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Call Of Duty Mobile: How To Get The SP-R 209 Sniper Rifle



Call Of Duty Mobile


  • Recently, Call of Duty Mobile introduced the SP-R 209 sniper rifle.
  • The new weapon is part of the Elite Marksmen challenge that will last for 24 days starting today.
  • Getting your hands on SP-R 208 isn’t easy. Players will have to complete a total of 6 tasks to unlock the new sniper rifle.

The SP-R 209 is a bolt-action sniper rifle that is capable of eliminating the enemy with a single shot on the upper body. The SP-R 209 has 5 rounds in a single magazine that can be extended to 10 rounds with attachments. It has a damage rate of 72 and a fire rate of 43.

To unlock the SP-R 209 marksman rifle, players need to complete the Elite Marksman Seasonal Challenge on COD Mobile. The seasonal event went live earlier today and players will have to finish five challenges in order to unlock the SP-R 209.

#1 Kill five enemies with Sniper Rifles

Players will need to choose a loadout with a precision rifle for multiplayer mode. Aside from the loadout, a selected map with good camping spots also can be chosen. 200 Credits and 1000 Battle Pass XP are going to be the rewards for completion.

#2 Earn Long Shot Medals five times

As stated earlier, the subsequent tasks will only be unlocked after the completion of the primary task. Within the second task, to earn five long shot medals, the players can choose the loadout with Sniper Rifles or Assault Rifles for straightforward kills over a long range. 15 Weapon XP Cards and 2000 Battle Pass XP are going to be earned as rewards after completion.

#3 Kill 10 enemies with any NA-45

Kill 10 enemies with NA-45 while equipping any skin. The rewards for the completion of this task are Locus-Ripped Camo and 4000 Battle Pass XP.

#4 Kill 20 enemies with any NA-45 with any optic

Much like the previous tasks, players will need to use NA-45 while equipping any optic to finish the task. Rewards for this task are going to be Talon and 5000 Battle Pass XP.

#5 Kill 10 enemies with headshots using any NA-45

The same weapon from the previous two tasks is going to be utilized in executing this task. After completing the ultimate and toughest task, players will finally earn COD Mobile’s new precision rifle, SP-R 209 alongside 6000 Battle Pass XP.

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