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BGMI celebrates Christmas with free gifts! See what players are getting



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The entire world is praising the Christmas fest in their styles. BGMI celebrates Christmas too. Furthermore, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) players got their gift from the game engineer Krafton. With the new 1.8 updates, BGMI currently has new game modes and occasional events during Christmas. The update is currently accessible on Google Play and the App Store. With this update, designer Krafton has presented various Christmas-themed in-game and local area events. However, the expansion of the ‘Respond Survival’ mode is a feature. In Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton has even chosen to resume six of the most famous game modes. It additionally incorporates various ensemble sets just as the RPM6 weapon skin with a Mythic Winter topic.

BGMI got a new update during Christmas, which is full of new themes and features. Here’s the list of what all BGMI got.

BGMI ‘Respond Survival’ mode: How is it unique?

In a new update, Krafton added a ‘Respond Survival’ mode to Battlegrounds Mobile India. Gamers can partake in a Squid Game-propelled Red Light and Green Light game by wearing blue tracksuits with various numbers on them. The objective of this game is to come to the end goal without being found by a Giant Rabbit. From the arcade mode, you can join the ‘Respond Survival’ mode. Likewise, gamers can make custom rooms to play furtively with their companions.

BGMI celebrates Christmas : What else does BGMI get in the most recent update?

Six famous game modes have additionally been once again introduced as a feature of the new 1.8 updates. The “Metro Royale Mode,” for instance, permits players to plunder things before the match starts. Players can kill zombies and plunder their things in the “Get by Till Dawn Mode.” Besides these, “Infection contamination mode” is a human versus zombies-style mode, while “Weighty Machine Gun 2.0” is a helicopter and heavily clad vehicle-based battle mode. At long last, choosing one of the three rune sections actuates the “Run Theme Mode,” which gives players one-of-a-kind capacities.

With the most recent update, another Royale Pass has additionally been added to the game, which incorporates a few themed weapon skins and ensemble sets. Players can even buy the Snow Santa Monster Set, Snow Santa Monster UAZ, and Frozen Guardian Set for 360 UC which is the in-game money. In the interim, BGMI players will actually want to get to the new Mythic Winter-themed RPM6 just for a brief timeframe, between December 20 and January 17 one year from now.

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