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Clubhouse Now Lets Users Listen to Conversations on the Platform Without Log In



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  • The clubhouse has finally launched Web Listening.
  • The update allows you to drop in and listen to audio conversations even if you don’t have the app or an account.
  • The clubhouse offers users the option to share sessions that are present on the app.

Clubhouse – the popular social audio chat app – announced on Friday that it now allows anyone to listen to conversations that take place on the platform via the web. The experience is being rolled out to clubhouse users in the US and will work for both replay and live rooms that are replay enabled. Listeners do not need to have the Clubhouse app installed on their device or sign-in on the platform. Separately, Clubhouse offers users the option to share sessions that are present on the app on any social media network or through a messaging app.

Clubhouse Launches a Web Listening Feature

Web Listening allows you to listen to conversations in audio Rooms from your mobile phone or desktop, without having to log in. You can listen to conversations even if you don’t have an account, without having to go through the hassle of downloading the app.

In addition to its arrival on the web, it is finally opening its arms to sharing. As part of its latest feature drop, Clubhouse is also making improvements to the share functionality. Tapping on the share button now presents three options — share with other fellow Clubhouse app users, share on other social media platforms, or generate a shareable link for messaging apps. In-app sharing is somewhat like quote tweeting on Twitter, as it allows users to add a comment before sharing a conversation with their followers and friends.

Apart from the web listening feature, Clubhouse has also rolled out a new feature that will allow users to share an audio room on their social media platforms. After the update is rolled out, when users will tap on the Share button located at the bottom of a room, they will see three options. The first option says “Share on Clubhouse.” The second option says “share via a social network”. The third option allows users to copy the link to share via a messaging platform.

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