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Bulletproof iPhone 13 series exposed, can withstand gunshots, price crosses 6 lakhs



iPhone 13


  • The Phone’s new stealth series launched
  • In fact, it can withstand gunshots
  • Its Price crosses 6 lakhs

The Phone’s new stealth series launched

The luxury brand Caviar is known for giving a new and special look to the iPhone series. After giving a great look to the iPhone 12, now the Stealth iPhone series has been introduced. The phones in it can withstand gunfire. Talking about the new Stealth 2.0 series, the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max have been included in them. Both these phones have been customized with BR-2 Class 2 bulletproof armor.

It is being said that they are so strong that they can even eat gunshots and nothing will happen to them. In this custom version of the iPhone 13 series, its original parts have been retained. Caviar is known for launching its iPhone custom models. These are gold-plated. These phones are made with very expensive parts. The recently launched bullet-resistant device is called Stealth 2.0.

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In fact, it can withstand gunshots

The company has said that it is an unmatched smartphone of a high-security level. This is for those people who work in Confidential Organizations. They take risks every day for their citizens. These people solve international matters with a single phone call. It is offered with Midnight Black, Bold Lines, and Embossed Satin finish. Luxury brand Caviar has posted a video on its official YouTube channel in which the phone is shown facing the bullets.

Its Price crosses 6 lakhs

Price of Caviar iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max: Both of these can be bought in 1 TB storage variants. The price of Phone 13 Pro Max is $ 7980 i.e. around Rs 6.08 lakh. At the same time, the price of Phone 13 Pro is $ 6,370 i.e. around Rs 4.85 lakh.

An unrivaled smartphone of the highest security level: for those who work in highly confidential organizations, for those who take risks every day to protect the peace of their citizens, for those who resolve international issues with one phone call. Midnight black, bold lines, and embossed satin finish are the unshakable foundations of true brutal design,” said the company.

The armor for the phone has been reportedly manufactured by the noted producer of bullet-proof vests and armor for armored vehicles and combat helicopters – NPO TCIT.

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