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Betting: Another Type of Gambling along with Free Slot Machine Games



“Do Not Live by Free Slot Machine Games Alone” – Learn About Some Betting Options

Gambling has taken many forms. For a time, many gambling mechanics only involved table games, free slot machine games to play anywhere and sports. Today, you can bet on many other things—things that you would never have imagined before.

What are these things? A good example is eSports, where you bet on people who are playing computer games. However, eSports have also become conventional. Today, we will show you some of the other betting options that you may want to consider.

Political Betting

Political betting does not only happen in the US but internationally. Even if you are not in that country, you can still place your bets.

How does this work? Political betting options come into the market during elections. For example, you can choose between Biden and Trump. Trump is a person who can make news even while he’s sleeping. As such, the betting odds can change all of a sudden.

Political betting is not just about choosing who wins an election. If a political figure is hot and controversial, there will be other types of bets offered. For example, there were betting odds before that Trump would be impeached before his first term ends. The odds were 175 then.

Political bets also include alliances. If you are familiar with NATO, ASEAN and all that geopolitical issues, you can surely place bets if you just find the right bookie. You can also instigate the bet yourself with your friends.

Entertainment Betting

If you love Hollywood, then you need to check this out. The most common form of entertainment betting is guessing who would win awards. Usually, these are awards for the Oscars like the best movie, best director, and so on.

Entertainment betting can draw a lot of people. For example, the 90th Academy Awards had major sports bookies that drew a lot of action. There were 24 categories for the award, but most betting organizations only offered 19 categories.

Hollywood is not the only option. You can also bet on international film and TV contests. For example, you can bet on Eurovision’s 63rd annual singing contest. You can root for a contestant and then win if your chosen one wins.

Also, you can spice things up and move to other areas of entertainment. Will Kanye West be put in an asylum? Will Justin Bieber sell a lot from his new album, and how much? There is no limitation to what you can bet on as far as entertainment is concerned. It only takes imagination and the fact that something that is bound to happen is unpredictable at best.

Sumo Wrestling

Yes, this is a sport, but it is an unusual one. Not all sports bookmakers have this kind of sport in their offerings. Sumo is an ancient Japanese traditional wrestling. So, if you want to participate, you will have to find an online bookmaker that has this.

It is not likely that you will find one in Japan, as betting is shunned upon. Try some American and European betting sites, and you may just find what you are looking for.

Should you decide to bet on Sumo, you are expected to understand the rules and current standing on the match-ups. Like other fighting sports, the size of the wrestler is not the only measurement of success. There are many skilled wrestlers out there, and you need to know who is likely to win and lose.

Current Events

Anything that is in the current events is a game, and you can bet on this too.

  • So, who will be the first one to send people to Mars, NASA or Elon Musk’s SpaceX?
  • Who is going to be the next CEO of a company?
  • Will Hyperdrive be in business, or is it a massive failure?
  • Will High 5 Games release Valkyrie Queen with megaways?
  • Will we set foot on Mars by 2025, earlier than that, or before 2029?
  • Another one is to bet on when the Premier League is going to return. Will it be 2021, or the year after that. If it is 2021, is it before June or after that?


There are many online betting options out there. If you ever get tired of betting on sports and other ordinary table games, you can find online bookmakers who will take your bet. The great thing about these betting options is that they only happen on a seasonal basis, which makes it all the more exciting.

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