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Buy a Tesla Model 3 now, because the price just dropped a couple grand



Tesla Model 3

Sorry if you just placed an order for one…


Tesla doesn’t really do model years. The electric carmaker just sort of updates things as it sees fit. Folks, the latest update as we approach the middle of 2020 might be the time to snag a Model 3, because it’s now $2,000 cheaper.

Reuters first reported on Tesla’s move to cut prices in North America, and a quick trip to the automaker’s site shows the Model 3 is, indeed, cheaper now. Actually, almost every Tesla is cheaper: The Model S and Model X are up to 6% cheaper, to be exact. The least expensive Model 3 is now $37,990, down from $39,990. The Model X SUV’s starting price drops to $79,990 compared to $84,990, and the Model S now costs $74,990 instead of $79,990.

Tesla did not make an announcement explaining the price drop, and did not immediately return Roadshow’s request for comment. The move is likely intended to spur demand as the US exits coronavirus lockdown, with Reuters reporting auto sales in April were likely half what they were a year earlier.

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While the cars will cost less, Tesla has done away with a nice perk for new Model S and Model X owners. Supercharger use will no longer be free, according to Reuters. We’ve seen this benefit come and go for new owners of Tesla vehicles and it was a massive incentive when the automaker really started to mass produce vehicles.

The price decreases in the US follow similar shakeups in China, where Tesla lowered prices for the locally built Model 3 to still partake in generous Chinese government incentives for “new energy vehicles.”

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