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Diablo Immortal Battle Pass – All Tiers, Rewards, Price And More



Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal, Activision Blizzard’s new mobile and PC title, has only been out for a few days but is receiving plenty of attention. The game’s first season of events and rewards has also begun with its own Battle Pass system, where players can unlock tiered rewards as they progress through their adventures in Sanctuary.

Like many Battle Pass systems, Diablo Immortal possesses a free and paid set of rewards. These variations are called Free and Empowered rewards, and players will have to spend real-world money via microtransactions in order to achieve the Empowered rewards.

How to Get Diablo Immortal Battle Pass?

The Diablo Immortal Battle Pass is quite different from any other game’s Battle Pass, instead of having free access to this in-game menu, you need to fulfill a few conditions to unlock it. But the basic mechanics of getting rewards don’t change, as you still need to earn points and level up the Battle Pass to get more rewards. Unlocking a Battle Pass is very easy, and here’s what you need to do:

  • If you have just started playing, you need to create a new character and play the first 30-40 minutes of the game.
  • Next, you will be moved to the Landafosca Cemetery area, after which you will have access to the Battle Pass tab.
  • Next, you need to play all game modes and complete as many tasks as possible to get maximum experience every week and get as many rewards as possible before the end of the season.

Free Rewards in Diablo Immortal Season 1

  1. 150 Scrap Materials, 150 Hilts
  2. 150 Scrap Materials, 150 Hilts
  3. Enchanted Dust, 150 Scrap Materials, 150 Hilts
  4. 150 Scrap Materials, 150 Hilts
  5. Three Rare Chests, 150 Hilts
  6. 500 Hilts
  7. Three Normal Gems
  8. 150 Scrap Materials, 150 Hilts
  9. 500 Hilts
  10. Mystery Legendary Off-Hand Gear
  11. 150 Scrap Materials, 150 Hilts
  12. Rare Chest, 150 Hilts.
  13. 500 Hilts
  14. Three Normal Gems
  15. 500 Hilts, Seled’s Weakening Legendary Gem
  16. Four Charms, 150 Hilts
  17. 150 Scrap Materials, 150 Hilts
  18. Rare Chest, 150 Hilts
  19. 500 Hilts
  20. Legendary Chest, 150 Hilts
  21. 150 Scrap Materials, 150 Hilts
  22. Rare Chest, 150 Hilts
  23. 500 Hilts
  24. Three Normal Gems
  25. Rare Chest, 150 Scrap Materials, 150 Hilts
  26. Three Reforge Stones, 150 Hilts
  27. 150 Scrap Materials, 150 Hilts
  28. Rare Chest, 150 Hilts
  29. 500 Hilts
  30. Mystery Reforge Stone, 150 Scrap Materials, 150 Hilts
  31. 150 Scrap Materials, 150 Hilts
  32. Rare Chest, 150 Hilts
  33. 500 Hilts
  34. Three Normal Gems
  35. Rare Chest, 150 Scrap Materials, 150 Hilts
  36. Four Charms, 150 Hilts
  37. 150 Scrap Materials, 150 Hilts
  38. Rare Chest, 150 Hilts
  39. 500 Hilts
  40. Fervent Fang Legendary Gem.
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In addition to the free Battle Pass rewards, you can get more by purchasing the Enhanced Battle Pass for 4.99 euros or the Enhanced Collectible Battle Pass for 14.99 euros. By purchasing any paid version, you will access the premium branch of rewards, and the Weapon of the Ghosts of Landafosca at level 1 and Armor of the Ghosts of Landafosca at level 100. If you buy the Battle Pass for 14.99 euros, you will also receive a ticket for a skip of the first 14 levels, a frame for a profile, and a skin for portals.

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