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‘Butt Boy’ Review – Variety



No person goes to look at a film known as “Butt Boy” in pursuit of refined wit. That mentioned, this characteristic spinoff from a previous sketch by the collaborative comedy-video crew often known as Tiny Cinema does handle to be simply concerning the drollest execution attainable of essentially the most juvenile idea possible.

Whereas some could also be disillusioned that the scatological humor isn’t extra overt, these inclined to be tickled by a one-joke bad-taste premise handled with an incongruous poker face will give director, co-writer and star Tyler Cornack’s perversely well-crafted goof a leg-up towards fast average cult standing. It debuted on numerous VOD platforms April 14 after a deliberate restricted theatrical launch earlier within the month received corona-fied.

Doughy, hirsute, slack-mouthed Chip (Cornack) works IT at a generic Florida company workplace the place he’s the lone holdout from an annoying departmental spirit of gung-ho-dom. At residence, there’s even much less trigger for enthusiasm, as spouse Anne (Shelby Sprint) has little use for him, being targeted totally on their child. A moderately invasive rectal examination throughout a routine physician’s appointment has a curious impact on Chip, nevertheless. Small objects start disappearing from the family; then not-so-small ones, together with the household canine. As soon as Chip’s mysterious compulsion severely accelerates in magnitude, he makes an attempt suicide.

9 years later — however simply after the delayed opening credit — he appears to have stabilized, his urges beneath obvious management. Which isn’t the case for Russell (Tyler Rice), a tricky police detective who’s a beginner at AA. There, he will get assigned veteran Chip as sponsor. However the two males don’t notably hit it off, and simply triggered Russell is displeased when supposed “assist system” Chip merely ignores his voicemails. Thus Russell is first to suspect this new acquaintance of shadiness when a toddler disappears from “Deliver Your Child to Work Day” at Chip’s workplace. It doesn’t assist that telltale moments seem to have been erased from all safety cameras, to which our protagonist has entry.

The remaining hour of “Butt Boy” is performed as a cat-and-mouse crime drama, with angsty-cool cop on the tail (ahem) of a bland, guileless-looking perp whom he suspects of one way or the other … cramming different lacking individuals up his posterior. Evidently, this isn’t a principle embraced by Chip’s superiors on the precinct.

There’s a certain quantity of slack within the arguably-overlong movie’s midsection, after the premise’s outrageousness has been absolutely absorbed however earlier than issues make the leap into patently absurd visible fantasy. Nonetheless, the prolonged buildup makes that bounce repay properly, as does holding again from grossout splatstick till an explosive climactic exclamation level.

Those that can’t get previous the lowbrow ickiness of the idea will solely be irked by the dedication with which the creators concurrently evade and prolong it. In case your humorousness favors silly concepts carried out well, nevertheless, “Butt Boy” gives pleasures that aren’t even all that guilt-inducing. Stylistically, it’s a lower-key catalog of the sort of straight-faced cop-thriller tropes “Sizzling Fuzz” despatched up so nicely, with Billy Morean’s widescreen images and the synthy rating (by Cornack and co-writer/producer Ryan Koch as “Feathers”) notably abetting a mock macho solemnity redolent of 1980s Michael Mann.

The performers are nothing if not trustworthy to their intentionally monotonous, spinoff character constructs, with each Tylers getting appreciable mileage from minute variations on archetypically acquainted notes. Help gamers likewise refuse to play for broad laughs, a notably manic exception being a really humorous flip from Austin Lewis as Chip’s unctuous boss.

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