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Control 2 has been confirmed for the PS5, Xbox One, and PC



control 2

Remedy hasn’t yet debuted its co-op Control offshoot, but it won’t stop the creator from announcing a genuine sequel. Control 2 will be jointly developed by the business and its publisher 505 Games for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. This is welcome news for anyone who misses exploring the Oldest House, even though the two previously hinted at a “bigger-budget” title (now confirmed to be the sequel).

According to the designers, the plot, gaming mechanics, and release date are all secrets. Even the teaser image only shows what appears to be a Control Point. However, Control 2 will continue to use Remedy’s Northlight engine, which has a $51.5 million budget. According to Remedy, the work is still in the “concept stage.”

The Northlight Engine from Remedy, which also ran Quantum Break and the first Control and will be used for Alan Wake 2, Condor, and the Max Payne remakes, will power Control 2. Additionally, it’s still very early and still in the concept stage. Concept art for the game shows the view as being “through a pane of glass and [shows] a control point on the street” in the image above.

One of the many games Remedy is creating is Control 2. The development team disclosed that it was working on Alan Wake 2, the first two Max Payne games, a cooperative Control spin-off (codenamed Condor), a different free-to-play multiplayer game (codenamed Vanguard), and more.

All of these games are being developed by Remedy in collaboration with a few other businesses. Tencent is funding Vanguard, Epic Games is publishing Alan Wake 2, Rockstar Games is funding the Max Payne remakes, and 505 Games is once again co-publishing Condor.

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“We are excited to deepen our cooperation with Remedy and continue the success story of Control together,” said 505 Games co-CEOS Rami and Raffi Galante. “Since its launch in 2019, Control has sold over three million copies. Control is the biggest investment 505 Games has ever made, so it has a special place in our hearts. We are grateful to the whole player community that has made Control such a long-lasting and loved the game, and are even more excited to bring out Control 2.”

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