quite powerful, setting the standard for x box controllers everywhere. Improving on renditions, this latest version has streamlined its design for a grip and a sleek, light weight texture, as well as tactile buttons answer times. The controller also has made improvements concerning wireless connection, decreasing its blue tooth range out of the predecessor (40 feet/12 meters). In addition, it features the x box customization users expect.

The Xbox Wireless Controller is compatible with Windows-10 programs, as well as Xbox One S, the Xbox One X, and Xbox One Player.

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3 ) AmazonBasics Xbox One Controller -Best Budget

By AmazonBasics

The AmazonBasics Xbox control is a Microsoft-licensed item, ensuring seamless compatibility. Its design is much like the standard wireless control, it’s only a nononsense model of this. The device is wired, which leads to the price tag that was lowered. In reference to gameplay, the control provides a high speed connection, comparable to its wireless counterparts. The components are elastic and lasting, with only the right amount of resistance.

However compromises have to be made. The AmazonBasics control comprises a engine that is dual-rumble which syncs vibrations to match the task onscreen. When it works, the result contributes to the precision of your gambling experience, but it’s a feature. As time passes, the engine stops working correctly, becoming a tiny distraction. When you disable it, then you can restart gameplay without the troubles, as standard. It’s an ideal purchase for gamers, and it’s of use to have a spare when friends come back to go to.

The AmazonBasics controller also has a 3.5-millimeter sound jack and is compatible with certain PC games on windows8 software.

4 ) Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller -Best Wired

By Hyperkin

Modeled after the first-ever Xbox control, the Hyperkin Duke’s design plays into the early 2000s nostalgia. The control uses the first Xbox start-up animation, which feels like travel back in time. Appearances the Hyperkin Duke is actually a power house of a device, delivering on rate, accuracy, and durability. It has the traditional X, B, Y, LT, RT, button design, along with precision analog bumpers and triggers. It functions as the newest releases of Xbox, although the control may lookold. Additionally, since it’s a device, you’re getting exactly the same quality as other semi-pro controllers at a cost that is lower.

Ironically, the Duke is just a hefty device, weighing 1.65 lbs and measuring 8 x 4 x 7 inches in length. If you are knowledgeable about the unique design to your 2001 Xbox control, there shouldn’t be any openings, although Many users have complained about the extra majority. That the Hyperkin Duke sits in a sweet spot between grade and price: it’s a option for avid gamers, but perhaps not strong enough to compete professionally.

5 ) Hori Fighting Commander -Best for 2D Games

By Hori

The Xbox controllers are built to manage many things, however, their designs aren’t well-suited for 2D fighting matches. Where the Hori Fighting Commander comes from that’s. The Hori’s design reunite to Sega controllers from 90s,which functions as an operating one, along with a decorative choice. The controller features a six-button design and opts to get a pad rather than analog sticksthat fits better to 2D games. The controller is wired, providing faster response times during gameplay.

The Hori Fighting Commander is not just a purchase , either. This recent version costs less than just $50, which makes it a handy accessory to match your Xbox games console, especially for games such as Mortal Kombator Street Fighter.The device is officially licensed by Microsoft, so it’s compatible with the Xbox One along with 360 consoles, in addition to some PC games.

6 ) Razer Wolverine Tournament Edition -Best for Professional Gamers

By Razer

Razer is regarded as the last say in gaming controls, and also the Wolverine Tournament Edition emphasizes this particular reputation. Its controls may go toe-to-toe in both the performance and comfort, with the x box Elite. The Razer Wolverine is sold with four remappable Multifunction buttons to get advanced level customizable gaming. Even the hair-trigger style is its best feature by far, because it enables shorter travel distances between your main triggers. The controls are somewhat elastic and lasting, for that tactile 'clicking’ feeling.

because this device is still wired, The Razer Wolverine is light. The upside is the fact that the absence of battery package shaves off some weight; the most obvious downside is that today you have a cable. This isn’t the biggest dealbreaker, but it is a small shame to spend this much money to have a wired device. However, it comes down to hardware, which is where the Wolverine shines.

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