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Call Of Duty: How To Earn Heartbeat Sensor to beat enemies!!



Call of Duty


  • Call of Duty: Mobile teases the addition of Heartbeat Sensor to the game.
  • The new update brings a long list of new content, including new weapons.
  • The developers also teased the addition of a new map in the update.

Call of Duty Mobile’s new season is just around the corner, and developers have finally revealed that -Heartbeat Sensor is coming to Call of Duty Mobile.  Players can obtain it through Seasonal Challenge.

The new update is special for the fans who have been waiting to try out the Heartbeat sensor!! The heartbeat sensor is the newest tactical equipment that was added to Call of Duty: Mobile. Like pretty much all new devices added to the game, the new equipment will have to be earned via a season challenge. The new device takes the place of a tactical grenade.

The attachment allows the user to track multiple targets, somewhat like the UAV killstreak. It displays the positions of people who are fairly close to and in front of the player. It also will produce a beep whenever it picks up a hostile target, which will increase in pitch the closer the target is to the user.

How to get Heartbeat Sensor in Call of Duty Mobile?

You need to complete a series of tasks. These tasks are a little different, as you need to get the kills with the condition specified in the description. And if you are a good player, these tasks would be a piece of cake for you.

  • Use the UAV scorestreak three times in MP Matches
  • Throw ten tactical grenades in MP Matches
  • Kill ten enemies with the Dead Silence Perk equipped
  • Use the trophy system five times in MP Matches
  • Win three games with the High Alert Perk equipped
  • Use Heartbeat Sensor five times in MP Matches.
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It is important to note that you will only be able to move on to the next challenge when you complete the previous one, which means you will need to complete all four challenges before you can complete the one that will unlock the CoD: Mobile Heartbeat Sensor

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