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Cardiac Sense: The world’s first medical smartwatch launched, acts like a heart doctor




  • Cardiac Sense will take special care of the heart
  • It will alert you before you get sick
  • There are many great health features included in this.

Cardiac Sense Smartwatch: Explore Lifestyle has launched the world’s first medical grade and always wearable monitoring device ‘CardiacSense’ in association with an Israeli company.

Medical Smartwatch Cardiac Sense Launched with Amazing Features: ‘Explore Lifestyle’ has recently decided to launch a very advanced heart and other organ monitoring technology in the market in partnership with an Israeli company. This technology is a unique watch. This watch can be worn very easily and any information related to health can be obtained. The name of this watch has been named Cardiac Sense. This is the world’s first medical grade and always wearable monitoring watch.

What technology does it use?

This device has been made from Israel’s state-of-the-art biosensing technology. It is equipped with patented optomechanical sensors, apart from proprietary PPG, ECG and artifact sensing technology and advanced algorithms. This watch can recognize and monitor every single breath. This feature allows the watch to detect fatal arrhythmias such as AFib, and notify doctors and patients’ family members quickly. It can also be used for patients suffering from high blood pressure, chronic heart failure (CHF), and other heart diseases.

This watch also has the ability to measure the rate of each breath and can track diseases like COPD and sleep apnea. This is the first watch in the world to read the respiratory rate. CardiacSense has a mere 0.6% FDR against the maximum fall detection rate (FDR) limit of 2% set by the US FDA. This watch giving such accurate results is the most accurate medical device among all wearable devices in the whole world. The device, already armed with CE certification under the European Union’s Medical Device Regulation (MDR), is set to be approved by the US FDA soon. This smartwatch will be available in India from September 2022.

These are the features

This device is clinically recognized and certified by the European Union MDR and CE 2797.

CardiacSense has passed the overall US FDA set thresholds on all parameters during trials, with the device having a 0.6% False Detection Rate (FDR) against the US FDA-mandated limit of 2%.

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