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BGMI redeem codes for August 26: Find out how you can use redeem codes online for special rewards



battleground Mobile India ban


  • BGMI is one of the most loved and played battle-royale games in India.
  • The developers have added a number of different  Promo codes to the game.
  • The official website is

BGMI Redeem codes are usually the Unique set of digits and numbers. As it is a battleground game so there are in-app purchases to make in order to get new weapons, skins, etc. So, these codes are used in place to money to get exciting rewards in the game. These codes are free of any cost. Therefore, players can get exciting rewards which would otherwise be bought with money as each of the features require money.

Latest BGMI Redeem Codes For Today 26th August 2021

  1. ZADROT5QLHP: Stealth Brigade Set
  2. PGHZDBTFZ95U: M416 Skin (1st 5 thousand users)
  3. TQIZBZ76F: Motor Vehicle Skin
  4. JJCZCDZJ9U: Golden Pan
  5. 5FG10D33: Falcon
  6. VETREL2IMHX: Bumble Bee Set
  7. RNUZBZ9QQ: Outfit
  8. UKUZBZGWF: Free Fireworks
  9. SD14G84FCC: AKM Skin
  10. TIFZBHZK4A: Legendary Outfit
  11. LEVKIN1QPCZ: Racer Set (Gold)
  12. KARZBZYTR: Skin (KAR98 Sniper)
  13. BOBR3IBMT: Desert Ranger Set
  14. R89FPLM9S: Free Companion
  15. S78FTU2XJ: New Skin (M16A4)
  16. GPHZDBTFZM24U: Gun Skin (UMP9)
  17. SIWEST4YLXR: Assassin Suit & Assassin Bottom
  18. 5FG10D33: Outfit
  19. FAQW EGHU IOB5 – 2x Street couple loot crate and 3x Cupid Scar Weapon Loot Crate
  20. S1FG HJ2G F3ER – Cosmic Bounty Hunter Weapon Loot Crate and MAG-7 Hurricane Delivery Weapon Loot Crate

If it shows that the “redemption limit has been reached”, it means that the code cannot be used anymore as the maximum usage limit of the redeem code has been reached.

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How to Redeem BGMI Codes?

  • Go to the official website of the BGMI (Battleground Mobile India) Redemption Center.
  • Log in using Facebook, Google, Twitter, or Apple IDs.
  • Copy and paste any of the redeem codes mentioned above into the text box and click on confirm button to continue.
  • Provide confirmation on the box that opens for cross-checking the request by clicking on OK.
  • Once the redemption is done, it might take as long as 24 hours for the rewards to show up in a player’s in-game mail.

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If you are interested in more redeem codes, stay tuned! We’ll update you as soon as we have some new codes that you can redeem!

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