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CryptoExchange Review – Buying products like watches with crypto



CryptoExchange is the world’s first crypto exchange, marketplace, and escrow service. This luxury digital marketplace allows users to purchase goods such as supercars, watches, and domain names. The team behind CryptoExchange believes crypto users need to start using cryptocurrencies for mainstream purchases. Creating a single platform to purchase coins and transact with other parties was step one.

Below is a review of CryptoExchange, one of the cryptocurrency marketplaces for users to buy watches with crypto.

Product variety

Cryptoexchange offers a variety of products, among the highest quality available on the market. Some of the products on CryptoExchange are; watches, supercars, and domains. All products can be shipped globally with a customer satisfaction guarantee. In the watch category, special edition Jacob & Co Astronomia watches are available for purchase. Among the current offerings are:

  • Astronomia Art Dragon Rose Gold Sky
  • Astronomia Art India
  • Astronomia Art Lion

A non-exhaustive list of additional watch brands, including Rolex, Patek Phillipe, and Hublot, will be made available shortly. All watches are guaranteed as 100% genuine timepieces. Products are all new unless specified as pre-owned, with a valid manufacturer warranty, full documentation, and the original packaging.


The CryptoExchange platform has integrated certain features and functionalities that will give its users a better shopping experience and more products. The platform is easy to navigate and resembles industry leaders in the eCommerce space, such as Shopify and Amazon.

CryptoExchange has fast load times for both its exchange and marketplace, meeting the standard of online experiences users have grown to expect. The platform has also increased its focus on optimizing the checkout experience by allowing customers to store information on their personal profiles. When it comes time to initiate the payment, users will have information like their addresses and payment methods saved for easy use.

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Item delivery

Shipping charges depend on the item users decide to order. Large and luxury items are sent with credible courier services such as DHL, UPS, and FedEx, depending on the location. The courier service will provide a tracking link to the user and full insurance on the shipped item. Buyers can then keep track of exactly where their products are and when they can expect their delivery. CryptoExchange ensures that customers have full transparency for the location of their products.

That said, if transacting parties are close in proximity, alternate arrangements can be made for product pickup and specified within the escrow agreement.

Depending on the location, no customs fees will be insured, although users may contact a local customs office to confirm additional fees. The escrow service provider will prompt users to take these considerations into account when solidifying their agreement.

Product prices

The price users pay will depend on the product they decide to purchase. Most Sellers list brands on par with the current retail price. However, some of the brands contain limited-edition models that may be scarce in supply. Sellers may choose to sell brands with limited edition models at a slight premium to reflect the going market rate of the offering. A slight price premium helps users avoid long waiting times. Since sellers have purchased these items at a premium, the sales prices will reflect the added costs.

On CryptoExchange, users can buy the Astronomia Art Phoenix for 16.2 BTC (approximately 900,000 USD) and the slightly more affordable Astronomia Art Moscow White Gold for 11.8 BTC (660,000 USD).

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CryptoExchange supported currencies

Users can deposit funds using bank transfer, credit, or debit card to purchase their first cryptocurrencies. The currencies are available with competitive 0.1% fees with a 0.01% rebate on LP orders. Users can then transact with these cryptocurrencies for the purchase of goods. This merchant currently accepts all of the following cryptocurrencies as payment for their offerings:

  • bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • XRP

These cryptocurrencies cover the most frequently used digital currencies, but CryptoExchange will likely add more in the future.

Consumer privacy

User privacy is of the utmost importance. CryptoExchange continues to ensure that contact information is secured and not shared with third parties. CryptoExchange only uses delivery addresses and any other personal data in the delivery process. Additionally, email addresses are kept only for delivery status updates and customer-specific offers.


CryptoExchange offers the cryptocurrency community an opportunity to exchange cryptocurrencies for tangible products. It counts in one of the best Crypto exchanges internationally. Cryptocurrencies continue to benefit end-users since they allow them to transfer funds without border concerns and without incurring extensive transfer charges.


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