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‘Didn’t Expect It To Be So Hard’: Elon Musk on Fully Self-Driving Cars



Hey folks, are you also one of them who is dreaming of a car that will be completely self-driven? Or constantly in touch with popular company Tesla owner Elon Musk’s Tweets? Then a great piece of news we have for you !!

Actually, on a Twitter chat, one user asked Mr. Elon Musk that – How many deadlines for the full self-drive will be missed?  Well, the company started working on this unique technology a few years ago.  But if sources have to be believed then it said that the company is making some advancements and introducing something new to it every day. Moreover, they also have shifted to a new exclusive computer vision system.

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What is the perspective of the world’s one of the richest men Elon Musk?

Now you must be wondering that what is the perspective of the world’s one of the richest men Elon Musk? Right? Then let m tell you-

In the same conversation, Mr. Elon Musk responded in a candid way and said –

he did not expect full self-drive to be so hard to implement.

However, If you have been in constant touch with the news, you must be aware of the fact that – On 3 July, Tesla released the screenshot of Tesla Model 33, Dual Motor on Twitter.  And below that, it was written over there –

“Two weeks”.

Even Musk was spotted laughing on a tweet stating –

Changed my car’s name just for you, @elonmusk,” the user wrote, referring to the Tesla CEO’s comments in the past that the electric car manufacturer was on the cusp of launching its much-anticipated full self-driving (FSD) technology program.

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On this, Elon Musk took the chance and said that – they are working hard to make this dream true. But as for a complete self-driven car, the problems are quite severe. Well, it’s definitely;y not impossible, but yes the company has to deal with real-world AI. He also said that –

Generalized self-driving is a hard problem, as it requires solving a large part of real-world AI,” he said, adding that he didn’t expect it to be so hard, but the “difficulty is obvious” in retrospect. “Nothing has more degrees of freedom than reality.”

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