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Crypto Trading App Robinhood Will Release Beta Version Of Digital Wallet In January



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  • Alpha Testing Program for Digital Wallets Completed
  • The company has said that it will also provide extra security features.

US-based crypto trading app Robinhood has revealed that the beta version of its digital wallet will be released in January 2022. Thousands of Robinhood users are waiting for the launch of the platform’s digital wallet. The company has stated in a blog post that the alpha testing program for the digital wallet has been completed. Robinhood informed about the launch of a digital wallet service for its customers in the US three months ago. This is the first major development after that.

Thousands of users are waiting for the launch of its digital wallet

Robinhood wrote in a blog post that more than 1.6 million people have signed up for the wallet. We look forward to rolling out new products as soon as possible. Creating a wallet and connecting our millions of customers to the blockchain is a huge undertaking.

With the help of this wallet, other cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ether and Dogecoin can be deposited and withdrawn. Robinhood has claimed to have security features such as identity verification and authentication in its wallet amid the increasing number of crypto-related cybercrimes in the US and the rest of the world.

Alpha Testing Program for Digital Wallets Completed

The blog post states that additional security features will be introduced for crypto transactions. These include multi-factor authentication. According to Robinhood, this makes it easier to know that the user is completing the transfer. Recognizing that the crypto space will go mainstream in 2021, Robinhood has gone about its survey. According to this, most people are still introducing themselves to the world of crypto.

The company has said that it will also provide extra security features.

This year Robinhood has introduced many new services and features. The company launched a service on 13 September to allow users to invest regularly in their favorite coins. However, this platform also faced a data breach.

Robinhood’s servers were breached by an unauthorized third party in October. Cybercriminals have obtained the personal details of millions of Robinhood users. The investigation was started, but its results are not yet known.

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