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Cryptocurrency the best crypto payment solution for iGaming Industry



It is clearly noticeable that the trend of cryptocurrency payments is growing every year. More and more companies from different industries are making transactions in BTC and other cryptocurrencies. Why do users prefer cryptocurrency payments to bank transfers? Yes, because it is convenient and safe. Many new services are entering the crypto payment market today, but the main flagship is is a partner you can trust is a reliable partner with extensive experience in the market. After all, for more than 8 years, the company has been providing its customers, including more than 800 of the largest companies, with services for making payments in cryptocurrency. in 2021 carried out 9.2 million transactions for a total of $6.4 billion, which is almost 3 times more in quantitative and almost 4 times more in monetary terms than a year earlier.

Advantages of cryptocurrency payments with review is a great solution that allows its users to get away from inconvenient bank card payments. This will allow the client to expand its international presence in the market.

Any industry requires companies to make fast payment decisions. Customers want to make payments quickly and enjoy the convenience of seamlessly processing cryptocurrencies. When making crypto payments, the entire operation takes seconds, while when paying with a bank card may take longer time. This is because of the presence of at least 3 intermediaries and not just the sender of the payment processing company and payment recipient.

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In addition, the bank can block the payment if it seems suspicious, and the money will literally “hang in the air” as a result. This does not happen with cryptocurrency payments. In the absence of intermediaries, all payments are made instantly. offers invoices, payment links, recurring payments, and e-commerce plugins. Thanks to the company’s API that merchants may use as a constructor the integration of the required payment tool is simple and smooth. The company’s transactions grouping solution is able to save merchants on mining fees. Merchants also may save money on transaction costs by using the $CPD utility token.

High throughput is another benefit. CryptoProcessing’s revolutionary liquidity aggregator unites important exchanges and liquidity providers, allowing customers to convert cryptocurrencies on the go at the best rates and lowest spreads. works with GAP600 insurance. It lets the the company to validate and credit deposits before blockchain confirmation. USDT is on three blockchains, including Tron helps to reduce mining fees. is a great solution for any industry because it currently supports a vast variety of cryptocurrencies, as well as major fiat currencies – primarily the dollar and the euro. The conversion of cryptocurrency to fiat occurs on the fly.

Safety and comfort has been on the market since 2014 working within the framework of other brands. The company is a completely legal, registered in Estonia and licensed by the European Union. review and audit were done by Kaspersky Lab, 10Guards, and Hacken which confirmed its compliance with all the highest security standards.

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The big advantage of working with is that you will be notified if any money from suspicious sources will be sent to you since all suspicious transactions are checked by a highly qualified security service.

An additional benefit for customers is that the service provides them with round-the-clock technical support that guides each user from the beginning of the application to the completion of the payment.

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