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Budi01 Gaming Free Fire ID, stats, K/D ratio, and much more



Budi01 Gaming

Free Fire is a game that first saw the level of success which hardly any game could achieve at that time when video games were just in their initial phase. Due to the popularity of Free Fire, many Youtubers have also become very prominent and one such good example is BUDI01 GAMING.

You won’t believe but BIDI01 who is an Indonesian Youtuber and content creator has been able to earn approx 8.73 million subscribers. Let us know more about this gamer’s ID, stats, and much more.

Today there is no restriction or limitation on career options. As soon as digitization comes into existence, online content and streaming become more popular all across the globe. Today even if you are not a sportsperson but like gaming in the virtual world, then also you have a bright career.

Today, the online creation of content and streaming has taken over the place of everything. Gone are the days when parents used to say that to become successful, the only way is to study hard. Because now real gaming, as well as virtual gaming both, have much scope career-wise. Many gamers have made lakhs by not spending a penny. Isn’t it great? The Budi01 popularity is quite evident everywhere.

BUDI01 Gaming’s Free Fire ID and stats

His Free Fire ID number is 119413181, and his IGN is “OPW ARES.”

Many ardent players have asked similar questions on the internet that what is Budi01 gaming free fire ID and stats. So without taking much time, let us directly move to the basic details that you all want to know about your favorite gaming youtube Budi01.

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His Free Fire ID number is 119413181,

Budi01 gaming IGN is “OPW ARES.”

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Budi01 Gaming Lifetime stats

BUDI01 gaming has been a sought-after gaming YouTuber that belongs to Indonesia. Till now he has been featured in almost 9558 squad matches.  And out of these matches, he was able to win in almost 2266 matches.

  • So his win ratio is almost 23.70%.
  • With this much win %, he has almost 42163 kills in the mode.
  • So his K/D ratio becomes 5.78, Isn’t it great?.

If we talk about Duo mode, then Budi01 gaming has participated in almost 1808 matches and has outdone its foes in 297. So his win % becomes 16.42%.

  • So his K/D ratio is 5.55.
  • He also notched 8381 frags.
  • Moreover, if we talk about solo matches, he played almost 3035 solo matches and has almost 512 first-place finishes.
  • So he has a win rate of almost 16.86%.
  • After all, he has almost 15311 kills and his K/D ratio is 6.07.

Ranked stats

The YouTuber has competed in 49 duo games and has six Booyahs, which translates to a win rate of 12.24%. With 232 kills, he has a K/D ratio of 5.40.

Now coming to duo mode, the Youtuber had completed almost 49 games. He also manages to win 3437 frags.

  • So his K/D ratio is 6.71
  • The player has made wonders in the solo mode of Free Fire as well. He made almost 129 appearances in solo mode. He always remained unbeaten in 24 of them. His win rate is 18.60%.
  • If we talk about kills, he racked almost a K/D ratio of 7.55.
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His YouTube channel

He uploaded his first video on his Youtube channel in July 2019. Since this date, he has uploaded much content related to his gaming on Free Fire. If we check current stats, then he has uploaded almost 156 videos on his channel. And you will b surprised to know the number of views his channel has till now. He has almost 605 million views on a combined basis. And as we said, his subscriber count is almost 8.73 million.

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BUDI01 Gaming – Personal Details

Budi01 gaming is a popular youtube content creator. today market is very much on for all the content creators. Content creators are basically those people who upload informative or entertaining content on Youtube. Many viewers subscribe to such channels. and Youtube pays to such content creators according to their popularity levels.

So If we talk about Budi01 gaming, then he is a popular youtube belongs to a beautiful place in Indonesia. He makes his name by playing the Garena Free fire game. Not just he played wonderfully, he uploaded multiple pieces of content related to the levels and tricks of playing free Fire.

His hard work and patience resulted in him getting a massive fan following. He has almost 13 million online subscribers who die-heartedly follow him.

BUDI01 GAMING’s setup

BUDI01 has a unique style of gaming. He played in his own style. If a player loves to play Free Fire then he must be an ardent lover of the gaming style of Budi01 too.

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Budi01 use to post game-related content of Free fire. He shares his experiences of playing the game and also discusses some tricks and aspects of the game that helps him to win all the battles of Garena free fire. So if you are gaming enthusiasts and love to read and know about popular gaming YouTubers, then this post has specifically suited your taste, right?

  • Monitor: Asus ROG 240Hz, 24inch
  • Processor: Intel Core i9-9900KF 3.60 GHz
  • RAM: 32 GB
  • Graphics Card: RTX 2080 SUPER
  • Webcam: Logitech C922
  • Keyboard: Keychron K2
  • Mouse: Logitech Pro Wireless
  • Headphones: Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless Gaming
  • Mic: HyperX Quadcast Microphone Condenser
  • Mousepad: STRacing RGB

Final Words

Hey, gamers, are you enthusiastic enough to know each and every detail of your favorite Youtuber Budi01 gaming, then you can watch the below-attached video. as this will give you some amazing facts about one and only one Budi01 gaming. His gaming style, patterns, speeches everything is here.

I hope this post has answered your all questions. If you still have any queries, then don’t hesitate and do write to us in the comment section. As we would love to hear from you.

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