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Clash Of Clans November Season Challenges, Rewards, Perks, and More



Clash of Clans November Challenges

Clash of Clans is a fun-packed Battle Royale game where the players form Armies to beat their enemies. Every time watching your heroes in the same costume is quite boring. To spice up the game, the developers of the game released Monthly Challenges. On Completing these Challenges players can earn new hero skins as well as additional resources like boosters, gems, gold, and magic items.

Clash of Clans November Season Challenges

There are two levels in the November Season Challenge: Free and Gold Pass. Gold Pass is a paid version with many additional advantages and a unique hero skin, whereas the former is accessible to everyone. Only Gold Pass holders can access limited features like magic goods, hero skins, and greater seasonal chest storage.

By completing the Seasonal tasks, players can enhance their base, spells, and troops in the game. Players will have a chance to grab a new Hero Skin as a part of November Seasonal Challenges. The Pirate Champion hero skin is one of the best hero skins for the Royal Champion as it features the hero in a long blue coat and cap, armed with a nautical-themed spear and shield.

Players can complete all season tasks to earn the skin and its special effects, which cost 2600 points.

Requirements: Only players with Town Hall 7 or higher can access the Season Challenges.

November Gold Pass Season Rewards

POINTS.                REWARDS 

40 –              1 Gem Donation

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80 –              10% Research boost

120 –              10% Training Boost

160 –            10%  Builder boost

200 –             Bigger Season Bank

260 –               Builder Potion

320 –              2x Research Potion

380 –             Shovel Of obstacle

440 –              Book of Fighting

500 –                Hero Potion

580 –             Rune of Dark Elixir

660 -.          Bigger Season Bank

740 –            Rune of Builder Gold

820 –             15% Builder Boost

900 –            15% Training Boost

980 –            15% Research Boost

1060 –             Book of Building

1140 –           2x Resource Potion

1220 –           Bigger Season Bank

1300 –            Clock tower Potion

1400 –                Rune of Gold

1500 –               Book of Spells

1600 –           20% Training Boost

1700 –           20% Builder boost

1850 –           20% Research Boost

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2000 –           Bigger Season Bank

2150 –             3000 Capital Gold

2300 –                 6x Wall Ring

2450 –                Rune of Elixir

2600 –          Private Champion Skin

Perks for Completing November Season Challenges

  • Players have access to a maximum season bank of 25,000 Dark Elixir and 25,000 Gold and Elixir.
  • Owners of Gold Passes are entitled to a number of advantages, including the chance to give one gem, a 20% training boost, a 20% hero boost, and many more.
  • By completing the November Season Challenges, players can acquire more magical items, like magic books, potions, hammers, and other items.
  • The limited-edition Pirate Champion hero skin is awarded to players after they reach 2600 points.
  • At the end of the season, players will get 1 Crore Gold, 1 Crore Elixir, and 1 Lakh Dark Elixir from the same Season Bank.

One of the easiest ways to gather resources for the base and army upgrades in Clash of Clans is to take part in the November Season Challenges.

Season Bank

Every time you raid a village, the same amount as what you looted appears in the Season Bank. At the end of the season, you get the resources you looted into the Season Bank for yourself.

Sources of loot for the Season Bank:

  • Multiplayer attacks
  • Single Player levels
  • Practice Levels
  • Challenge levels
  • Clan War attacks
  • Clan War League attacks

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