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Chromebook had an amazing year : Know how




According to reports, the last quarter of 2020 for Chromebook have been incredible. According to research firms Gartner and Canalys, over 30 million of the devices shipped last year, with somewhere between 11 and 11.7 million shipping in Q4 alone. Canalys says that’s a staggering 287 percent more than were shipped in Q4 2019.

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The research firms disagree on how much growth is seen as compared to the previous year 2019. Both the research firms differ in their opinions about the estimates. Gartner estimates that the sales went up by 80 percent whereas Canalys says the sales went up by 109 percent.

The PC sales were increased by 11 percent this year, which is the biggest growth this category had seen in a decade.

As per Gartner, a total of 275 million traditional computers were sold in 2020.

Chromebooks have been the market leaders in the education market. The pandemic has added cherry on the top of the cake.
The Vice President of Microsoft Education says that Chromebooks are a great choice for schools. He mentioned,”In many cases, when schools are buying Chromebooks or Windows PCs, Chromebooks are still faster and cheaper, they are easier to deploy and manage.”
The students have been learning from home ever since the COVID-19 outbreak. The learning from home module has made it a compulsion to have laptops or computers at home.
This has become the biggest of all reasons for the increase in the sales volume of Google Chromebook.
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