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Can’t Take Screenshot Due to Security Policy (Easy & Quick Fixes)



FixCan’t Take Screenshot Due to Security Policy

Screenshot plays a very important role in our life, you just have to select the volume button and power button to take screenshot. Some social media platforms do not allow you to take screenshots like Netflix, Banking apps like Paytm or phone pay, and many more.

Usually, while taking screenshots on these apps, a message pops up that you can’t take screenshot due to a security policy error. This policy error is nuisance users got annoyed by this. In this article, we will see why this error came and how we can fix can’t take screenshots due to security policy.

Most Common reasons for not taking screenshots

1. To Protect Sensitive Information

Most of the time, the message can’t take screenshots due to security policy occurring when you are trying to take screenshots of an app with sensitive information. It can be login information or users’ personal information.

We know this policy is annoying, but this is only to secure your information so that in future you do not have to face any kind of problem.

2. Copyrighted Content

When you write a book or content for your website or produce many other types of creative works, then your work is protected by copyright and no one is able to take screenshot of that.

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If someone wishes to do this then they have to take permission from the owner otherwise they will get a message on their screen that you can’t take screenshots due to security policy.

3. Browsing On Incognito Mode

Browsing in incognito mode means your activity data isn’t saved on your device. Incognito mode is a private window in your web browser.

You can browse without having any history record that is why the security message can also pop up when you are trying to take a screenshot in incognito mode because it is a private window.

4. Company Restrictions

If you own a company phone, then you may have to face some restrictions in taking screenshots because you can leak the company’s important codes or information.

5. App Policy

Many apps have their own security policy to protect their information. These apps do not allow us to take screenshots. They do this so that your personal and confidential information is protective

There are many banking or financial apps that have an inbuilt feature that blocks screenshots, and a message appears on your screen that you can’t take screenshot due to security policy.

6. Phone Settings

Some phones have certain settings that will not allow you to take screenshots. In that case, you can contact customer care, or you can restart your phone.

How to get rid of cant’s capture screenshot due to security policy

You have seen many reasons for the screenshot not working on some applications; let us now discuss the fixes of can’t take screenshot due to security policy.

1. Enable Incognito Screenshot

If you are not able to take screenshots from incognito mode, then you can enable screenshots on google. For that, you need to go to the chrome “flag menu,” which contains all the features of chrome. Follow these easy steps.

  1. Open google chrome and go to the address bar
  2. Then enter “chrome://flags” into the search bar and search for that
  3. Now, in the search bar section, enter “Incognito Screenshot” and search; if it is available in the “chrome://flags”, then it will display in the results.
  4. Underbelw the “Incognito Screenshot” section, click on the pull-down icon “Default.”
  5. Then select “Enabled,” and to make these changes click on “Relaunch” bottom at the bottom-right corner.
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2. Limit the use of High-security applications

There are many applications on your phone which do not allow you to take screenshots, like some banking applications or some applications which save your personal information. You check whether the settings of these apps have enabled features available or not. If this feature is inbuilt, then you can’t do anything with it, and the problem of can’t take screenshot due to security issue will occur.

3. Equipment Restrictions

If you have an android phone you can check the feature of taking screenshots before buying it and disable that at that moment so that in the future, there will be no problem.

You have to go manually to your phone’s settings and enable the screenshot feature. If this feature is not available on your device, you can do two things, first, you can install a third-party application that allows you to take screenshots, or second, you can get another device and click the screen picture of which you want to take a screenshot.

4.Use Google Assistance

I think google assistance is more helpful than Siri. You can use google assistance for taking screenshots also, just go through these easy steps.

  • Open the app or page on which you want to take a screenshot
  • Activate google assistance
  • Click on what’s on my screen
  • Select the share screenshot feature

We know this feature is very easy, but sometimes it doesn’t work may be because your phone setting is wrongly configured.

5. Remove Company Account

If you use your company’s phone, then you must face some restrictions on using that. You can only try to connect with IT teams and try to remove the company account on the phone so that you do not have face that you can’t take screenshot due to security policy .

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6. Use Another Mobile

You can use another mobile device to take pictures from your screen. The main problem with this fix is that picture quality might not be great. Having a steady hand or making a distance from the screen then take pictures.


1. How do I disable the screenshot security?

You can do this by enabling the feature in your device by going to settings or by using another phone.

2. What are the reasons behind screenshot security?

There are many reasons behind you can’t take screenshot due to security policy, some of which are

  • Company restrictions
  • Restricted Apps like Paytm or phonepay
  •  Using Incognito mode

Final Words

We hope that with these fixes, you are able to take screenshots, as we know, screenshot plays a very crucial role in this social media generation. Can’t take screenshots due to the security policy popping up on your device due to some security restrictions.

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