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Coinbase unveils Crypto App Store inspired by Apple



One of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in the market, Coinbase, has recently announced that it is working on its plan to build an Apple-inspired crypto app store.

The CEO of Coinbase, Brian Amstrong commented that Apple did not just build every app for their phones, rather, it has empowered the whole market, and gave developers the power to have an easy way to access new and innovative apps.

He also added that thanks to such apps, developers get the opportunity to birth innovative ideas that could not have been imagined before. The CEO of the company added that they will attempt to give their clients easy access to similar products thanks to this future plan.

Armstrong claimed that clients of Coinbase will be able to do self-custody of their own cryptos, using the main Coinbase app. The representative of the NASDAQ listed company said that as more activity happens using cryptos, Coinbase wants to be a wider connector between people and the crypto economy.

The main idea and goal of the move are to make it easier for new assets to join the crypto exchange market. In addition, they also aim to extend more products to the global market. The company aims for the future where all the apps created on the decentralized crypto rails are available on the Coinbase app.

Coinbase’s new plan

The plan that the company CEO announced using a blog post indicates that the company is planning to create a sophisticated space for crypto apps. This can be a huge step forward for the whole market, not just Coinbase.

The Apple-inspired store is expected to help developers create new and innovative ideas and share them with everyone in the market. The statement made by Coinbase means a lot for the whole market, specifically for decentralized apps, dApps.

The company has become one of the leaders in the industry, making as much as $100 billion initial public offerings on the US Stock exchange in April this year. Because the company is publicly listed, it is subject to certain regulations and laws.

This in turn increases the trust of people in the company. While cryptos are already very popular, market experts predict that dApps might be the future of the market. Because of this, the decision of Coinbase is of utmost importance.

dApps are special applications that run on blockchain networks and cannot be controlled by one single entity. Because of this, these apps offer higher security, more transparency, and a high level of privacy.

What does it mean for the crypto market?

The decision of the company means a lot for the whole crypto community, as it takes the crypto and blockchain market one step closer to the long-awaited and anticipated mainstream exposure. The step is expected to further popularize the crypto market and make it more accessible.

Over the past few years, the crypto market has become very popular among people of all different walks and backgrounds. The main reason for this popularity is how easy it has become to start investing in cryptocurrencies.

One of the companies that have influenced the higher popularity of the crypto market is certainly Coinbase, which is among the most trusted crypto exchanges. Thanks to apps like Coinbase, investors can easily buy, hold, and sell cryptocurrencies.

The company is also very actively working on trading automation, which makes investing in cryptocurrencies a lot easier. There are numerous software development companies that have created trading bots that are capable of analyzing the market and providing traders with signals, as well as opening buy and sell orders. Trading bots make investing in the cryptocurrency market a lot easier. Thanks to such developments, there are more and more people who are showing interest in the crypto market.

Crypto trading has become significantly popular as the price booms over the past few years. Back in 2017, the crypto boom has attracted millions of investors around the world. Recently, the 2021 price boom of crypto once again showed how people, especially the new generation, are invested in the crypto market.

This paired with steps taken by the leaders in the market is expected to take cryptocurrencies one step closer to widespread exposure.

What are dApps?

dApps are yet another product birthed by blockchain technology, standing for decentralized applications. These are digital applications that run on a blockchain or a P2P network of computers instead of one, single computer.

These apps run freely on the blockchain networks and are free from any outside control and interference by any single authority, which makes it a safe and secure place for everyone.

The plan of Coinbase is aimed at further popularizing dApps and making them easily accessible. The company noted that they have taken inspiration from Apple’s App Store. This means that the store created by Coinbase should be easy-to-use, user-friendly, and comfortable.

As the CEO of the company said, this will give developers the ability to make their ideas more accessible for everyone in the market and can help further innovations in the decentralized market.

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