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Can automated trading help newbie traders find their feet?



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Thanks to huge advancements in portfolio and investment apps over the years, millions of people are finding it easier than ever to start trading.

While you’d previously need access to years of complex knowledge to make bank on the markets, it’s now easy for traders to start building their portfolios from their smartphones. What’s also emerging is the auto-trader – AI that can help people make complex decisions on money matters.

Robo-advisors, for example, offer just a slice of the automated trading pie. For example, millions of people can easily get into automated crypto trading with just rudimentary knowledge of what to expect. Let’s dive into how auto trading can further support newbie investors.

Emotional investing is out of the picture

Emotional investing, for many new traders, can kill a potentially lucrative portfolio. Many people choose to buy well-performing stocks on a whim, convinced that they’re ‘on a roll’. Others may choose to sell their assets because they’re worried about depreciation. Crucially, using an automated trading service can take away this decision-making.

Traders can now use automated services to effectively limit emotional decision-making by keeping matters to the core numbers. Robo-advisors, for example, can make buying and selling decisions based on parameters set and decided upon by the users beforehand. This means you can expect an emotion-free experience and revenue building on the strength of math, not your gut instinct.

Auto-trading takes place when you’re asleep

One of the huge benefits of automated trading for newbies lies in its ability to take advantage of market movements when they’re away from the screen. We can’t always be awake for the full opening of markets, especially when dealing in foreign instruments.

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Setting up an automated trading assistant allows users to effectively manage their portfolio affairs when they are physically unable to. Who knows what you might miss out on while you’re asleep?

It’s training wheels for complete beginners

We all must start somewhere, and the evolution of trading software in the past two decades has opened up a fantastic world of learning opportunities for would-be investors.

Rather than having to attend stuffy seminars or pore through endless tomes and volumes to get a grip on how trading works, beginner traders can now work with automated trading platforms to effectively learn how certain decisions impact on revenue gain and loss.

The best part is newbie traders can manage this experience bit by bit. They can set specific parameters and carefully monitor how their portfolio responds as they go. This means they can transfer lessons learned to make more confident decisions later on – trading via smartphone or elsewhere!

In summary

Automated trading offers fantastic opportunities to new traders. However, traders don’t have to go ‘fully robotic’ if they wish to take the wheel occasionally. Modern automated trading systems allow for some manual intervention, therefore providing users with the chance to balance their portfolios how they wish.

Ultimately, automated trading is the future of modern market management – and how you use such services is entirely up to you.


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