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Definitive Guide: How to Flatten PDF File for Free 2021




A lot of people are confused about the process of flattening a PDF and its effect on the file. In this article, we will share a few things about PDF flattening and will also share the easy guide to do it. The solution that we will share today is tested by different users and does an excellent job.

So let’s begin and learn some interesting things about PDF flattening.

What is a Flatten PDF?

A Flatten PDF is a printable file that has all the objects such as text, images, graphics merged into a single page. Flattening a PDF is helpful when you want to print a file, eliminating the option to fill checkboxes and other columns of a form.

When you download a form in PDF format, it lets you fill out the form using PDF editing tools. However, flattening a PDF eliminates that option, making it a better fit for clear printing. That is why more and more people are going for this solution these days.


CocoDoc is a software that provides hundreds of PDF editing tools. It has a Flatten PDF tool that will help you make required changes to your file. In our guide, we will share the same platform to cover how you can flatten a PDF online for free.

The reason behind choosing this platform is its free service for this tool. Also, it is an established platform with advanced security. Thus, you can trust the solution to provide better services without compromising the confidentiality of your document.

Guide to Flatten PDF for Free

Here we will cover the steps that will help you flatten any PDF within a few seconds. However, we recommend you go through the complete steps before trying it. Also, keep a backup of your unflattened file that can be filled whenever you want.

Step1: Access PDF Flatten Tool

The first step is to access the PDF Flatter tool on CocoDoc’s website. You can access the website by searching for it on any search engine. Alternatively, you can click this link to access the flatten PDF tool directly.

Step2: Upload FIllable PDF

In this step, you need to upload the file that is still fillable. It means that the fill must have some checkboxes or some fillable content there.

To upload the file, you need to click on the Choose File button and browse the files from your smartphone or laptop. After choosing the file, click on the upload button to start the process.

Another way to upload your file is through cloud storage platforms like Google Drive, DropBox, and OneDrive. Similarly, there is an option to paste the link where your file is uploaded.

Step3: Preview

After completing the process, the tool will show you a preview of your file where you can find all the pages of your PDF. Check the file correctly and choose the page size for your PDF. A

Step4: Download

The last step is to download the flatten PDF on your device. Simply click the download button and wait for the server to start downloading. You can also register for a CocoDoc account and use cloud storage to manage your files properly.

Is it Safe to Use an Online Platform to Flatten PDF?

If you want to flatten a confidential life, it is recommended to use a trusted platform. CocoDoc ensures your privacy by deleting all the available content on its server every day. Additionally, it focuses on the security of the platform and invests to make it safe for its users.

Therefore, you do not need to worry about your data privacy while using this platform. However, if you use any other platform, we recommend you check their privacy policy to find out how they handle your data.

Final Words

The whole process of flattening a PDF is done to make a file printable. Also, it is done to ensure there are no formatting problems while storing a file digitally. However, you need a trusted solution to do it.

Here we covered how you can use the flatten PDF tool on CocoDoc without doing anything manually. You can use the solution in case you want to flatten a PDF securely. Also, we recommend you keep a backup of your unedited file, in case you need to use it again.

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