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The Virtual Data Room (VDR), also known as an online data room, is secure online storage and sharing space for documents. Typically, it is used during the process of due diligence, which is overdue the merger or approval, for review, distribution, and disclosure of company documents.

As security issues increase and the number of incidents of violations increases, VDR vendors are developing more comprehensive and reliable databases. Initial public offerings (IPOs), audit operations, and partnerships or other entities must work together to exchange information using virtual data rooms.

Basic VRD Thesis

Virtual Data Rooms are available as a secure way to store documents that need to be accessed by more than one person at a time.

VDRs are often used by companies when they are working together on a project or other joint venture that requires access to shared data.

VDRs are considered more secure than physical documents because there is no risk of loss during transit or accidental destruction.

As a rule, such actions as copying, editing, and transferring are disabled in VDRs.

How to Select the Data Room

Since the market is crammed with online data room providers, managers must choose the right option.

Therefore, executives should be confident that the product they opt for features all the necessary functions and can easily meet their budget. As a result, the business will not have to pay for additional tasks if it needs a data warehouse.

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Similarly, if the company needs a virtual data room for the desired identity, it will look for specialized vendors and special functions. There are so many things to consider, aren’t there? So, where to start?

One of the best ways to sound a search is to look for a virtual data room on the Internet. Of course, your ideal data room will be the one that meets your business needs. Here you can find an overview of the most popular VDRs and the software that meets your business needs:

How Is VDR Used?

The number of potential use cases is almost infinite in each case. The use cases of data room services are individual. We have collected a few issues as examples.

Real Estate Transactions

For real estate transactions, the main advantage of digital data rooms is the ability to work with large files and full control over the files by the owner. Real estate agents share documents from the beginning of sales (photos, videos, floor plans, layouts, design, etc.) to closing transactions (signing documents).

Another advantage is that an undetermined number of potential buyers can view some folders, and they will not know about it. In this case, folders are divided into public and personal folders. For example, the shared folder with marketing materials is available for everyone to view. On the other hand, the folder with documents on the deal is public only to those the agent invited into the room and gives access not only to view and download but also to download the information. In the second case, comments are usually included, and browsing histories, in the first case, are disabled.

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In addition, documents in folders can be structured so that the agent and buyers can quickly figure out the contents, and the agent doesn’t have to develop a new structure with each item.

Managing Legal Documents

Security is critical in the legal profession. Many law firms, corporate legal departments, banks, etc., use an electronic data room daily. Storing files in virtual rooms (folders) keeps them safe from unwanted people’s access and quickly and easily accessible to those for whom the documents are intended.

When multiple lawyers are involved in the same process, they have granular access to documents, files, and other information. Meanwhile, unauthorized users or companies have no access to them and cannot corrupt, copy or share this information with others.

Selling the Business

The process of preparing a virtual data room when selling a business is very simple, with four simple steps:

1. Prepare digital versions of documents.

2. Group the documents in a logical order (create folders).

3. Download all documents and assign them to folders.

4. Grant potential buyers access (give access to specific users).

When digital versions of documents are ready, it takes no more than 10 minutes to create such a room.

Furthermore, collaborative work with documents allows you to update records on the fly (without downloading them to a local computer).

Mergers and Acquisitions

Every merger and acquisition includes a procedure of business verification.

This process is always accompanied by a large volume of confidential documents that most need to be kept out of reach. Therefore, there must also be several layers of security, not only access granted but also file encryption or a ban on opening without a key.

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All parties to the transaction have 24/7 access to the documents and can work when time permits.

The vendor can monitor who worked on the documents and when and has full analytics on document activity.


Instead of emailing results or handing over paper copies, medical facilities provide access to the appropriate sections of visitors folders, where they place all the necessary documents. Also, access to these folders can be transferred to another medical facility if needed. Files are not lost and the risk of them going “off-site” is minimal. Moreover, the repository allows working with files of big size.


To sum up, the ideal virtual data room is to meet all your needs. Some virtual data rooms are known for their tools for collaborative work, while others are distinguished by their security features.

However, there is a standard set of features for any data room you opt for. It may include data room security, collaboration tools, intuitive use, customer support service, etc.

In essence, VDRs are advanced cloud-based collaborative document repositories that provide a high degree of information security and control over their processing, minimizing any risk of unlawful use.


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