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Bless Unleashed How to Make Money by Fishing



How does fishing make money in Bless Unleashed? Here comes the Bless Unleashed fishing method to earn gold, and players who are interested in it, you can keep reading! Bu Gold is an important currency in Bless Unleashed, which you can be used to exchange for Bless Unleashed Star Seeds from NPC.

What can Bless Unleashed Fishing brings to you?

Fishing is very useful in Bless Unleashed, it can help you to get a lot of items, such as different types of Fish, Glass Bottles, and Dented Chests. You can sell these items on the trade marketplace to make more money! In a word, Gold and cooking materials can be obtained from the fish caught.

How to earn gold by fishing?

The first method

After you caught fish, you can decompose them and obtain materials for multiple parts. The fish meat and fish maw will be used by the cook in recipes. There are elixirs that can be crafted at an Alchemy Station and meals that can be crafted at a pyre. Each fishing area only produces one major category material. For example, there are sea fish meat and sea fish scales on the seashore. The price of materials in different fishing areas is different. Take District 1 as an example. The fish at the birth point is the cheapest. These days it has been in single digits. The unit price of sea fish and upstream fish can reach 500-1000, a group is 5w to 10w, the scales and fins are the same. The quality and size of the fish will affect the production of materials. Generally speaking, only 2-3 materials are produced for white, and green and blue are doubled. In addition, bluefish have a lower chance of producing pearls. This is a good thing, but it is very cheap in the early stage of the market. This is the key material for the production of level 12 types of equipment, and it is difficult to obtain, so you can sell it for the more expensive price.

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The second method

The boxes you caught when fishing contain fortification stone and Upgrade Stones, Essence of Fire, etc. You can also sell them for gold!

The third method

Finally, there is the fishing competition. The rewards of the fishing competition are very rich. The ranking reward box contains materials of ancient weapons, which should be said to be required by every player who pursues the ultimate.

Fishing requires fishing tools and bait. There are 3 types of fishing tools, including fishing rod, reel, and fishing line. Fishing rod: A higher sensitivity fishing rod can give you more time to hook. Reel: A higher torque reel allows you to pull the fish out of the water faster. Fishing line: higher tension fish line allows you to last longer under the resistance of the fish. Fishing bait: The bait is divided into earthworm/fish meal/mixed bait/vegetable/meat, etc. different fish have their own favorite bait. To begin fishing, You will need to complete the Learning to Fish Side Quest. The Fishing tool merchant is near the bridge between the Southern Farmland and the Alicorn Forest and completes his subquest. When you begin the Fishing Tool Merchants quest, they will give you a Rod, Reel, and Wire to get you started with your fishing journey.

There are two main currencies, Gold and Star Seed. If you want to get gold, this fishing guide can lead you to success! And if you want to get the Cheap Bless Unleashed Star Seed for Sale, the secure trading platform can provide you great help!

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