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Deezer vs Spotify: Detailed Comparison Between Music Streaming Giants



Deezer vs Spotify: Which is better

Deezer vs Spotify?? Spotify-the biggest giant in the music industry that is ruling the music world with almost 140 million subscribers. On the other hand, Deezer is slowly making out its moves and has reached almost 10 million users. So Does Spotify is the best one or there is some scope of competition among music giants. Or Deezer is making out the tortoise move in the race with rabbit oops Spotify? Let’s find out about it by studying a detailed comparison between Deezer and Spotify.

Deezer vs Spotify

Free plans It is Ad-supported, There is no scrubbing here and no offline mode exists It is Ad-supported, Supports shuffle-only mode, no offline mode exists here too.
Monthly Charges It charges up to $9.99, £9.99, and AU$11.99 It costs approx $9.99, £9.99, AU$11.99
Family plans It offers a family plan of $14.99 for almost 6 family members It also offers a $14.99 family plan for   a family of 6 persons
Free trial available or not? It offers a free trial of almost a month i.e 30 days It has no fixed free trial. But its trails and promos come and go and varies according to time.
Number of subscribers It has almost 16 million subscribers It has almost 83 million subscribers
Music Collection It offers up to 53 million tracks that are licensed It offers up to 30 million licensed tracks
Sound Track quality 320kbit/s MP3 quality for Premium / 128kbit/s MP3 quality for Free / CD-quality for Deezer Elite 320 Kbps in Ogg for Premium / 192 Kbps in Ogg for Free
Is offline listening Possible? Offline Listening is possible but it is only applicable for paid subscriptions. Yes, Offline Listening is possible here too but like Deezer it also applicable with paid subscriptions only.
Compatible devices Most of the devices like Android and iOS devices, computers, TV, car or home audio system, game consoles are compatible with the app. Here also it is compatible with almost all kinds of gadgets like Android and iOS devices, computers, TV, car or home audio system, game console, HIFI, wearables

Deezer vs Spotify: Detailed Comparison Between Music Streaming Giants

Here we have given a bifurcated view of the difference between Deezer and Spotify. Now let us discuss the differences between Deezer and Spotify in detail.

#1 Deezer vs Spotify: Music Library

This is a definite advantage for Spotify compared to other streaming services years ago, but now it’s tough to seek out much difference and make a choice now. The exclusives and its super-strong brand still give Spotify the sting. And consistent with my personal user experience, nearly all songs I would like to concentrate on are often found on Spotify.

Deezer has nearly 53 million songs, and Deezer did an honest job in the globe and reining within the hottest music in each area. So Deezer may be a nice option if you would like to seek out something different. generallyit’s difficult to inform which one is that the best based on its own music library, because all has its own strong or special points.

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Conclusion: Spotify is the obvious winner in terms of the music library. So if you would like to seek out more music, Spotify is that the right place you’ll go.

#2 Deezer vs Spotify: Podcast

If we have to talk about podcasts then definitely there is no competition with Spotify as it has maximum podcasts than any other music streaming app. But that doesn’t mean Deezer is lacking behind. Since its release, it is breaking all records of popularity and adding new stuff and podcast on regular basis. The best part about Podcast in Deezer is that here you can search your favorite podcast by picking the duration filter as well.

But if we go on just count, then Definitely Spotify is leading here too.

Conclusion: Spotify is the obvious winner in terms of the original podcasts. So if you would like to seek out more music, Spotify is that the right place you’ll go.

#3 Deezer vs Spotify: Cost

The premium offer Of Spotify just comes at $9.99 per month. Moreover,  if you regularly check its ads, the chances are high that you may crack a good deal.  You may get a family plan of Spotify that will cover almost 6 members of your family with a minimal charge of almost $14.99 on a monthly basis. While posting this post, We have checked and you will be glad to know that right now Spotify is offering a 3 month free trial for getting new customers. So it’s a great opportunity for music lovers to grab the chance with no cost for 90 days direct.

Moreover, the Premium subscription costs almost $9.99 per month. the prime noticeable difference between Spotify and Deezer is not much in terms of pricing.

Regardless of the platform used, there’s Spotify or Deezer Student subscription at $4.99 / month each and a Family subscription at $4.99 / month

What do Spotify and Deezer Free versions Offer?


  • With the free version of Spotify, you get direct access to 70 million audio tracks.
  • It supports Commercial breaks, so you can’t have an ad-free experience in its free version.
  • No limitation on listening time here on monthly basis.
  • You can save as many tracks as you want here without any cost.
  • If you want similar tracks to your current and previous searches then also you get this facility here.
  • The major disadvantage here is that it doesn’t offer offline mode services with its free version.


  • It gives you access to almost 56 million songs, isn’t it great?
  • Here also you can’t get rid of Commercial breaks
  • Here Only shuffle mode is available for you
  • The free version of Deezer doesn’t offer any offline mode facility.

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Final Words :

Here we have summed up the detailed comparison of Deezer vs Spotify. I hope your doubts must be clear now. do you found the post fruitful, if yes, then do write us in the comment section and share it maximum?

Thanks for reading 🙂

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