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Digital Marketing guidelines for businesses to follow in 2022



There is no surprise that digital marketing is a significant part of the relationship between businesses and their customers. Having a solid digital marketing strategy can improve to a large extent the connection a company creates with its prospects. At the same time, the user’s experience with your brand is one of the main aspects that can improve. It is also an opportunity to expand your customer base and increase conversions. Many strategies enhance the relationship between the two actors, from a marketing analytics tool to influencer marketing. 

If you don’t have a digital marketing strategy, let us show you some trends that you can use in 2022 to make your business keep up with the latest changes in society. Next year will likely hold some crucial changes, and this is why businesses, no matter if large or small, should keep an eye on how to transform new challenges into opportunities.

Today, we will look back at the most popular trends present throughout the last few years and see which remains prominent and is likely to stay for another year. But, more than that, you will see some disruptive changes that we are delighted to discuss.

Be more strategic  

Firstly, you should ask yourself who your actual consumers are, who might your potential prospects be, and what are their needs? How could you get to them? Then, analyze the situation you are in to understand better what it takes to achieve your goals. Keep in mind that everything is automated, algorithm and machine learning-driven, so if you want to stay relevant and give customers the experience they seek, businesses should provide quality content to remain visible on the radar. On that note, marketing analytics tools might come to your aid, giving insights about your web visitors. 

Facebook & Meta

For those wondering if Facebook will still be a thing in the following year, the answer is yes, it is here to stay. With 3 billion users growing month by month, Facebook will still dominate the landscape and should be considered when thinking about digital marketing. Other than that, the recent Metaverse seems to be having something important to say in the future. Virtual and augmented experiences might be a big bet on the internet’s future. As a business, look closely for opportunities in these areas; you might find some!

Influencer marketing campaigns

Perhaps one of the most popular strategies for your products and services to gain visibility and notoriety is to resort to influencer marketing campaigns. When your products are presented by a person who knows trust, recognition, and good reputation among your target audience, these attributes will be transferred to your products as well. Certainly, in 2022 influencers will be the magic tool for businesses to convert brand awareness and drive sales.

Instagram Reels go wild

Reels have been on an ascending path for some time, which is not surprising. It is easier to engage with your public when your content strategy is designed to be interactive, enhancing, and entertaining. And when it comes to video content, it is not enough to post plain clips that do not stand out in the digital landscape. For the strategy to work, your content must be creative and innovative to attract people to watch it. And do not forget about the video’s length. Our attention has become limited, so make it short and comprehensive. 

SEO proficiency

Many businesses should come in 2022 to realize that Search Engine Optimization is not only a game to be played randomly and hoping for the best. It is a very complex strategy, and when executed in a very informed and conscientious way, it can offer great opportunities to the brands. This helps you connect easier with the target audience by focusing on keywords that best describe your customers’ needs. As a result, you will see that the visitors will turn quickly into leads and clients.

Create experiences 

Another aspect you should have in mind when thinking of promoting your business in 2022 is: focus on giving real experiences through mediated content. With all technology that we have, companies should take that as an advantage not only to give information but also to create experiences. Even from the comfort of their homes, people chase experiences and ask for real feelings when a company talks to them. But if you want your potential customers to join the conversation, adapt to their needs and desires. 


Maybe unexpected, but Creator Mode, the newest feature of LinkedIn, caused quite a stir in 2021, but a benefic one. With the help of this tool, businesses and professionals can put their creative ideas into practice and make some noise by loudening their business messages. In addition, because email marketing is also a key strategy in reaching more and more customers, LinkedIn offers something similar, namely the possibility to publish newsletters. This will increase the visibility of your activity, being a good opportunity to consider in 2022.

Go mobile 

The world we live in is in constant change and motion, and we are moving along it. Likewise is our internet consumption. Businesses should adapt their official websites and communication channels to all devices, especially mobile ones. Businesses need to keep in mind that the time spent on websites on mobile devices is increasing. Therefore, in 2022 companies should improve the way mobile users see them.

As I said above, some of the last years’ trends still keep their gained ground, while other new technologies with huge potential are waiting to become popular. These guidelines must, of course, be adapted to the specifics of every business. Our recommendation for all companies is to be open to the changes in society and integrate them into their communication strategy. 

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